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The Intern

"Mm.. mmmph?" Beckie's vision blurred in and out as the venom injected into her took hold.  The cellar was dank and moist.  

Her nose twitched under the silk with the smell of rotting flesh permutating from the skeletal remains of her predecessors.  Her captor scuttled along the webbed walls and the course hairs brushed against her cocoon.  She blinked and shuddered as she witnessed the red headed girl now having a stomach bulge as great as her.  She tried to shift her weight from side to side but the sticky web that encased her only stretched so far to let her figure wriggle slightly.

Her predecessor wasn’t fairing so lucky.  Becky witnessed the soft, brown eyes of her friend widen with terror as their captor approached.  She shuddered in fear when she watched the struggling red head whimper in terror as the finger like spinnerets brushed against her face and sealed her red locks in a sticky blanket of silk.  

“MMMMPH!!” she screamed and shook her head from side to side with her stomach growing larger and larger with orbs passing from the spider’s underbelly and straight into the growing egg sack.  Becky looked down; trying to look away from the forced stomach injection of her friend but only found that her head further cemented to the sticky wall that held her.  The silk had cooled around her cocoon in the last days of her capture and only the tiny pin pricks of several venom injections helped to serve to remind her that her fate would be the same as the skeletons.  

“MMM mmmph….” The red headed girl continued to cry out in protest with each egg increasing the sack that was firmly attached to her stomach.

Her mouth tried to stretch open but found the sticky glue that laced the Kevlar-like web around her mouth denied her such freedom of speech that she was used to.  The spider’s abdomen pulsated and pushed its brood, egg by egg, until the egg sack was twice the size as when she had started.  Tears streamed down her cheeks as the spider finished its work.  Breathing heavily in between muffled cries the red head’s eyes gazed over towards Becky.  The spider turned around and placed its spinnerets on the sides of the woman and its finger-like appendages started to bathe her arms and stomach in even more silk.

She shook her head but found the silken veil that held her in place made it nearly impossible to look away, let alone escape.  With another pass the spider moved its abdomen over the crown of her head and down over her right eye.  Her pleading eyes slowly disappeared behind the white veil with the last thing she saw was the frightened blonde girl, forced to watch in terror.  Becky’s stomach pulsated and groaned as though she had been nurturing her very own daughter.  The spider finished lacing the last of its silk across the red-headed woman’s cocoon.  Her crimson red locks barely were visible with her figure barely able to wriggle.  Becky blinked a very slow blink as she had still not yet recovered from her own treatment.  With what seemed like an eternity with her eyes shut the spider opened its fangs and inserted them into the figure of its latest cocoon.  

“Mmmph!.. mmmm..” the woman let out just a small whimper before the silken cocoon slumped down with the outline of the woman’s head falling limp.

One blink and the spider slowly scuttled away.  Another blink later, the spider had placed its abdomen on to Becky’s face and stretched its silk across her forehead.  She barely could resist as her head was stretched back as though on a hospital stretcher.  The sound of stretching silk filled her ears with another pass moving across her eyes.  She blinked but found this time her eyes would remain shut.  Becky tried to let out a soft whimper.  The silk constricted against her cheeks and hair.  

“Mmmph…” she gasped once more but the spider paid no attention to her pleads as it continued its grim task.

The cocoon crew around her and before Becky could realize it, her buxom breasts and slender figure was the only thing that would be recognized from the outside of her cocoon.  With the darkness invading she only wished for a quick release from her suffering.  Unfortunately for her, her cruel captor would not provide such a release.  It finished its work and its fangs inserted themselves deep into the woman’s side.  Becky let out a surprised yelp before the venom induced coma set it.  In the back of her mind she was grateful to be spared exodigestion for now but that would soon change if no one would find her soon.

“Honey, what happened to the last candidate?” a kind old woman asked her elderly husband as she sat in her chair with a pair of needles and yarn.

“Bad news I am afraid my dear.  It seems that the lovely young woman that we wanted was only trying to sell more fattening cookie dough for her school” he replied with a sigh.

