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A story from HiddenLuLu and Solidzesnake.

"P-please, you c-can't fire m" Lulu said before having the door slam in her face.

The young woman wiped the sweat from her brow which was just below the red bandana she used to keep her hair nice.  The poor cleaning lady lost her favorite job, cleaning the home of the Walton's.  They didn't have much money but she shared a special bond with them.  With a sigh of disappointment, she grabbed her cart of cleaning supplies and rolled down the street as she looked for another place to work.  Her eyes lifted as she came across what looked like a huge mansion. Lulu smiled as she stopped by the gate.

"This is it, my big chance!" she said to her self excited while looking for the intercom.  

With great excitement she rang the button.  She smiled from ear to are as she took in the lawn.  

"Welcome to Aphrodite's Love Potion INC" the sign in the front lawn said.  The mansion was a bit odd.  There was a security fence with not barbed wire but strange green vines wrapped tightly around its posts.  Lulu felt anxious over seeing such a site; little did she know this mansion held a secret.  Dr. Vine had been working in his laboratory for months and just released his most potent perfume, Love potion number 8.  No one knew how or why his perfume was so effective.  It took the market by storm, transforming nerdy, pimpled faced geeks in high school into strangely attractive young men that scored cheerleaders!  Lulu had been on the market for a very long time, both as a housecleaner and a cute single.  She had yet to hear about Dr Vine or his supposed cure for a lonely man.

"Blast it, now who could be... hello!" the voice on the intercom came over and asked the young woman.  "Who is there?" the voice demanded.

"My name is Lulu. I am a house cleaner...a lonely girl who'll clean your house for a cheap rate!" Lulu sang her all too familiar sales pitch as she waited for an answer

"Oh, well um look I am a busy man" the voice rudely responded.

"I understand, sir! But please, I won't interfere in your work! I'm just a simple cleaning girl!" She pleaded not wanting to allow such an opportunity get away from her.

The sound of a glass shattering into pieces filled the air.  "Not another one!" the voice said in anger.  "Look what you made me do!" he spat into the intercom.

"Well...I…I guess I I'd better go. I mean, I don't have any family or friends to go to..." she said hesitantly before wiping a tear from her eye and starting to walk away.

The man on the intercom grinned.  "Excuse me, what was that?" the man said as softly as a kind Grandfather.

Lulu sniffled. "I-I don't have any family or friends." She said again, softly still trying to hide her emotions.

The strangely kind old man paused for a moment.  "My dear, please step into the light so I can get a good look at you."  He said as a beam of light with a camera on the end reared up like a cobra from the panel in the gate and shined on the driveway.

Lulu straightened herself out and then entered the light. She had long brown hair, a bit messy and tied into a ponytail. Her eyes, crystal clear and blue as the sky, would normally be hidden by glasses. She never wore those to work. Her red bandanna was tied around her hair; she wore blue jeans, nice and tight, and a purple tank top. And finally, she had a pair of white sneakers. She was thin and average height, like anyone her age...

"Uhm.." She fidgeted shyly with her finger in her mouth, looking into the camera's lens looking innocent and cute.

The camera zoomed in at the shy, yet cute cleaning girl.  Her eyes sparkled like diamonds in the bright light.  The old man on the other end dropped his jaw at the gorgeous gift-of-God that stood before him.  He licked his lips and smiled warmly as the gate started to open slowly.

"Well come right in my lovely" he said with a laugh resembling that of a happy old geezer.

"O-okay!"  Lulu said sweetly still focusing on her clearing supplies and not at the slightly pervy tone of his voice. She walked up the driveway and right to the door.

The slightly confused cleaning woman rang the door bell and looked around the place.  Had she been looking around she would have noticed the tall trees with many vines wrapped around their trunks like stripes on a candy cane.  From the corner of her eye she could barely see what looked like movement and yet the excitement of landing such an amazing job filled her heart with delight.

"Just a minute" the now sweetly old man's voice rang as Lulu rang the door bell.

"Okay, okay..." Lulu whispered to herself while biting her lip as she waited.

Her heart raced had she hit the big one? Was this her big chance at her best job?
An old man who seemed to be shaking with a cane as he walked slowly opened the door.  His hair was still black in color and wore a white lab coat with several green stains splashed all over it.

