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"Daddy please don't go!" Jennifer begged her father as he put on his coat.  Kumo had sent out many invitations for the conference and demanded all parents be present.  He sighed and smiled warmly at his daughter.

"Honey, your father and I have to go.  We can talk about this spider demon thing later" Jennifer's mother said warmly and leaned over kissing Jennifer's forehead.  

Jennifer sighed and looked up at her beloved parents, clenching a fist.  She didn't know what her nemesis had up her silk sleeve but she knew it couldn't be good.  The young teen rushed to the window to watch her parents warmly blow a kiss at her and drive off towards the school.  

"Now is my chance" Jennifer said while hopping onto her laptop and pulling out the manga.

She knew her parents didn't believe her of the atrocious crimes that Yasha Kumo was committing.  The worried teen flipped through page after page of the manga, looking carefully at all details of the art.  She cringed at the thought of that thing wrapping her sticky silk around her body and injecting her with acids.  Jennifer's life was what she feared the most, a horror movie and no sign of a hero.  

"Tim, why do you think Jennifer is so upset about her teacher?" Jennifer's mother asked her husband while they drove slowly down the road.

"Well Clara, I think she has been hanging around Tom and those stupid scary movies too much" the father responded while taking a smoke from his pipe.  

"I know dear, but something about this whole thing scares me.  You and the men at work have been acting rather strange" Clara replied while looking down with a blush.

"Honey, we can talk about this later." The father replied while they pulled into the parking lot.

The multitude of parents leaving their cars was great for such a small town.  The few neighborhoods that made up the small town made it so almost everyone knew everyone else.  They saw the Wilsons with their daughter Piper, the Smiths with their son Isaac, and even the Chis with their middle school aged daughter Sakura.
Yasha Kumo rubbed her hands and licked her lips in the mirror of the cellar bathroom.  Her eyes slowly changed back from the red, evil glow back to the soft tender blue of her former prey.  She moved her hands up and down her body and blouse, enjoying every curve and sensual detail of her prey's stolen form.   Her long black hair shined in the florescent light as she reached into her purse and found a lush, red lipstick that she started to apply.  

"MMMM MMMMPH!!" the sound of her prey in the larder was intoxicating to her.  She loved to hear the doomed cry out for mercy and the thought of their DNA entering her made her quiver in excitement.  With one last final look at herself she decided she was ready for the parents and left the bathroom.  In the larder the bundle of girls near the boiler were struggling hard .Their cries were out of fear and pain at the feeling of Kumo's tight, sticky bindings around their form compressing their breasts and pushing them closer and closer together.  

"MMMPH" Heather cried out in her sack as she watched the green spheres pulsate just behind her with Tara wriggling on her own after Kumo had separated the webbed bundle into easy, manageable cocoons.  

"Ah, it appears my children are just about ready for their first meal" Kumo said in the open door way of her larder and to the terror of her unwilling preys.  
"MMMPH?" Chelsea asked as she looked up and struggled with her shoulders wriggling side to side while still trying to escape the tight bindings that wrapped around her.  
Kumo slowly walked over to her first egg and caressed it.  
"Yess, my child you sense the soft tender flesh I have provided" Kumo said while wrapping her hands around the egg and bringing it close to her chest.  
"I know just what to do with you my sweet" she said as she walked over to the struggling man in the larder.

She giggled a bit and placed the egg down below Chris whose eyes widened in terror.  Kumo grinned as she reached out and stroke his chest slowly.  He seemed strangely calm by this as she rubbed slowly.  The other prey in the larder hung their heads in defeat knowing that they would bear witness to their inevitable fate at any time.  
"That's right my sweet man, my babies will feast on you first." She said while reaching under her and attaching a sticky tether of silk from his chest and around that of her egg to secure it and give the spiderling a free ride to their first meal.
Kumo placed her hand on Tara's side and rubbed slowly.  Tara's eyes closed tighter and tears streamed down her cheeks as she knew what that touch was.  That was the touch of the next prey in the larder that would soon feel the bite of Kumo's fangs and the digestive acid.  

"MMM MMMPH" she cried out in fear and panic, shaking her head from side to side in protest.

"That's right my sweet prey, you will be selected to feed me next," Kumo said while licking her lips and grinning in anticipation of her next meal.