“That is a shame dear.  We both knew she looked a bit young but I am sure our pet’s children would have at least enjoyed her company” the wife replied with a bit of a chuckle.

The old couple continued to chat while their pet in the cellar rested in its larder.  Silence filled the room as its prizes rested under their comas.  She had enjoyed their company and with winter approaching, her brood would have a nice warm place to incubate while she tended to her former mate.  The masticated remains of her late husband twitched with her digestive enzymes flowing through its seven limbs.  She feasted on the severed limb that he had almost escaped by sacrificing to her.

The old man slowly stood up and sighed.  He knew the winters in his new home were rough.  He had lost several specimens through the years and the thought of losing his prized Archnia brought a tear to his wrinkled eye.  The young women he provided to his beloved pet would only service to insure her survival for a few weeks.  He had to think of someway to help or risk his proud experiment’s life.

The old woman grinned a bit and let out a sinister snicker.  The old man looked behind his shoulder and saw his wife slowly making her way out of her chair.  Picking up a set of keys from her pocket she slowly made her way towards the hallway.  

“My dear, sweet man.  I was going to save this for our anniversary but I think it’s a good time as any to show you now” she said while her hand shook.

Slowly she turned the key to a room and inside a muffled cry was heard.  The old man’s sunken eyes widened as in a corner there was a young woman with long brown hair, dressed in a black and white maid’s outfit with white gloves.  Her soft blue-grey eyes looked up from the darkness and her mouth was stuffed with a cloth.  Her cheeks bulged with another red bandana secured tightly over the wad to complete her cleave gag.

She whimpered as she tried to shift her weight and loosen the tight rope that wrapped tightly around her wrists behind her back with another rope looped around her chest and pulling her outfit tight against her.  The rope was coiled tightly and split her breasts in two with another rope wrapping around her torso for a secure binding.  Her whimpers only served to excite the old woman and looked down at her work.  Her ankles were crossed with an X around them being held tightly with bungie cord.

“mmm MMMPH!” she screamed in anger in her gag as she shifted her shoulders from side to side.

“Now, now Jeanette.  You were hired to serve my husband and in any way we needed you” she said slowly kneeling down and removing her gag.

“P Please madam.  I have a sick boyfriend to take care of.  H He needed his mmmph!” she began to beg before her captor had enough and shoved the cloth back into her mouth.

“Such insolent tone!  You are here to serve us and us alone!” she hissed bitterly as she gripped the young woman’s cheeks.

Jeanette turned her head away from her mistress and sobbed with another whimper.  She was desperate to get any sort of work.  After being laid off from her carrier as a school janitor she was forced to do whatever job she could find.  The offer to be an intern for the famous scientist Dr Archnoid and his wife was a very tempting target.  She could still remember her interview well.

Jeanette showed up with her white blouse that was buttoned just half way to expose just a bit of her silk, black bra.  Around her shoulders was her favorite navy blazer that was tucked into a pair of khakis complete with a black belt with golden belt buckle.  Lush red lipstick coated her lips and she wore a nice pair of black high heels.  The add was for a young woman who was willing to do anything from menial tasks, such as a maid, to assisting with their prized specimens in scientific discoveries.  The job seemed to be right up her ally and with the news of her boyfriend being diagnosed with a rare skin cancer she was desperate to get back to work.

She sighed slowly as she gripped the email add in her hands and looked up at the house.  Jeanette’s hips buzzed for a moment and she reached down and picked up her cell phone.

“Hey sweetheart” she said sweetly.

“Yes, I know about your appointment with the radiologist next week.  Ok, honey.  I love you too” she concluded with an uncertain smile as she moved the cell phone away from her ear and back into her khakis.

The place seemed normal enough.  There were trees that were well trimmed and a lawn lush with grass.  She didn’t really know all what the job would entail but she knew that she had to have money.  Chemo therapy was very expensive and with her boyfriend’s failing health she was growing more and more desperate.  
Jeanette took a deep breath and knocked on the door to the large home.  She anxiously placed her hands on her hips and moved them down her curves to insure her outfit would leave a lasting impression.  