"Dr Vine is the name and you are?" he asked while raising his hand like a shaking leaf.

"Ah hello, my name is Lulu." Lulu extended a hand and smiled as she shook his hand. "This'll be an easy job!" She thought to herself. "He can't make much, if any at all, mess."
She smiled her best, widest smile

The old man shook her hand and his whole body continued to shake uncontrollably.  

"Lulu, well my dear welcome to Aphrodite INC a small little business I own and operate to pay for medicine" he said with a coughed laugh.

"Aphrodite Inc huh, I see" Lulu said with a hesitant gulp.

Maybe he was not as rich as she thought. But money was money and she couldn't turn down the invitation. "Thank you very much" she responded in a warm smile.

The old man smiled and slowly walked towards his recliner.  "Please come in come in, I haven't seen such a cute girl around my home since my wife passed away last year" he said while slowly sitting down.

"Y-yes, sir." Lulu said as she followed hesitantly, dragging her cleaning cart behind her.

"He thinks I am cute that's…odd" She thought nervously as she followed him inside

Now, tell me a little shumthing about your shelf" the old man slurred his speech while rocking back and forth staring at the possible new employee.

"Well, I am a simple cleaning lady." Lulu said with a cute giggle as she looked around. "My family has left the city and my friends are...well, I work so hard I don't really have any." She said nervously and looking down at the ground.

The old man smiled.  "You remind me of my Grand Daughter" he said warmly.  "I think I can trust your cute wittle face* he said gesturing pinching her cheeks in the air like an annoying old man with a child.

"I…I am glad to hear that." Lulu replied, trying to remain calm as he pinched her cheeks. She did not want to blow her chance at this job so early.

"Good, now as you can see this place is a terrible mess" the old man said while moving his hand around showing Lulu her seemingly clean house.

The tv was dusted and the coffee table didn't seem to have a spec of dust on it.  The entire room was spotless and looked as if no one had gone 15 minutes without taking a feather duster to the room.  The old man sneered and stood out of his chair

Lulu tilted her head "With all due respect, sir, this place seems perfectly fine." She said softly.

The old man sneered and stood out of his chair.  "Does this look clean to you?" he shouted while running his finger along the back of his chair to show a single grain of sand.

"Oh! I-I am sorry, sir! I will get to work, right away." Lulu apologized while grabbing a duster and dusted rapidly. As she did, she bent over, giving the man a good view of her backside against the jeans.

The old man drooled as he watched the cute maid to her work.  He reached out his hand as of to try to give the young woman's rear a firm squeeze before he placed his hand back on his cane.  "Well, I must be off to my lab down in the basement" he began.  

"Make sure this place is spotless and I will be watching" he said while waiving his cane at the several security cameras posted around the living room and hallway.

"As if I'd steal anything." Lulu thought to herself as she worked quickly, doing her best to dust, sweep and clean.

The old man retreated to his lab and watched the new girl.  He smiled as he observed her cleaning techniques.  The camera zoomed in and out at her firm rump and breasts.  She cleaned all around happily. She was enjoying this and besides, the mansion was strangely beautiful. It was a good thing she did not know he was spying on her.  The old man sighed in disappointment as the girl cleaned.  He was sure she would put up a show but, alas duty called as he set the cameras to zoom in and record her.  Dr. Vine put on his lab gloves and went back to work.  It was at that moment that Lulu came across a small problem.  

"Um...hello?" She called out. "Sir...d-do you have any more cleaner?" She asked hoping the doctor would hear.

The doctor was busy, no doubt with his work in the basement.  The air in the house drew oddly quiet and still as the young woman pondered.

"Where is he..." Lulu asked herself while wandering around the house while calling out for the doctor..  

Lulu banged on the walls trying to find where her boss could be as she began to question his sanity.  As she looked a strange scent form the basement began to flow out.  An exotic blend of roses and scented oils filled the air as the basement door was open just a pinch.

"He has to be down there." She thought to herself.  He had said nothing of the basement. Lulu opened the door wide.