Kumo drooled a bit as she reached for Tara. The struggling girl's protests and cries for help were muffled and quite as the sticky cocoon that was wrapped tightly around her form continued to hold her in place.  The evil spider demon reached under her skirt and pulled more sticky silk from her spinnerets, flicking it onto her helpless form as the girl continued to struggle and wriggle.

"MMMM PMMMMPH!!" Tara cried out as loud as she could before more silk was applied to her mouth and around her forehead.  

Kumo looked down at her squirming bundle of silk and grinned as she slowly spun the girl, coating more and more of her form in sticky white.  Tara's eyes shut tight as she struggled with all her might only to find more silk applied to her form rendering her helpless.  The long spindly legs of the demon poked and turned Tara with more silk wrapping around her forehead, pulling back her hair and slowly going towards her eyes.  
Tara's eyes darted around the room, looking for anyone or anything that could save her of her fate.  Kumo's eyes turned bright red again and her mouth slowly opened with her fangs beading with venom and slowly leaning towards her struggling prey.  Tara's final muffled cry for help came more like a whimper with the sight of the spider demon getting closer and the silk wrapping around her eyes, sealing them shut for the final feeding.  She gulped hard and closed her eyes waiting for the sharp fangs to pierce through.  The hot breath of Kumo was felt on her exposed cheeks as she started to pray for salvation.  To the disappointment of Kumo her watch alarm went off and she sighed with anger.

"It's time for my speech" she hissed as she picked on the bundle of silk and sprayed a sticky coating on the ground to hold her in place.  

Tara's eyes slowly opened to the sticky blind fold that rendered her blind and docile with the everlasting dread of those sharp fangs piercing her flesh that would be delayed.  Kumo looked down at the bundle of silk and tore off her blindfold and grinned.  
"MMMPH?" Tara asked weakly as she looked up to her captor in confusion of why her insides weren't turned to mush yet.

"I will have to save you as an after school special but for now I must go" Tara sighed with relief as she waited for Kumo to leave.  

As the clever spider demon left the larder she looked back at her captives and picked up a chest full of her new eggs.  The prey continued their struggles anew as they knew it would be just a matter of time before she would return to them for dinner.

The group of parents crowded into the class room of the Biology department.  Each parent sat in the desk of their son or daughter with some of the students present.  Clara sat down at her daughter's desk with her long brown hair falling straight down and some over her shoulders.  Bright green eyes and lush red lipstick completed her face while wearing a navy blue blouse and a pair of tight blue jeans.  She felt like she was a kid again as she blushed with her love standing over her and placing his warm hand on her shoulder for support.  He looked down at her with a warm smile.  

Kumo slowly made her way to the class room while her spider legs combined and folded under her blue skirt with the two front legs forming human legs.  Her stomach growled as she thought about all the delicious snacks that would be available to her in the upcoming days.  The eggs she was holding slowly pulsated and she smiled warmly like a proud mother holding a new born.  With the last of her spider form sinking into her with the abdomen splitting and creating her firm butt, kumo reached the room with her awaiting audience.  
As she entered the room all the men stood attention and smiled with warm grins coming across their faces.  

The unsuspecting wives felt an uneasy feeling in their stomachs with their husbands turning unresponsive.  Clara looked up at her husband and she felt his hand leaving her shoulder and his mouth slowly opening as though he was a panting.  
Kumo's slow, sensual walk with her hips swinging to and fro drove their hearts wild as she finally reached her desk and sat down slowly.  

In the larder Chris looked over at the bundle of Tara and the surrounding woman and smiled under his gag.  Being alone with Tara was something he had dreamed about for years, let alone the other entire smoking hot woman that filled the larder.  He struggled mildly only to find the egg below him starting to pulsate and respond to the natural urges that he was feeling.  It started to crack with a small, spindly leg coming forth but stopping.  

"MMMPH?" Tara tried to look up to see why Chris's face turned white with fear as she finally heard the gentle clicking of the spiderling's fangs.

