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Yasha Kumo 10

Jennifer moaned softly and her chest rose and fell faster as the venom started to take hold.   Her shoulder slowly became numb as Kumo’s venom took hold.  The spider demon’s legs combed a sticky thread from her spinnerets and pulled to show her prey the ribbon that would bind her ankles as it wrapped around.  Kumo’s face was still Tara’s and she moaned with joy.  

“You are too late my sweet prey.  Tara wasss delicious” she said with a moan and guided her hips down her curves.

With that Jennifer’s eyes swelled with tears and she tried to move her arms.  The venom shifted down her arm and she could barely raise it, let alone attempt to break free.  Kumo stopped for a moment and gazed into the eyes of her prey.  Her spider legs retracted back into her form and abdomen began to shrink.  Her hair started to change color and match that of Jennifer.  The fresh blood that on her fangs dripped onto her tongue and her voice slowly changed to Jennifer’s  

“Think you figured it all out did you moth?” she said in Jennifer’s voice with arrogance.  

Jennifer blinked and looked down at her body; the sticky threads bound her arms and compressed her breasts tightly.  She tried to shift her legs back and forth but found a tight band of elastic silk keeping them at bay.  She whimpered and grunted in her bindings as the creature slowly took its next form, her’s.   Kumo looked down at her new body and noticed her breasts enlarging and her hour-glass figure emerging once more.   Her abdomen pulsated under her, still building up the fresh silk as her legs formed back into human form.

“You foolish prey, what did you hope to accomplish by coming back into my lair?” she asked while Jennifer weakly moaned before trying to utter something before the venom paralyzed her throat.

“I I came to fight you” she whispered as the venom spread to her chest and she felt her breathing starting to slow.

Kumo laughed at the thought of Jennifer actually able to fight in her condition.  Her human form was now complete and she leaned down to pick Jennifer up.  She licked her lips and grinned at her helpless prey.  

“I am sure mom will be as delightful as you are” she mocked Jennifer as she slowly cradled her cocoon and started to walk towards the school entrance.

“D Don’t you...” Jennifer managed to utter before the venom prevented her from speaking and limbs when limp.

Kumo’s spiderlings met their master at the front doors.  Their abdomens pulsated and their fresh silk was tightly around the cocoons that were barely able to twitch behind them.  Kumo grinned at the sight of two women, wrapped from toe to mouth looking up at her underlings and crying out only for their lips to be sealed by the sticky threads.  Their red and raven hair dragged on the ground as their tried to struggle and squirm the best they could before their captors moved the silk across their eyes and over their forehead.

“Good work my sweet children, please enjoy your reward” she said as the muffled screams inside the cocoons were further silenced by the additional silk applied to their face.

Jennifer barely could twitch with the powerful toxins running through her veins.  The cocoon’s twitched and moaned as the spiderlings slowly injected their fangs into their chests.  

“MMMMMPH !!!” she both cried out in terror as they wriggled in their cocoons.

The fangs of the spider lings bit into them again and again as the venom continued to flow into their bodies.  Their wriggling and shifting their weight from side to side slowly turned to small twitches as the numbing toxins did their work.  The prey’s eyes rolled into the back of their heads and the spider lings attached one last tether of silk onto the cocoon’s shoulders before dragging them into the darkness.

“My children shall enjoy their catch.  After all the hard work my minions deserve a little lunch break” she said with an evil laugh before Jennifer bucked hard in her captor’s grip.

“You demon… you can’t eat us all.  O Other’s will be looking for us” Jennifer whispered with the bit of strength she had left.

“Ah but you don’t sssee the big picture my sssweet prey” Kumo said with a grin as she continued down the hall.

To Jennifer the halls of her school use to be a safe haven.  She watched the lockers pass by and thoughts ran through her head, like memories.   The images of her friends walking down the hall were like a ghostly apparition.  Jennifer could hear the sweet voices of her friends, all giggling and talking about the new hunk that just transferred from upstate.  She passed by her locker and saw her friend leaning next to it and sighing about how much this guy made her swoon.