"Sir!?!" She called out loudly, hoping he'd hear

The old man didn't respond to Lulu's surprise, the only thing there was the pleasant smelling air.  Lulu's nostrils filled with the scent and her heart began to pound rapidly.  Sweat formed on her brow and a warming, yet relaxing sensation began to take hold of the cute cleaner.

"Ah..." Lulu tossed her worries away as she followed the scent into the basement. She made no efforts to be stealthy or hide as she moaned softly and walked towards the source of the odor.

The rotted out stairs creaked with each step as she descended.  Her mind was full of wonderment as she felt drawn to the scent like a butterfly to a flower.  The basement was warm and had grey walls with a verity of vines, shrubs and other tropical plants.  A rustling around a vine would have sent shivers up anyone else's spine but Lulu was growing deeper and deeper into the strange scent's seductive spell.  Making no more noises then tiny moans, Lulu continued walking. The scent had her mind in a trance-like state as she walked onwards through the basement.

Lulu's foot passed over many vines and shrubs.  One particular vine slithered as her foot rubbed against it.  Her mind still in the trance she saw what appeared to be a 60's style beaded door way.  The beads were actually several vines with what looked like an amber substance coating them.  The scent grew stronger and overpowering.  Lulu became more intoxicated with each breath she took in. She groaned as she walked and pushed aside the vines as best as she could leading to a large room.

In the room was a large, red flower bud.  Its petals closed up tight with a crimson color that would mimic the blood of a stuck human.  The bud slowly began to open ever so slightly before the scent began to dissipate slightly

"Wow, what is that..." She muttered softly to herself as she walked over to the flower.

The bud blossomed and spread out to show small tendrils with sacks of yellow.  The flower's beauty was a sight to behold for the young woman as she felt drawn to the plant like a moth to flame.  Lulu knelt before the flower and tried to reach out and touch a tendril. She was stunned; all her life, she had known flowers but none like these before.

The girls hand reached for the flower like a lover waiting for her love to finish coming down the airport terminal. Her eyes were wide, and filled with wonder and excitement.  The vine entrance rattled but the cleaning girl was too fixated at the goal of embracing the plant.

"Well, well, well what have we here?" a lower tone and yet familiar voice came from behind the girl.

"Ahhh!" Lulu screamed while she jumped startled by the old man. "S sir...I thought you might have some cleaner down here.." Lulu mumbled, surprised and suddenly scared as her trance was finally broken.

The old man was different some how.  His back was no longer hunched over, his body shaking was gone, and to top it off his grin from pervy sage turned into a bright warm smile.  "You ran out of cleaner you say?" he asked gently.

"Y yes, sir. I…I ran out of cleaner. I n need more to finish cleaning..." Lulu said as she noticed the changes and she was careful in how she answered.  She could not help her shirt sticking rather close to her body.

The old man's warm smiled quickly became angered and his eyes began to narrow.  "So, yet another bloody spy has come to try to steal my hard work!" he exclaimed angrily as he crossed his arms slowly.

"W what are you talking about!?! I…I just needed some cleaner." She said slowly stepping away from the flower. "P-please, you have to believe me" she begged.

Dr. Vine looked at the bottle his frightened employee was holding.  He nashed his teeth and lunged towards her.  Lulu gasped and immediately tried to sidestep around him. "No, p-please!" She yelled as she tried to run away.

The angry Doctor grabbed her arm as she side stepped and went behind her while grabbing her other.  A clanking sound was heard as the empty bottle of cleaning feel to the ground.

"P…please, look at the bottle, it's just a bottle of cleaner!" Lulu cried out, feeling slight pain as her arms were held behind her.

The doctor leaned over Lulu and took in her perfume and hair's scent.  "Ah" the doctor said gripping her arms a little harder as he looked at the bottle and saw a bottle of disinfectant.  He placed his mouth next to her ear and whispered, "That cleaner has an ingredient that is found in herbicide

"I…I did not know that! I swear, I am a simple cleaning girl...please release me!" Lulu cried as she felt the doctor sniff her hair, something that scared her as she realized he was insane...or so she thought

The doctor smelled her neck and moaned with pleasure.  "mmm, I know just how to deal with cute spies" he whispered into her ear as she shoved her away

"C cute spies....I-I am no spy!" Lulu protested as she stumbled forward and fell face-first in to the concrete ground.  She moaned softly as her head ached from impact.