"MMM MMMPH!!" Chris and Tara both screamed out as the spiderling started to climb the silk tether that its mother left behind so thoughtfully with a squirmy meat sack at the end.  
The spider ling made it to his chest and started to run around him, wrapping a tight sticky ribbon of silk out of instinct before the spiderling suddenly stopped.  To their amazement it suddenly started to fall with a silk tether slowing its descent.  He looked down and saw it slowly moving its legs together in a tight curl.  Tara struggled with her shoulders moving from side to side at the sight of the creature landing next to her.  Her eyes widened in terror.

Kumo sat at her desk and placed her long leg over the other in a cross and placed the eggs on the desk.  She looked over at the mass or parents and grinned.

"Hello, and thank you all for coming tonight" she began as she eyed all the potential prey in the room.

"I am Yasha, Yasha Kumo and I have had the pleasure of meeting your daughters and showing them all about the web of life" she began to explain as the men hung on every word while the women smiled awkwardly.

"Now then, I have called you all in here tonight because I have a little extra credit assignment for your daughters" she began before an angry mother with long red hair stood up and slammed her fist into the desk.

"Oh my, such fight in you my sweet" Kumo said with a gasp and placed her hand over her chest.
The woman growled and stood her ground with her husband completely out of state and mind and her daughter trying to hold her down.

"You, what have you done with my Tara and Josephine!" she shouted loudly as her daughter with long red hair and green eyes blushed.
"Mom, stop you are embarrassing us" she said in a low tone.
"My Tara and Josephine all never came home from school" The angry woman shouted with tears falling down her cheeks.

Kumo smiled warmly and placed her hands behind her own head and closed her eyes.  Piper watched in disbelief as her teacher started to rub her stomach slowly and giggled.  

"Why your children were just hanging around school for extra credit" Kumo said with a sly grin.
"You will be seeing your children soon my dear but maybe you should take your lizard egg with you and go" she said with a smile as she gestured her husband to step forward.  
Like a man possessed he walked towards the seductive school mistress and grinned as he reached down and picked up their egg.

"Come dear, lets go home. I think Piper needs to get better acquainted with her teacher in private" he said in a slow mumble as he too gestured his wife to go with him.

"John I..." she began before her husband placed his hand over her mouth and took her outside the class room.

Kumo grinned as she sat back down with her legs crossed.  Clara's hairs stood on the back of her head and looked around a bit nervously before noticing a cabinet of chemicals in the corner.  She looked closer and noticed several vials missing.

"Now as I was saying, these are my special lizard eggs.  You are to take them home and let your daughters incubate and observe their growth" she explained as she slowly rubbed the egg like a precious jewel.

Clara raised her hand as she sat in the desk with her eye brow raised.  Kumo looked around the room after putting her egg back down and grinned.

"Why yes my sweet woman what is the problem?" she asked with a warm smile as the men in the room looked at her as though ready to attack.

"Yes, Ms. Kumo I would like to know why you only want the daughters of our children to watch over these eggs" she asked while the rest of the women in the room looked around at each other and bit their lip.

Kumo sighed and let out another sly grin.

"Why, this is a mothering exercise.  I want to see if your daughters would make good parents" she explained as Clara stood up with her hands folded behind her and walked to the chemical closet.

Kumo tilted her head a bit as she watched the young woman open the cabinet and look around.  

"Miss, what are you doing in my chemicals?" Kumo asked in a bit of a concerning tone.

Clara smiled warmly and looked over the bottles.  

"There seems to be some missing.  I don't see any testosterone here.  My company just shipped your school a fresh supply for an experiment about a week before you came" Clara explained in confusion.
Kumo removed her glasses and placed her fingers in them rubbing slowly.  She uncrossed her legs and sighed.  

"I am sorry but those containers were broken when Tara ran into the cabinet during last week's experiments" she explained while the other women in the room laughed.

Clara's faced turned scarlet with embarrassment and she walked over grabbing the green egg from the desk.  
"Come husband we are leaving!" Clara said in a stutter as Kumo asked the rest of the parents to come forth and pick up their eggs.

Jennifer continued her search with more and more information about spider demons and driders being made available to her.  She came across many myths about evil succubus taking people into their homes and wrapping them into tight cocoons and sucking them dry.  The more she read the more scared she felt knowing that she had yet to find any weaknesses in these terrible creatures.

"There has to be something I can use!" she said in frustration as she came across some old forums about role playing as sexy spider women and found a common term.  