Jennifer’s eyes continued to cry as she knew what was happening to her.   Her life was flashing before her eyes.  Kumo continued to carry her prize deeper into the lair her prey called school.  The lockers were laced with glistening, sticky threads of her silk and her spider lings continued to wrap the struggling guests.  Jennifer blinked as time slowed to a crawl.  In the corner of her eye was a wriggling mass of silk with a mouth protruding from the threads, screaming for help as a spider ling silenced her with another pass of silk across your lips.  To her other side was a masticated cocoon, hanging by a single thread.  The long red hair swayed in the breeze as the only remains of human life.  

Kumo’s victory seemed to be secure as her walk with the last prey to the larder was like some sort of nightmarish return from a glorious battle.  The silk bindings around Jennifer were few but pressed her limbs tightly together. She again tried to buck but her captor’s grip was too strong.  

“All my friends, my family, you killed them all!” she growled angrily as she grimaced at what was before her.

Kumo looked down at her and smiled.  
“Oh, but it is not I who killed your entire family” she said with a grin.

“Your disgusting father still is alive isn’t he?” she replied with gag.

Jennifer started to feel like a bit of her body was responding again.  She shifted her shoulders from side to side trying to gain any purchase she could in her silk bindings.  Her captor had nearly taken her all the way down the hall way where a large storage closet was.  Kumo took one step closer to the closet and set Jennifer down on the ground.  She snapped her finger and a spider ling scuttled towards then from the ceiling.  

“Make sure our special guest doesn’t go anywhere.”  She commanded as she opened the closet to the sound of pure silence inside.  

Jennifer tried to get to her feet but the spider ling descended from a silken tether and grabbed her wriggling body.

“Let go!” Jennifer demanded while the spider ling reached under itself and pulled out a sticky ribbon of thread.

Jennifer moved her body to her side, only for her to lay with arms at her side.  She grit her teeth as the wet, sticky thread wrapped around her arms and anchored to the wall.  She tugged and tried to pull but the elastic thread only retracted, pulling her back towards the wall.  The frightened teen looked all around her.  The spider ling continued to comb its spinnerets and pull threat after thread, sticking it to the struggling teen and overlapping the silk around her torso.

Jennifer struggled more and more, trying to reach for anything in her pocket that could save her from a terrible fate.  She grunted and whimpered as her arms were pulled more and more to her side and only her fingers were still able to feel the moist air.  Kumo returned from the closet with drool coming from her mouth and her spindly legs supporting her weight.   She towered over Jennifer and scuttled down the hall.

Jennifer stopped struggling as she knew it was no use any further, from her shoulders to her hips there was at least two layers of silk and she felt the silk cooling and pulling her more into an hour glass shape.  The spider ling chittered with anticipation as Kumo walked off and left itself to what could be a reward.  Jennifer cried as she looked down to see her coat coated with white and her legs wrapped in tight bands of web.  The spider ling’s fangs bead with clear liquid and it scuttled up to its prey.

Jennifer’s scream echoed throughout the halls as the spider ling turned around and kissed its spinnerets to her chest, moving its abdomen and pulling the ribbon tight across her neck and chin.  

“This is it…” Jennifer said to herself as she closed her eyes and felt the wet, sticky film coat her lips.

The spider ling continued to cocoon its catch with the web spreading across her cheeks and back down around her mouth and neck again.  Jennifer bucked her body and kicked with her legs together but the silk cooled and kept them in place.  The fangs of the spider ling clicked together like pincers as it slowly moved towards her chest.  

“MMMMMPH!” Jennifer screamed into her gag as she saw the sharp fangs slowly pierce her cocoon.

The spider ling pinched its fangs but suddenly stopped just as Kumo had returned, holding a fully cocooned woman with strawberry blonde hairs protruding from the cocoon.

“What are you doing?!” Kumo shouted in anger as she dropped the cocoon as it bounced on a few strands of silk.

The cocoon didn’t make a sound or wriggle but Jennifer knew that the prey was complying helpless but still alive.

“That prey is mine you ungrateful underling!” she scolded the spider as the spider ling backed away from its master and prey.  