The doctor laughed slightly as he slowly approached the girl on the ground.  Her impact left her a bit dazed and stunned.  "That's right, a spy is only a spy if she gets away" the doctor said while pulling a long cord of rope from behind him.  On her back, the scared girl tried to slowly crab walk away with her hands and legs.  She scuttled along the concrete floor until her back was flush with the grey wall.  Her blue eyes looked up at the mad doctor as he approached her, pulling the slack from the rope.

"P…please. I swear, you have th this all wrong. I am no spy!" Lulu cried out in fear as she watched the doctor come. Her eyes pleaded with his for mercy

The doctor's eyes grew cold and heartless; he grinned as he leaned down and grabbed her wrist.  With the same motion with his other hand the rope was looped around.  The doctor pulled the rope tightly and jumped behind the girl, pulling her other arm behind her back as he went to work intersecting and weaving the rope into figure eights, binding her wrists tightly together.

Lulu winced as her wrists were tightly cinched. "M must it be so tight? Please, stop!" She screamed, trying to snap him back to his senses or so she thought.

The doctor finished his work and stepped away from the girl with her bucking.  Lulu's wrists were firmly bound together only allowing her fingers to wiggle a bit.  The old man smiled as he watched his work unfold.  The doctor smiled as he looked at her plump breasts.  "Is this what they taught you in cooperate espionage school my dear? " he asked with a laugh.

"N no, listen, I am not a spy! Please...I I mean it, I wi-will do anything!" Lulu pleaded as she tried showing a bit more of her chest, even turning to show him some of her backside

"I will do anything...please!" Lulu begged, trying her hardest. She doubted it would work but she had to try.  Lulu couldn't just let him truss her like a turkey! She was no spy!"

The man leaned over while still holding his handkerchief in hand.  Dr. Vine constantly wiped the growing sweat from his brow and drool from his mouth.  "I have just the thing you can do for me my dear, sweet child" he said softly while holding the cloth with one hand and playfully tapped the end of her nose with his other.

"um…what is that?" Lulu asked hesitantly, blushing as she felt him tap her nose.

The old man smiled as he shoved the handkerchief into Lulu's mouth and placed his hand over it to hold it in place.  With a grin, he whispered, "You are going to help me with a little experiment my dear"

"MMMMPH!" Lulu cried out in disgust. She knew where that gag has been, used for  wiping sweat from the man's body, the salty taste made her gag. "MMMMMPH!" She groaned, knowing he wasn't going to let her go.

The doctor's sweaty rag made Lulu gag into her gag.  The salty taste and smell from his hand was enough to make any woman vomit.  She whimpered as he reached into his pocket and pulled out another grey handkerchief, quickly side stepping the crouching girl and looping it over her nose and mouth before trying it tightly to the side of her face in a nice bow.

"Ugh...mngh.." lulu gagged as she felt the over-the-nose gag tied nice and tight over her face. The irony of the bow being tied was not lost on her as she fought not to retch as she stared at him, fear on her face.  Dr. Vine laughed as he stood over Lulu with another cord of rope and snapped it tight.  "Now we must make sure the subject won't get away" he said to himself.

"MMMPH!" Lulu cried into her gag, slowly tried to get up and step back and away.

The doctor placed his hand on her shoulder and firmly pressed her back down into a seated position.  As the girl wiggled he looped a rope around her arms and just below her breasts as he pulled the rope tightly over itself.  Her chest stood out against the shirt over.  Groaning at the strain, the girl did the best she could to try to pull away. She was deeply frightened now and could only wonder what the doctor had in store for her.

"Those breasts remind me of the last girl that came to visit" the Doctor said with a laugh as he looped more rope quickly around her arms and tightly under her breasts.  After a few more loops she leaned down and tied several knots of rope to the small of her back.

W-whath happenedfff totht herff!?!" Lulu asked, frightened as she felt the rope secured and tightened.  Her breasts started to pop over the ropes under the pressure.    