Slowly the door creaked open and a withered old woman stood crooked, gripping the door handle.  Her hair was pure white and large glasses amplified her brown eyes.  

“H Hello deary…” she said as her hand shook rapidly.

“Hello, my name is Jeanette and I am responding to your add for an intern?” she replied with a warm, confident smile.

The old woman paused for a moment and looked down at her heals and up her pants.  She tilted her head a bit and her eyes wondered to the woman’s hands on her hips.  Jeanette raised her eye brow slowly and nervously let out a small laugh with the old woman checking out her figure.  

“Hmmm, well we recently hired a young woman to help clean out the shed my dear.” The old woman said while moving towards her favorite chair.

Jeanette sighed and frowned at hearing that.  She began to slowly twirl her bang that hung just above her breast and covered her ear.  The young woman felt very disappointed and started to make her way towards the door.

“Oh, well I am sorry to have disturbed you mam” she softly replied before reaching her hand out to grip the handle of the door.

The old woman laughed and leaned back on her chair.

“Come deary.  Let us talk about your position here” she began while patting her hand on the adjacent couch.

Jeanette’s heart skipped a bit at the news and turned around to see the friendly old woman patiently waiting for her to come and rest by her side.   With not a moment’s hesitation she did as she was commanded.  Her hips swayed too and froe with each step as she made her way towards the couch.  The old woman leaned back into her chair and pulled out a pair of sewing needle with thread.  Jeanette slowly sat down and leaned back into the soft leather.  She let out a small sigh of comfort as the couch cushioned her weight and her hips sank into the soft fabric.

“Now Deary, please tell me why you want to be an intern here” she asked while still focusing on her knitting.

“W Well I am a hard worker.  I have several references” she said as she reached for her pocket.

The old woman looked her over again and smiled.

“No need deary, I know you will make a wonderful laboratory assistant and maid.” She said while putting down her needle.

Jeannette smiled and then raised her eye brow.  

“A lab assistant and maid?  I thought this was an internship” she asked in confusion.

“Why yes deary, but you see the good doctor also tends to make a mess of things” she said with a cackle.

Jeanette smiled once more with her teeth clinched and her eyes wide.  In her mind she felt uneasy at this kind old lady.  She reminded her of a sweet grandma but instinct dictated something more sinister under the frail body.  The old woman slowly raised her quivering hand towards her new employee and Jeanette reluctantly met hers in the air.  

“Welcome my sweet girl now let us get you out of those old rags and into something more fitting of my new servant.”  The old woman said as she stood slowly up and leaned on a cane while holding Jeanette’s hand.

Jeanette sighed in disappointment at the sound of a new uniform.  She was proud of her figure and took great time to make sure her sexy body was fully on display.  The old woman’s grip seemed to be stronger then she realized.  Her old, wrinkled hand gripped hers as though it was a vice.  Her soft, tender hand felt the old flesh rubbing and a blush forming on her cheeks.  The old woman tugged at her servant and Jeanette’s body lunged forward against her will.

“H hey um, why do I need a new uniform?  Don’t you like what you see?” Jeanette said in a low, seductive tone and moved her hand down her figure.

“Miss, my husband and I hired you out of the goodness of our hearts.  We hired a servant woman, not a stripper” the old woman replied while pulling her harder.

“Excuse me mam?!” Jennette replied in a frustrated growl with the insult fresh in her mind.

“Silence girl!  You will do as I say or you will can kiss your job goodbye!” the old woman growled as she finally reached a walk in closet and flipped the light switch.

“I I am sorry mam…” Jennette said in a sorrowful tone and bowed to her mistress.

“That’s better!  Now, please be so kind dear and pick out what maid outfit you shall be wearing while in our employment.  The old woman said with her kind tone returning once more.

Jennette slowly made her way into the walk in closet.  The scent of moth balls and dust filled her nostrils.  She coughed with the sudden slam of the door behind her spread the dust into the air and nearly choked her.  

“Hurry up and change deary.  I haven’t all day and it’s almost time for tea” the old woman said softly with Jeanette stopping her coughing and reaching for the only suit she could find in the closet.  