Slowly it scuttled back into the dark hall and Jennifer wriggled in its silk.  Kumo walked back to the cocoon and attached a thread of silk to it.  She drug it behind her as it could barely twitch, let along struggle.

“MMMMPH MMMPH!” Jennifer cried out as the creature took its prey into the closet and disappeared.

Kumo emerged shortly after and went back down to her lair.  Jennifer simply watched and would try to squirm every so often to keep from cramping.  Her eyes were constantly vigilant for any more of Kumo’s underlings.  Kumo returned holding two more cocoons.  Chelsea and Heather struggled and whimpered violently as Kumo drug them with no effort behind her.  They bucked and squirmed the best they could, while crying in their gags as the elastic silk that attached them to Kumo’s underside kept them from worming free.

Chelsea’s light brown hair collected the sticky threads on the ground while Heather’s long black hair covered one eye while the other watched the lockers slide by.  

“MMM MMMPH!”  They both cried out in unison as their muffled cries disappeared with Kumo in the closet.

Jennifer could only watch in anger and horror as Kumo effortlessly continued her work.  Cocoon after cocoon were all brought down the hall way.  Kumo laughed as she cradled a cocoon with pink hair and brown eyes.  Her prey squirmed in her grip as Kumo’s spindly legs reached for her underside.  She stopped just in front of Jennifer and grinned.

“I believe you know this sweet prey?” she asked while Nadia shook her head from side to side and bucked hard.

“MMMM MMMPH!”  Jennifer replied while trying to lung herself forward and closer to the helpless girl.

Kumo giggled at the site and pulled a sticky thread from under her.  

“You think you figured it all out did you my stupid fly?” she hissed.

“MMMPH!”  Jennifer growled.

“I think it’s time for another lesson” Kumo said while moving the silk around Nadia’s arms and then bringing her under herself.

“MMMMPH!” Nadia cried out as she bucked only for the cocoon around her to keep her from release.

“You see, spider silk is an amazing tool” Kumo began as she slowly rotated the helpless girl once again, adding another layer of silk to her already tight cocoon.

“It is fifty times stronger than steel of the same weight.  It has amazing properties and can be as sticky as glue or as tight as rope” she continued while Nadia whimpered with her hair rotating in the breeze generated by her rotations.  

“MMMPH…” Jennifer whimpered as she watched her friend disappearing in the overlapping silk that seemed to have no end.

“Silk can also keep prey nice and fresh so the hungry spider demon doesn’t have to clean up after them” she said while Nadia’s chin and mouth disappeared under the silken mask.  

Jennifer closed her eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks.  She knew her friend was next on Kumo’s menu and could bear to watch as Nadia’s soft brown eyes blindfolded to ease her struggling.  Nadia’s eyes tried to open once more but the thick tread held them shut as her whimpering started to fade with another rotation, with her hair pinned to her face.

“If you had paid attention in class sweet moth, then maybe you could have been the one to finally defeat me!” Kumo said as Nadia’s cocoon was complete and she grinned.

Kumo grasped Nadia’s cocoon and cradled it in her human arms.  Her legs shifted and her abdomen grew larger as she licked her lips and drooled over her prey.  Nadia could make out only shadow under the silken veil as Kumo’s mouth opened and her large fangs glistened with liquid.  She slowly inserted her fangs into Nadia’s shoulder and Jennifer cried out as Nadia’s cocoon twitched in response.  Kumo moaned softly as Nadia’s body bucked and thrashed before slowly going still.  

“ MMMMMPH!” Jennifer cried as she looked away from the site of her friend’s possible fate.

Kumo slowly moved her mouth away from the still cocoon and grinned.

“And my venom will keep her nice and fresh for days.”  She said in Nadia’s voice while still maintaining her spider lower half.

Jennifer looked up from her bindings and cursed through her gag as though demanding to speak.  Kumo grabbed Nadia’s cocoon and slung it over her shoulder and pulled off the silk from around Jennifer’s mouth.

“Have something to say before I put my food back in the pantry?” she asked.

“Why me?   Why did you have to come to my town and eat all my friends?” Jennifer asked in a low submissive tone.