The doctor paid no mind to the muffled questions of his prey.  He took what was remaining of the rope and looped it tightly over her breasts several times before returning to the knots that held her bottom rope together.  Lulu groaned deeper. She was aware of how tight the ropes were and how much her chest was now sticking .  In a desperate attempt to escape she began kicking at the doctor, trying to knock him away.  The doctor fell away from the girl laughing.  "My, you are a feisty one aren't you?" he asked playfully.

"S-stophhh!" Lulu begged into her gag but managed to get up and try to run. It was hard and her chest did bounce a bit.

The doctor laughed as he gave chase and gently leaned her over on her back once more.  Dr. Vine smiled as he pulled out a smaller rope and began to interweave and bind her ankles together slowly.  Lulu tried her hardest to fight but failed, her ankles held tightly together. She now knew escape was nigh impossible.

With a smirk he rose off the bound woman.  "Just stay right there my sweet girl, I wll be back for you in just a bit" he said while blowing a kiss at her and leaving the room through the vine entrance.

"MMPH!" Lulu protested, struggling as hard as she could try to loosen her bindings or gag.

The doctor hummed a happy melody in the next room as he heard the girl whimper.  On the ground Lulu shifted her body from side to side and her shoulders but the ropes continued to hold.  Lulu slowly got to her feet and began to hop away.  Her fear of the insane doctor was enough for her to try anything to escape.  The doctor came around the corner with a metal table.  With fluid motion he grabbed the fleeing girl's arms.  Lulu looked over her shoulders and pleaded with her eyes.

"Pleash, leth meth gooeetthhH!" She begged trying to make the doctor feel sorry for her.

The doctor smiled.  "No, my dear we must secure our subject" he said with a laugh and started to bring her over the table.  On the table where several black straps, no doubt used to secure insane patients to their beds.

"no...nothh!" Lulu protested while she felt her self laid down on the table.

The doctor's strength was surprising.  Who knew the same old man that was upstairs barely able to move on his own, would be the strong viral male that was lifting Lulu up onto the table?  Lulu fought as hard as she could muster but found her strength lessoning as she moaned into her gag.

The doctor whistled a happy tune as he reached over and pulled the first strap over Lulu's chest and tightened it.  The strap held Lulu's upper body to the table and also helped pin her arms down. "Ahhhhmmph!" She pleaded once more, eyes tearing up.

The doctor smiled and reached for the strap around her torso and wrapped it around her waist.  Lulu's pleading eyes welded up with more tears as the doctor secured the next strap and pushed her further onto the table.  Lulu groaned as the strap encircled her torso and her waist. She felt tears grow as she was stuck more and more to the table...

The doctor leaned over the girl and smiled as he strapped another strap around her thigh and the final strap around her shin.  He pulled the straps tightly and pressed a button as they all constricted, leaving the girl completely pinned to the table.  

Lulu wiggled like a fish but to no avail. She could not pull off the table without any help. "Ahhhhh! P-pleash, leth me goeth!" She continued her muffled beg in her gag.

The mad doctor leaned over and ran his hand through her pony tail.  "sssh relax my dear, the fun is just beginning" he said in a soft calming tone.

"Thish ish noth FUNFF!" Lulu cried with a blush as she felt the hand stroking her ponytail. "Ah...ugh...." Lulu moaned

Dr. Vine smiled as he backed away from his captive.  "Time for the next phase of the experiment my sweet girl" he said while leaving the room.

"Whath...whath!?!" Lulu asked watching the doctor leave the room.

She struggled and grunted in her bindings with Dr. Vine no longer present.  Lulu twisted and moved her body from side to side before the table started to hum and rise her slowly vertical.  She could feel the tight straps hold firm as she was brought up nearly a standing position against her will.

From beyond the crimson flower there came a rustling sound.  The doctor laughed into his intercom.  "Good evening Lulu, tonight you are going to be part of a grand experiment." the man's voice said.

Whath!?!" Lulu screamed in anger as she did the best she could to try and see what was going on.

As Lulu's eyes finally adjusted to the bright light two long vines were seen slowly slithering towards her.  Lulu began screaming wildly, trying to do what she could to tear free from the table, her struggles limited to nothing more then wriggle.  The plant's tendrils slowly slithered closer and closer to Lulu's table with one of them rearing up and brushing against her shoe.

Lulu gasped and tried to kick the vine but could do nothing at all. "L-leth meth goth! HELPTHHH!" she whimpered.