“Right away mam” Jeanette said sarcastically and pulled down the white shirt with black blazer and white frilly shoulder pad.  

She sighed and pulled off her shirt, revealing her buxom breasts held together by a tight pink bra that wrapped tightly around her back.  Her soft hands gripped her belt and unfastened her khakis, allowing them to effortlessly drift down to the dust, filled floor below.  She leaned down with her firm butt high into the air.  A smile and a blush formed once more at the sight of her white corset hanging on her counter.  

The young woman giggled a bit with the thought that she really didn’t need it but if she was going to be a maid might as well go all out.  Her gentle hand gripped the hanger but the cold metal hanger felt strange.  She clinched her teeth and pulled it off the wooden pole.  A sticky substance, like cobweb, stretched and gently broke from the wood with Jeanette gagging in disgust.

“Eww, no wonder these people hired me.  This house is full of old cobwebs and God knows what else” she said to herself with the banging of the door behind her.

“Hurry up in there!” the old woman barked with her cane continuously banging on the door.

“Ok, ok hold your horses mam” she said before regaining her composure and slipped the white corset over her head.  

She held her breath with the pungent scent of mothballs growing stronger.  The corset slipped tightly around her figure and large, white cups held onto her breasts to create her hour glass form.  Jeanette quickly reached behind her and tugged at the strings to tighten it around her.  She gasped for a moment with the air suddenly knocked out of her with the sudden pressure around her torso.

“Come, come tea is waiting!” the old woman said with another bang on the door.

Jeanette growled in annoyance and felt a small tickle on her breast.  She didn’t really mind it as much as the old bag yelling at her from the outside but the tickle started to feel a bit rougher.  

“Ow…” she hissed in a bit of pain with yet another prick felt on her bosom.  
She leaned down and reached for her black over shirt with shoulder pads.  One of her eyes shut in pain as another prick was felt but this time a slow feeling of warmth.  Her hands trembled and vision started to blur a bit with the black outfit draping over her and hugged her figure.  

The warmth spread slowly with her collapsing onto the ground and sweat poured down her face and down into nearly exposed top of her breasts.  Her breathing became irregular with her hands gripping her black pants and slipping it over her hips.  Jennette had never worn such a tight outfit before and she felt surprisingly weak.

She placed her hand on the dusty ground and used it to lift herself up.  She panted and sweat with a tickling starting to run up her breasts and around her neck.  She looked down and saw for a brief moment a long, spindly leg emerging.  

“AAAHHH!” she screamed while reaching at her neck and firmly gripped her hand over her unexpected resident of her outfit.  

Her hand trembled with the feeling of course hairs rubbing against her soft palm and sticky goo oozing from the crevices of her hand.  She whimpered and slowly opened her palm to see the green guts of the smashed spider with a yellow strip going down its abdomen and a struggling sibling dangling dead from a silken tether.  

“S Spider!” she screamed with the old woman quickly shoving open the door and looking down in shock at the sight of her maid’s body quivering.  

“Oh my” the old woman said with a concerned down as she dropped her cane and shuffled over to the woman who lay on the ground panting heavily in fear and terror.
“I I think I was bitten by…” the frightened girl started to say before the old woman reached down and cupped the dying spider in her hand and sighed.

“There is no time to lose my dear.  We have to get you prepared” the old woman said as she pulled the young woman to her feet.

Jeanette’s blurry vision was starting to fade a bit with each moment.  The old woman’s strength was a shock to her.  The old woman gripped Jeanette carefully and slowly made their way out of the closet.  She smiled warmly towards her maid and led her into a close room.  Jeannette’s body felt weak as a kitten with a bit of foam forming around the side of her mouth as she nearly collapsed on her journey.  

“Just hold on my dear  I will get you all better” the old woman said while reaching over and flipping a switch on the side.  

In the center of the dimly lit room was a white hospital bed.  On the bed there was neither pillow nor sheets.  Straps hung loose on the side of metal railings as the old woman lead her maid closer.  