“My my, out of fight already?”  Kumo asked while shaking her head in disappointment.  

“What is the point?  You have all my friends and family and I can’t even save myself let alone anyone else” Jennifer said with her head down.

“That is music to my ears.  As much as I long to feast on the soft, tender insides of my prey, hearing them lose all hope is just as delicious” Kumo said with drool coming from her mouth.

Kumo took her prize and scuttled into the closet.  With her captor gone Jennifer looked down at her partial cocoon and a small smile came across her face.   She couldn’t help but let out a laugh as she weakly struggled in her bindings.  The cocoon was incomplete but still held strong as she examined any way of escape.   She moved her arm but found it still impossible.  Her ankles were tightly bound and the silk had cooled into a glistening white.  Jennifer’s fear had gotten the better of her.  Kumo’s spider lings scuttled by and Jennifer tried her best to keep out of the way with their web building and cocoon making.  

Kumo came back from the closet and tilted her head at the sight of Jennifer’s smile.  She wasn’t sure why her prey was no longer scared but rather looked like she was enjoying herself a bit.  Her spider legs reached for her and grabbed her arms.   Kumo picked her up and brought her closer.  Jennifer’s eyes glanced up at Kumo and frowned.

“Make it quick you monster” she said with a scowl.  

Kumo grinned as she cradled her cocoon in her arms and scuttled towards the closet.  The door slowly creaked open, inside there was silk everywhere.  The webs were elaborate and complex.  Silken threads extended from the ceiling down to the ground with dozens of fully cocooned woman on the walls.  Their movements were mere twitches and completely encased from toe to forehead in sticky silk.   Jennifer looked around the larder for any signs of life before Kumo stopped suddenly and looked down at her.  

“I have waited for this day for a very long time my sweet moth.”  She said while her abdomen grew under her and her spinnerets started to push and pull thread.  

Jennifer closed her eyes and growled before spitting in the face of her captor.  Kumo hissed angrily and pushed her under herself.

“Prey should know their place.  Why can’t you learn that final lesson?” she said now a bit annoyed.

Jennifer moved her fingers for her pocket but they were just out of reach.  She grit her teeth and looked around.  Her eyes feel upon a unique cocoon.  This cocoon was different; it had long blonde hair and tied back into pony tails.  Her face was laced with silk and it wriggled only so often.  

“I it can’t be… Trinity!” she shouted only for the cocoon to reply in a muffled moan.

Kumo grinned as her prey finally came to the realization of her friend’s fate.

“Ah, so you know my first catch” she said while her spindly legs combed a ribbon of silk from her spinnerets and began wrapping around Jennifer’s knees.

“She disappeared weeks ago… how is she?” Jennifer asked in confusion at the fact that her friend was still alive.  

Kumo moved the silk and wound it tightly around her thighs.  

“You haven’t been paying attention again my sweet student.  My venom keeps them fresh for me and my brood to consume when we desire” Kumo explained while the silk overlapped and Jennifer felt herself starting to spin.

“Its me you want… let them go!” she demanded while Kumo stopped spinning her.  

The silk was not coating her shoes up to her hips with the tight stands wrapped tightly around her arms.  Kumo glanced over all her prey and grinned.   As Jennifer pleased she heard something other than the pulsating abdomen of her captor.  She slowly looked up at the ceiling and her eyes went wide.  There plastered to the ceiling was a green cocoon, oozing with sticky glistening ooze.  Kumo laughed as her prey whimpered in terror.  The cocoon was obviously not prey.  It had large breasts of a woman and small spindly legs protruded from her hips.

“My daughter, the first of many that shall be spawned from this nursery” Kumo said with pride as Jennifer let out an ear piercing scream followed with Kumo’s evil laugh and rotating Jennifer while moving her abdomen from side to side.

Jennifer bucked and shifted her weight while moving her head from side to side in protest.  The sticky threads of silk washed over her figure and pulled tight each rotation, adding to her cocoon.  Jennifer‘s body slowly disappeared under the tight cocoon that bound every inch of her body.  She desperately reached for her pocket with her fingers trying to get deeper and deeper.  