The tendril, feeling her squirms and vibration slowly ran itself under her ankle and slowly looped itself around coiling an tightening around her ankle.  The other vine brushed against her ankle and began to slowly coil around in on it self.  With the vines wrapped tightly around her ankles, Lulu felt a tug from the vines.

N-no! PLEASH!" Lulu begged in fury as she felt the vines tightening around her. There was no doubt what was going to happen.

The vines pulled tight and Lulu felt the pull once more as she struggled.  Move vines started to make their way out of the darkness and around the table with another wrapping around her feet.

"N-noth! STOPPPH!" Lulu pleaded.

The young woman watched in horror as even more tendrils descended upon her.  A vine began the grim task of wrapping more around her feet.  Her once proud sneakers slowly disappeared under the constant weaving of the vines.  Lulu did the best she could, moving her feet but to no avail as they soon vanished under the vines. Her tears ran free as she tried her hardest to get free.

The tendrils began to run under her calves with more appearing over the table and towards her waist.  The intercom went off again to the sound of a laughing doctor.  "Lulu, you asked about what happened to the other girls?" he asked with a sinister tone while enjoying the show from a private room.

Youth...canth meanth..." Lulu asked as she realized what was going on. Her lower body would soon covered in vines. She mentally cursed the doctor in anger, though her eyes showed only tears.

The doctor snickered.  "Love potion numbers 5 through 8" the doctor responded.  

"T-that can'th beethh!" Lulu cried out.  Her eyes went wide with shock as she learned the horrible secret.  Each perfume required a girl to make, and she was next!

"My dear girl I invite you to look at that crimson flower to your left" the doctor said while shining a light on the flower.  The flower's yellow coated tendrils began to ooze a green substance as more vines came and looped under her knees and back over to wrap tightly around her.  Lulu looked over to the flower and cringed in fear, she saw the sweet nectar already forming.

"That is the nectar of Crimson Orchard my test subject" the voice said over the speakers.  The vines and tendrils continued to pull on Lulu as to get her off the table all the while wrapping tightly around her lower body and legs.

"MMMPH!" Lulu cried. She wriggled and pulled trying to keep herself from being pulled off the table. She was surprisingly grateful for the straps that held her down..

In the corner of the room a large green plant slowly opened its petals to reveal a soft-pink inside.  From the plant spawned many more vines as they made their way to the cute cleaner. A light shined over the maw of the plant as its teeth like leaves opened its trap.

"NOPPPPHHHH!" Lulu's screamed as she struggled with her ropes and vines now seeing the carnivorous plant ready to invite her to dinner.

"Ah, yes with each girl that my lovely plant digests her sweet essence is absorbed and converted into the sweet nectar, the primary ingredient to my love potion formula" the doctor explained while the vines started to slither under her back and over her arms.  The strange tendrils looped under and over her breasts, soon covering her already existing binds of rope.

The tightness forced Lulu to take lighter breaths as she struggled. "N-noph! NOPH!" she cried out as the gag continued to muffle her screams.

The doctor continued to watch in delight from the safety of his adjacent room.  The pant had continued to cocoon the defenseless damsel as her arms and legs were completely wrapped.  "it seems the sweeter the girl is the more potent the perfume becomes" the doctor said with pride.  "Lulu, you are a very sweet girl and I bet you will produce my best work yet!" he said with an evil laugh as the straps around Lulu's table slowly loosened.

Lulu could feel the straps loosening a bit and knew what would happen when they did. She began fighting but between vines and ropes, she was held tight. "NOPH PLEASHH!" She pleaded as the vines held her tightly.  

"Another failed spy helps to build my empire" the doctor said with triumph.  With a push of a button the straps retracted from the table and the vines started to pull on Lulu more.  "Adu, my sweet girl consider this your final assignment" the doctor said with a grin.

"AhHHH!" Lulu screamed as she was suddenly being lifted airborne. She glared at the doctor's image on the monitor, struggling with all her might in defiance.  

The hungry plant opened its trap wider as the vines that had wrapped around her legs tugged and lifted her closer.  She could see the soft inside of the plant and could only struggle as she knew soon she would be inside.  Lulu groaned as she watched the trap open wide, fear filling every inch of her as she was dragged closer and closer to the plant. She never thought a salad would actually try to eat her.