“Now dear, we need to get that venom out of you fast” the old lady said in a sweet tone and prompted the young woman to lie down.

“V vemm….” Jeanette began to speak before feeling her throat tingle and her voice rendered paralyzed and useless.

The old woman smirked at the sight of the maid lying on the bed.  She made her way towards the adjacent cabinet and rummaged through the drawer.  Her sweet voice started to slowly hum a hymn with “Amazing Grace”.  The young woman’s eyes moved from side to side with her body completely betraying her.  The numbness and warmth filled every limb and even her mouth was gapping open.  Drool started to pool on to the bed with the old woman returning with a white cloth in one hand and a red bandana in another.

Jeanette’s eyes darted towards the old woman as she could barely feel the soft cloth brushing the side of her cheek.  The old woman looked down at her and smiled while gently continuing to clean her face of the foam and drool. The young woman’s chests slowly rose and feel as her breathing lessoned and the calmness of the atmosphere took hold.  With the cleanup finished, the humming stopped for a moment.  Jeanette’s eyes darted once more towards the old woman and with a grin she felt the soft cloth bunched up into her mouth.  

“mmmmmm” she managed to let out a surprised gasp before the old lady stuffed the cloth further down and then moved the red bandana across the wad of cloth.

Jeanette tried to move her arms or at the very least spit out the gag but the venom once again had taken full effect.  Her eyes continued to dark back and forth, looking down at the gag and at the old woman who was gently lifting her limp head up to allow the bandana to circle around towards the back of her head.  The humming continued but now it was just some German sounding music.  Her lips mouthed the words as she looped the bandana around the gag and pulled up and down to form several bows.

Jeanette’s eyes crossed as the large wad that formed her cleave gag and then back at the old woman.  Her eyes streamed down tears with the old woman rolling the young woman onto her side and pulling on her limp arms.  She was at the mercy of her employer with the old woman turning her all the way on her stomach while moving her arm behind her back.  Struggling was still no option and the young woman continued to send messages throughout her body in a helpless effort to get her paralyzed limbs to respond in any way.  

The old woman returned to the drawer.  The sound of things moving sent chills down Jeanette’s spine, or it would have if she could have felt her vertebrae through the venom.  The old woman grabbed a chord or rope and a few bungie cords and shut the drawer.  The young woman’s eyes refused to blink, her eyelids too were paralyzed and the dry air burned with her desperate to allow them moisture.  

“Oh yes, you are just the perfect candidate for us my dear” the old woman said as she gingerly reached for Jeanette’s wrists and placed them over top eachother.  

Jeanette felt her arms tugged with pressure building around them.  The old woman wrapped the rope tightly around the helpless girl’s wrists and back around to form and X.  She then moved the rope in between itself to allow a tight knot with the flesh of the young woman bitten by the rope.  She looped the rope around the wrists again and moved up her lower arm to continue to bind her wrists tight behind her back.  

“You know, the good Doctor and I use to play this game all the time when we were your age” the old woman said with a cackle and pushed the rope firm against the flesh of Jeannette’s wrist to complete her binding.

“…m mmmph?” Jeanette let out a weakened whimper as the tears served to moisten her eyes at long last and her eyelid slowly descended to spread the stream of tears across her longing retina.

The old woman noticed the subtle movement of her prey and sighed in frustration.  

“Arachnius Bulmous Greyus just doesn’t have the same venom as my husband’s Arachnia” she murmured to herself while gently lifting the girl up and forcing her to sit up on the bed.

“mmmmph…” The young woman whimpered into her gag as the old woman walked behind her and looped the rope around her chest, just below her breasts and pulled tight.

The young woman gasped a bit for air with the old woman looping the rope under her right arm and pulled the cord of rope tight against her back to feed it through the space between Jeanette’s arm and her arm pit.  She pulled tight with the back of the rope tightly pressing against her back.  Jeanette’s back ached while the old woman moved the rope back around her arms and on top of her breasts.  The pressure around the young woman’s arms increased with each loop and tug of the rope.  Slowly she managed to shift her shoulders just a bit from side to side in an effort to shake the tight bonds from her body but even with the venom starting to leave her system the old woman had already weaved a tight harness across her chest and through her breasts to keep her secure.