Kumo’s spindly legs rolled her with the silk passing over her chest in a tight third layer of silk, adding to her underling’s.  Kumo stopped just as the silk was wrapped around her neck and Jennifer felt her hair pull against her face.

“Your town is the perfect place to make my nest.  So many preys for me to devour and no one will ever wonder what happened here” she explained with triumph.

“My brood will feast on your friends for months, building strength as we plan our eternal conquest!” she said with a hiss as she grabbed Jennifer’s cocoon and placed it on a mesh of sticky threads just a few feet away from her daughter.

Jennifer started to whimper again before letting out a small laugh.  Kumo looked at her and hissed in anger.  

“You stupid human.  I have been around for millennia.  You dare to mock me!” she hissed while baring her fangs and her abdomen pulsating wildly.

“We have families of out of this city you stupid spider.  Do you really believe that people will not find out what you have done?” she asked while still shaking on the inside.

“That is why this is so perfect you tasty moth.  My children will assume your forms and my brood will spread and conquer” Kumo replied while her daughter moaned above.

“Ah, it appearsss my ssweet daughter is almost ready to hatch” Kumo said and placed her hand on Jennifer’s cheek.

“A  And I bet s she is as ugly as her mother” Jennifer retorted in a shiver.

“You spider rmmmph!” Jennifer managed to say before Kumo placed a wad of silk into her mouth.

“I should devour you myself for saying such an insult to my offspring!” Kumo hissed in anger before wrapping another thread across the webbed gag.

“MMMMPH!” Jennifer growled while Kumo’s eyes shifted to a pure red and her abdomen trust her silk like a whip.

Her silk hit its mark and zigzagged across Jennifer’s cocoon and anchored her further to the wall.

“mmm, time to take my first taste” Kumo said as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth with fangs clicking together like a pincer.

“MMMPH…” Jennifer cried out as she tried to move her neck away from her fangs.

Kumo’s fangs glistened with venom with some dropping into the struggling girl’s cocoon.  Slowly Kumo’s fangs penetrated the first layer of silk.  Jennifer felt the pressure slowly building as Kumo moved in deeper.  She whimpered as she knew this was the moment she had dreaded for all this time.  Kumo moaned as she moved her head deeper and finally pierced into the cocoon.

“MMMMPH!” Jennifer cried out in her gag as Kumo moved her fangs together and injected the first payload of venom.

Jennifer’s body went almost instantly limp as Kumo’s legs moved to her side.  The course hairs of her legs massaged the silk with her legs poking and prodding to test the venom’s effect.  Her prey’s head went limp as Kumo backed away and licked her lips.  

“My daughter will feast on your friendsss.  But you my special prey are all mine” she said with a hiss.

“A pity you didn’t pay attention in classss.  The sspider always lets the prey wear themselves out before going in to feast” she said as she moved in for a second bit.  

Jennifer’s body remained completely limp and still as Kumo’s fangs penetrated her cocoon.  Kumo’s digestive enzymes started to flow and Jennifer’s struggles were nothing but twitches as Kumo prepared her to feast upon.  Kumo moaned as she could taste the sweet nectar of her labor.   Her eyes slowly closed and enjoyed taking in the moment.   With her digestive enzymes flooding into her prey she started to suck up her predigested meal.  

With her first feeding she suddenly opened her eyes and quickly she removed her fangs from her prey.  Jennifer’s eye slowly opened and she let out a muffled moan.  Kumo looked at her prey and she gagged.  Slowly her fangs felt like they were on fire.  She opened her mouth and started to pant wildly and foam formed in the back of her throat.

“W what is happening to me!” she hissed as she felt a terrible burning in her chest and stomach.  

“mmmph..” Jennifer whimpered into her gag at the site of Kumo’s reaction.

Kumo’s legs grew another link as she cried out in pain.  Her abdomen slowly started to shrivel and Kumo head added addition three sets of eyes to her already two.  Her fangs grew and protruded from her mouth further and her midsection started to shrink inside her abdomen.  

“Thisss pain… I have never felt..” she began to scream as her demonic voice echoed through the halls and made her prey tremble in terror.