The doctor smiled as he watched his employee beg and plead to the plant, falling on deaf ears.  Another set of vines sprang from the center of the plant and quickly wrapped around her torso bringing her inside the maw of the plant slowly.

Lulu knew the plant would not let her go. She cried into her gag as she felt herself slide into the plant, bit by bit.  The dark inside of the plant shadowed over Lulu slowly.  She turned her head from side to side in protest as the maw of the plant slowly began to close behind her.  Lulu gulped, entering the darkness. She groaned as the plant began closing, trying to do anything to escape her bonds

The plant's teeth like leaves clasp tightly together as the vines held the struggling girl inside.  To the girl's horror the plant wasn't done with her yet as another set of vines started to wrap tightly around her stomach, overlapping and interweaving.

"M-morph vineth!?!" Lulu growled becoming frustrated as she struggled.  The more the vines wrapped around her the faster her hope of escape vanished.

The plant's crimson flower outside started to secrete the sweet smell Lulu had taken in before.  Dr. Vine entered the room and laughed.  "Ah yes, never before has my plant created its nectar so quickly" he said just barely loud enough for the girl inside to hear.  Tendrils tightened its grip as they circled around just below her breasts and over them.  Lulu groaned in anger as she could just barely hear Dr. Vine. Her struggles intensified as she tried to prevent the vines from gripping her tighter, to no avail. "Nophhh!" she continued to scream out in protest.

The vines continued to bind and tighten with more interweaving. Lulu was slowly becoming a tight, green package.  Her breasts started to compress together as they slipped through and over them.  The humid air inside the dark maw made the girl's hair frizzy and the only thing that she could feel was the plant's tight embrace like a lover she would never know.  Lulu groaned in anger and defeat.  Sorrow filled her as the vines continued to cocoon her slowly.

The girl trap closed its maw all the way as the last remaining light that illuminated the girl's fate slowly dimmed.  The vines rose higher wrapping around her, already tight gag and slowly over her eyes.  The darkness of the vines and the maw of the plant shut made Lulu quiver in fear.

Lulu shivered deeply. The vines covered her ears, rendering her deaf or close to it. She could not see because of them, could not speak. All she could do was stand there and wriggle and even that was nigh impossible. "MMPH...!" she again cried out in her gag.

The vines finished their grim tasks as the rest of the girl was cocooned in the tight green tendrils.  Only locks of her pony tail managed to escape the writhing, slithering vines.  The outside of the plant stated to pulsate.  Lulu could barely twitch a finger as she started to feel something wet and sticky forming at the base of her feet.  

"Mmph!?!" Lulu whimpered  as she began to wonder what was happening now.

The vines held her in a neat, air-tight package.  The plant's juices slowly began to fill her cocoon.  The doctor smiled as he saw the writhing plant holding his cleaning girl.  The crimson flower's nectar began to swell and drip from its yellow small tendrils as the doctor started collecting.  He left the jar under the flower and walked over to the plant placing his hands on the girl shaped bulge.  "My precious Lulu, thank you for such a wonderful going away present" he said softly.

"Mmmphmmmnn!" Lulu protested as she watched the liquid level slowly rise inside her green tomb.

The doctor smiled greedily as he collected, what would be the first batch of the nectar.  "Soon the plant will absorb her and I shall have my Love Potion number 9!" he exclaimed in victory.  Inside the plant the girl felt something odd spray around her face.  It was a sweet and heavenly aroma that warmed her heart and blood.  Strangely she felt calm and almost happy as her nostrils took in the sweet smells.

"Ngh..." Lulu muffled as her rage calmed as she felt the spray, The paralyzing spray smelled like the first aroma that had lured her into her doom. Without further fuss or protest, she slowly drifted off to sleep. The scent left her calm and happy as the day she was given laughing gas at the dentist's office.  Lulu slept on, dreaming of a happy, love, a house...things her own she had no way of knowing what was going on in the outside world as she slumbered

"Hello, miss are you ok?" a warm voice said softly as if in a dream.  Lulu's world stated to grow brighter as if she saw the light of heaven before her eyes.  She could still not feel her legs or arms but the voice continued.  "Girl, can you hear me?" the voice said again softly.