“MMMMPH!” the young woman screamed into her gag as loud as she could while trying to shift her legs from side to side.  

The old woman saw the increased struggling and quickly grabbed the weak girl’s ankles.  She quickly weaved the bungie cord around her ankles and pulled tight to prevent her prey from moving her legs.  Jeannette continued to struggle and squirm the best she could while still very weak from the residual venom.  Her legs shifted up and down and the old woman looped and pulled before taking the hooks on the end and hooking them together.

The frightened made looked down at her legs and found them entangled in a mesh of stretching bungie with the old woman looping more around her knees and pulling her legs tighter and tighter together.  Her body finally was responding but by that time it was far too late.  The old woman had her tightly bound and helpless.  She bucked and struggled but the old woman’s bindings were perfect from all her many more years and experience.

With her capture complete the old woman gently reached for her captive and pulled her off the bed.

“MMMMPH!” the maid cried out in pain as gravity took hold and she landed on her side on the hard tile below.

“My anniversary is coming up soon my dear and I know just what to get them this time” the old woman said as she started to drag her catch slowly out of the room and into a closet.

Jeanette heard a vibration coming from the closet with the dust spreading all around.  Little did she know her boyfriend’s picture was on the display and dozens of small spiders were rapidly wrapping around that and her sexy uniform.  Silk spread quickly with a sticky omen of what fate she could share with her predecessors.
Jeanette just wants to earn some money for her sick boyfriend. With the economy so poor she once again stubbed until the campus of our kind elderly couple.

It has been a very long time since I wrote a story solo and I felt it was long time due to write a sequel to one of my most popular stories, Beckie's first job!

I hope you all enjoy.

You can read how it all started here :
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DigiDawg2 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
wow a very nice story there snake, a job well done. I hope her boyfriend rescues her in time.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it.  Time will tell what fate has in store for our little cutie.
littlemisssadface Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013   Writer
It's weird you spell beckie that way. My name is beckie that's how I spell it. :-)
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that's cool, I just liked that name.
WonderCuria-DD Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Absolutely loved this!! It had a definite 'Tales from the Darkside' atmosphere to it. Well done!!! Happy to see you are still writing :)
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I do plan on writing more when time is available to do so.
shhsecretaccount Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
yes! Its been awhile since I read some of your amazing writing skills. This was great! I just want to read more! Is there going to be another part? Will we get to read Jeanette's fate?
You are such a talented writer!
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOW, thanks for the encouragement!  Honestly I do plan on another part when I have the time.  Writing is a passion of mine but I have really picked up my stride in my art so it is a bit harder for me to find time to write at some points ^^;
shhsecretaccount Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
you had me hooked on every word! Even more so after I read the first part! Don't rush yourself :) I can wait to read more of this amazing tale whenever you have time! :D
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOW, that is a compliment!  I am glad to hear from a fan that isn't so pushy and demanding.  Its a nice change of pace.
Hunter2045 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
johner2 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
lovely start :D.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
johner2 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
to a story
ForestWolfDragon Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Poor poor Jeanette....getting tricked into being specimen food for their spiders.  I loved how the old couple "tricked her"...well at least the old lady did lol.  I must say that I was a little confused after the first part, when you back tracked to Jeanette and her interview.

But this was a really well done story!  The detail was superb and the distress from the helpless ladies was just perfect!
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, well Jeanette is still alive... for now.  I am glad you enjoyed the story and the idea was to extend on Beckie's first Job.  I may or may not write a 3rd part, just depends on demand ;)
ForestWolfDragon Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Then....I demand! lol

Hopefully you will write up the third part :).
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol, time will tell comrade
ForestWolfDragon Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Indeed :).
kimm-i Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
Wow that hits so many erotic spots with me.... x
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
um.... glad you enjoyed it? ^^;
kimm-i Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
enjoyed is nice ;)
Nightwalker50 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Such a comely specimen Jeanette is.  Fine spider food later?  What of her glasses?
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks I think.. ^^;
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