She lunged for Jennifer and ripped off her gag.  

“You stupid… Ah... HUMAN.  I I will devour..” she began before Jennifer’s hand finally grasped the knife she had hidden and pressed the switch to cut through her pocket.

“You really shouldn’t mix a spider demon’s essence with testosterone.” Jennifer said with a grin as Kumo’s red eyes burned with anger.

“Testosterone… No I it can’t” she began before her spider leg cut open Jennifer’s cocoon enough to see her coat torn and a gel packet ripped wide open but empty.

Kumo wretched and gagged and she slowly fell backwards.  Her abdomen continued to shrivel and her legs slowly curled towards her.  The spinnerets on the withering abdomen pulled and sprayed with thread whipping through the air and anchoring to the walls.  Jennifer tried to move her hand in a sawing motion to cut her cocoon and her jeans.  The silk was firm but with the sticky glue cooled she managed to make the silk splinter.  The spider demon fell on her back and she hissed and gagged with the foam drooling out of her mouth like a coke with mentos.

She screamed in terror and pain with her legs finally starting to determinate and her stomach turning inside-out.  Jennifer struggled hard and finally pulled her body away from the wall with the tethers of silk buckling by her efforts.  Kumo hissed before her legs finally completely curled up.  With a final blood curdling scream she drew her last breath and her once proud exoskeleton melted off of her body and splashed onto the ground.

“Thank you Mom…” Jennifer said softly to herself as she took a deep breath and cut the silk from her arm.

Jennifer rested with her opponent rapidly deteriorating in front of her eyes.  With a few more hours of struggle she managed to finally break free of her cocoon and kick it off to her side.  The green cocoon above dripped onto her head and she remembered the danger they were all still in.  Slowly she got to her feet and ran for the first cocoon.  

Slowly she took her knife and ran it against the side of the cocoon.  She cut open the silk and she cried with joy.  In front of her was her best friend, Tara.  Kumo had been bluffing as a means to break her spirit all along.

“Tara, Tara it’s me Jennifer!” she exclaimed while her friend barely whimpered.

“J Jennifer?” she asked while slowly opening her eyes.

“Yes, its me.  You are safe now” Jennifer said with tears streaming down her cheeks in joy that her friend was alive.

Jennifer grabbed her friend and pulled her out of the cocoon, placing her on the ground while looking at the other cocoons lined up on the wall.  One by one she cut open the cocoon.  Chelsea slowly blinked her eyes and wriggled in her cocoon as she saw her friend.  ‘

“MMMPH” she moaned in her gag as Jennifer worked to free her.

“Jennifer, thank God you are ok” Chelsea said with a warm smile.

“Always thinking of others before yourself.  Chelsea you are amazing.” Jennifer giggled before pulling her free of her silk prison.

Jennifer smiled as she recognized the other cocoons.  Nadia and Heather wriggled and squirmed as well as her own mother.  She continued to free each one by one until the pulsating mass of ooze above started to crack open its shell.  The light from the cocoon started turn bright green as a human hand busted through the shell.

“Lets get out of here!” Jennifer screamed as she tried to avoid the awakening offspring of Kumo.

The women ran for the door way before a young woman with long brown hair and green eyes screamed.  She heard a whipping in the air and felt the sticky threads of silk plaster her back with the creature pulling her back.

“H Help me!” she screamed before she was pulled back into the darkness and the frightened girls ran through the door.  

In the halls the spider lings all were on their backs and curled up.  Jennifer slammed the door shut and held onto it as she felt the creature ramming against the door trying to get it open

“Help!” she yelled to Chelsea as she pressed all her weight against the door.

Chelsea looked around the hall way and saw the trophy case.  She quickly ran to it and pushed it with all her strength.  

“Nadia, Heather, Sam help!” she screamed as the girls ran to Chelsea and pushed the trophy case to barricade the door as they saw the large spindly legs protruding from the door way and trying to push away the heavy book case.

Looking around Jennifer she patted her chest and found that she still had pads of testosterone under her clothing.  

“Here take these and help” she commanded as each girl took a pad and cut it open tossing the exposed chemical into the crack in the door and hearing the creature’s scream.