"Mmph..." Lulu whimpered, thinking she was in heaven, slowly opening her eyes. She couldn't really speak because of the gag but her eyes tried to adapt to the bright light

Lulu felt a gentle shaking as a blurred image of a man dressed in a black with dark brown eyes gazed at her.  "Miss, please wake up" he said again gently holding her in his arms.

"Nmph...leth meth sleepth..." Lulu whined as her head lolled. She slowly started to recognize the image of a man. "Mmmnnn..." She moaned softly, cutely looking up at him.

The man reached down and removed the vines around her mouth and the liquid soaked gag.  "Lulu?" the voice of the man asked warmly.  He looked over at the doctor angrily who had a bullet sized hole in the middle of his forehead.

"Ah...who...?" Lulu asked, still dazed as she struggled weakly to breathe once the gag came out. "Mmm...ah..." She groaned as she tried to look the man all over.

"Thank God you are ok" The man spoke while gently bringing her cocooned body to his chest in a warm embrace.  "I called the Walton's and they told me they fired you but had not seen you pick up your final paycheck days ago" he began to explain before starting to cry a bit.

"D-days...has it been that long..?" Lulu asked softly as she snuggled against the man, feeling safe with him but she still stunned at her ordeal.

"Yes, I have been searching all over for the last week" he explained before taking out a pocket knife and cutting around the vines that bound her arms.

"S so I was in that plant...for a week?" Lulu asked with a groan of relief as the vines and the ropes were cut. "Ah..." She nodded softly, blushing deeply.

The man continued to saw at the vines as he freed the first binds from her arms and then the ropes that kept her arms bound.  "I don't know but I can only assume the plant kept you alive" he said looking at the plant that had been ripped open by what looked like a chainsaw.  And doctor lay on the wall with a large bloody gash in his head.

"I…I suppose..." Lulu responded while nodding softly and moaning as she looked at the plant. "T-thank you for your help..." She said with a smile softly, happy to be out of the plant.

The doctor lay on the wall with a large bloody gash in his head and a shovel next to him.

He smiled and moved some frayed hairs away from her eyes as she turned away from him.  "I…I never got the chance to tell you before you left for work last week" he said hesitantly..

"Yes...?" Lulu asked softly as she blushed, turning and looking him in the eyes with her crystal blue eyes. She smiled a small soft smile.

"I…I love you Lulu" he said with a warm smile and cut the rest of the vines free of her body.

Lulu weakly held her arms out to him. "I love you too" She replied with a blush softly trying to hug him.

With a firm hug he warmly embraced her back.  "I don't know what I would have done if I were too late" he said while still embracing her.

"But you w-weren't..." Lulu moaned as she hugged him tightly. She cried but it was tears of hope and joy.

"Lulu my love" he said while pulling back and holding her hands.

"Dallas...I am happy to see you..." Lulu smiled, holding onto him tightly.

Dallas smiled warmly and leaned over towards Lulu.

"My lifesaver....Dallas" Lulu replied while leaning forward and intercepting her lips with his.

Dallas continued to kiss her with true love's passion and rubbed the back of her head. Lulu did nothing more then kiss onwards as she enjoyed her moment of relief and happiness.  The two new lovers continued to kiss and warmly embrace until the police arrived to seize the factory a few hours later.  Love potion number 9 would never see the light of day, but its spell still lingered on as the two new lovers would never be separated again.
The long awaited story to my plant vore series. Lulu simply wants a new job. She loves to clean but with the most recent termination she is desperate. She finds aid in the Mansion of a certain Dr. Vine but is this doctor all he seems? :plotting:

:iconhiddenlulu: once again did a fantastic job on this colab. My love is an amazing writer and I am very blessed to have her as my girlfriend.
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DANG i cant tell if the doctor was a pervert or insane,or maybe both?Still,very interesting story,if only I had a love potion like that. 
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well I meant for there to be a scene before that has LuLu and me talking but still not quite able to share our feelings for each other. LuLu doesn't mention her "friend" or else the pervy old man might have not hired her. But all in all the ending was meant to show the two finding true love.
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