The women continued to run down the hallway as fast as they could, making every effort to avoid the sticky traps that the spider lings had left behind.  The reached he door entrance and slammed it shut pressing their backs against the doors.  Jennifer breathed heavily as the other girls collapsed on the grass panting.

“W we did it… Kumo is dead and the abomination will soon be as well” Jennifer said before taking a deep breath.  

The girls nodded in agreement and all took a much needed breath.  That night the girls returned to their homes to find very confused husbands, sons, and fathers.  They each felt as though they had awakened from the longest sleep they had ever had.  Jennifer’s father was on the ground completely out cold with the webs that restrained him completely gone.  Jennifer and her mother looked at each other and smiled.  The nightmare as over and knew things would go back to normal soon.

On that May Jennifer and friends all stood together and were handed their diplomas.  It was a time of great joy and accomplishment.  The missing students that were devoured by the spider demon would never been known by anyone but themselves. The spider’s curse was lifted from their souls but the memories for the nursery survivors still remained strong.   They vowed never to share the tale of Yasha Kumo to anyone as they knew they would just wind up in the insane asylum.  

“Jennifer” the principle called her name as she was handed her diploma.  

Her smile was bright and she looked over the crowd to her friends and loved one’s cheers.  She gripped her diploma with pride and she observed the crowd.  Suddenly her eyes turned from extreme joy to sudden shock.  In the crowd in the far back was a very attractive young woman with long brown hair and green eyes.  Jennifer shuddered in terror as the young woman walked out of the gym and back to her car.

“I will catch you all again sssometime” she hissed as she turned the ignition with a whimper being heard in the back.
“MMMMPH” the voice in the back cried.
“I think Maykonville isss a good place don’t you think Kristine?” she asked as she looked back to the sight of a terrified woman with red hair tied back into a pony tail and wrapped from silk from mouth to toe.
At long last, the thrilling conclusion to my long running Yasha Kumo series is finally done! Jennifer has found herself in a rather sticky situation with her arch Nemesis. Will she escape a terrible fate that has befallen so many? Or will she end up a protein shake for one happy spider creature?

Please enjoy.

Thank you :iconlady-of-mud: for all your support and love for this story. Truly I couldn't have finished it without you and I am once again humbled and honored to call you my dear friend.

:iconthean2: :iconspaceinvadehez: Thank you all for allowing me the pleasure to introducing you all to my oc Yasha Kumo. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have writing it.
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oldsnidely Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
Excellent stories . I enjoyed reading this series. While I am by no means an expert on writing in general or fiction specifically , I thought you did a great job forming visual images within the text of what was unfolding. The pure evil of the demon as she taunted her prey as she captured them really set up the D I D  emotional parameters . Again ,enjoyed the story ,keep up the good work as a writer as well as an artist . 
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for those very kind words!  I am always glad to hear that people are enjoying my work and I hope to not disappoint with my future projects.
mosterhat Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
wery well done i enjoyed reading this great story of yours and i must say you have very good writeing skills.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for the very kind words. Yasha Kumo was one of the hardest things I have ever done but I am happy you enjoyed it.
Steffel Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for the delay, I just didn't get around to reading earlier.
I really like the way you ended this. The solution was set up very well and Jennifer made for a good heroine. I also like that you left that sequel hook in there. You may not have any plans to continue this at the moment but if you ever change your mind you can just write on without the setup feeling forced.
I was surprised that Trinity hadn't been eaten yet btw. I was a bit disappointed though that there was no mention of Jennifer saving her personally though. But all in all a great finish to a thrilling story. :)
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for reading all of my story. In honesty I was debating on her saving Trinity herself but I sort of felt like that would be padding out the story a lot more. The reason Trinity wasn't eaten was because she was the first prey for the brood. I am glad you enjoyed the open ending. I was going for not a sequel bait per-se, but I did want the option to continue should I ever wish for it to be available.
Steffel Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, I see. And you're welcome of course. I enjoyed reading it.
fugimoto Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
"web hugs for all" ..... no?! hmph oh well! congrats on finishing!
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks, hope you enjoyed it
fugimoto Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
well more then a certin group of students did anyways (8.
johner2 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
Love the open endings to horror movies or stories. Plus i knew the testosterone would com into play and had to get her in close to make it super effective. Hehe and we got to see jennifer cocooned twice :P in the entire story :D.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks, this was all part of the plan as they say and of course you didn't think I would let such a cute girl get away without getting at least one silk dress did you?
johner2 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
Of course not ;).
mrsouleater13 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013
love this stoy man. is that kumo at the end or is it her daughter?
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that was her daughter, and thanks
mrsouleater13 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013
welcome :D
drake95313 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Student Artist
So she's not dead after all...dammit...
happy ending RUINED :icontableflipplz:

That aside, this was an interesting story. It definitely kept me til the end.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the ending is my choice as the author, if it is a happy ending or a sad ending
drake95313 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Student Artist
i know
it was a joke i made
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
actually it is her daughter that is still living but I have no plans of a sequel or revisit. I am glad you enjoyed the story
drake95313 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Student Artist
Somebody forgot to go and stab the baby. I wonder whose duty that was. >_>
manymasksmanyfaces Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, that was a great ending!
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks man, there were a few things I had to tweek for it all to wrap up well but over all I am very happy the way it turned out
manymasksmanyfaces Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
kempman17 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
One got away, but at least she's gone for now. An amazing end to an amazing story.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks, this was one of my biggest challenges and I am sorry to see it go but all good things must come to an end
kempman17 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Unfortunatly they do. It was still a treat to read and I thnk you for writing. Good work.
spiderweber Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
Another amazing end to a great story. nice work man. :)
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks cifu, it was a long one to write but all around, well worth it
JohnDoe10001 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
Hmm...seems you're "tying up a lot of loose ends" on existing stories. New big project in mind?
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
maybe but honestly this is just something I needed to do
Lady-of-Mud Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sensei, this was an amazing finale to the Yasha Kumo tale!!! X3 *Takes a deep breath*

Oh! Spoiler warning to everyone!!! Avoid reading my comment unless you've finished the story first!

You really amazed me with this chapter Sensei, I felt the same way I did back when I read the first chapter of this tale! You instilled a strong feeling of hopelessness for Jennifer and everyone trapped that really made me curious how things were going to turn out.

I literally thought that it was Kumo's victory considering the way the events unfolded, but in the end we must give a fond farewell to our favorite spider demon. I had wondered how Jennifer was going to get the testosterone on/in Kumo considering being wrapped up so tightly, but the choice of method was excellent. ^w^

It's fitting that after leaving Jennifer for last and wanting to devour her herself, that it's doing so that brings about her end. And then the twist, that little twist in the last paragraph that made me grin. I love it! X3

Overall sensei, I really loved what you've done with the whole story and I am sad to see this tale come to a close. Spectacular work!!! :hug: :tighthug: :glomp: :huggle:

And now I must finish my comment with a pun!

That's a wrap!! XD

solidzesnake Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awww :tighthug: thank you Neko. After all this time of writing Kumo I too am sad to see it end but you can bet there are far more tales of silk to spin out and capture you once again ;)
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solidzesnake Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is what makes sci fy and horror. This is my story and if you didn't get it by now the whole town was under the influence of a Demon. That means super natural work is in play and thus things won't always make sense. Yes he ancient one was vulnerable to testosterone but that doesn't mean her offspring would be. Also she isn't a nymph, I have zero idea where you got that idea ^^;
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solidzesnake Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
still waiting on your spider story.....
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solidzesnake Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so once again you shoot your mouth off on something that you believe everyone else is wrong. Since when does the author of a story HAVE to follow any rules. It is THEIR story and THEIR logic. Fantasy doesn't have to add up or make sense. A nightmare on elm street was actually an influence in Yasha Kumo. I wasn't going for a tour-de-force here. I was going for a fun story about a spider demon that meets an unlikely hero. You seriously need to write a spider story my friend. I would LOVE to read it and see just how much of a superior author you are. Make it set in modern times and see if you can get it past the first prey ;)
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