The spider woman only ate the woman in the role plays and seems to never capture and eat the males unless they were of the same species.  She jumped on You Tube and watched the black widow and how it would spin a complex sticky web.  Jennifer clicked again to find a bolas spider with how it could use pheromones to lure its prey into a deadly embrace.  She felt she was on the verge of discovery when all of a sudden her cell phone rang.  She jumped and saw the call was coming from her friend Piper.
Piper was in the stall of the bathroom and seemed to be rather afraid.  Her words were jumbled and she seemed to be out of breath.

"J Jen listen something really weird is going on" she began to whimper as the sound of her breathing became more and more labored.
Jennifer tried to calm her friend down the best she could but Piper continued to whimper and cry before suddenly the stall door opened and Piper dropped her phone.  There before her stood Yasha Kumo with her hands at her side and a large grin across her face.

"Hello Piper, welcome to my lair" she said with a small hiss followed up with Piper's scream.

"Piper!  Piper what is going on?" Jennifer demanded to know as she held her phone close to her with her eyes going wide.

"I Its Kumo, she is going tmmmphphh" Piper said before Kumo's laugh was heard.  

Jennifer stood up in shock at the sound of another one of her friends being captured.  Kumo licked her lips and placed her human hand over Piper's mouth to silence her.

"MMM MMPH!" Piper screamed as loud as she could while trying to reach for her cell phone only for Kumo to reach under her skirt and pull out a sticky ribbon of silk and place it around her wrist and moving it to her side and behind her back.

Jennifer's breathing became labored as she heard the squirming and crying of Piper.  Kumo laughed while using a demonic hiss that chilled both prey and Jennifer to the bone.  The spider demon moved her spider legs to below her and wrapped a sticky bunch of thread around Piper's ankles as she finally let her go with the sight of the cell phone.  

Piper slowly fell to the ground as she caught herself with one hand and started her crawl for the cell phone.  Kumo laughed at the sight of her prey's struggles while she held a sticky tether that was wrapped around her prey's ankles.  
"Yes, struggle, cry out and squirm" she hissed as Piper scream another scream before being pulled under the spider demon with its legs fully extended to support her weight and a large, bulbous abdomen with spinnerets coating her legs with silk.

"Jennifer, Help!" she screamed again before Kumo stopped wrapping the silk around her prey's knees for a moment.

"Jennifer? That is who you have on the phone?" she asked while looking at the phone and grinning picking up the phone and pressing speaker phone.

"W what are you doing?" Piper asked while starting to struggle harder and move her free arm to the sticky silk around her ankles.

"mmm, hello my sweet moth that got away" Kumo said into the cell phone.

Jennifer remained silent with all but her heavy breathing letting Kumo and Piper know she was even still on the line.  Piper bucked and moved her shoulders back and forth to try to dislodge the sticky threads but found that the more she tugged against the silk the tighter it held.  Piper noticed the creature was preoccupied but still had a firm grip on her sticky leash as she continued to shout for help.

"Your parents are gone my tasty fly" Kumo said back to Piper.  
"They are all gone, leaving you to stay behind for extra credit" she finished before Jennifer finally screamed into the phone Piper's name.

"Ah, so you are there.  Good I want you to hear everything I am about to do to your friend" Kumo said with an evil grin as she slowly pulled Piper in closer to her.

"N No let me go!" Piper screamed as her tears stained her cheeks.

Jennifer clinched her fist and saved her notes before shutting the laptop and growly.

"W why?" Jennifer asked below her breath.

Piper felt the long spindly leg gripping her hips with another sticky thread wrapping tightly around her arms and just below her breasts.  Kumo paid no attention to the phone as her focus was now on her prey with another sticky ribbon of silk wrapping around her arms and pinning her upper arms to her side.  Piper's large breasts stood out to the delight of her captor and the horror reflected in her eyes.

"Piper... W Why are you doing this!" Jennifer shouted into her phone as her parents pulled into the drive way.

"J Jennmmmmph!!!" Piper shouted before Kumo placed a sticky wad of silk into her mouth and spread it over to secure a gag.

"MMMMPH MMPH!" Piper continued to scream into her gag as Kumo wrapped more silk around her mouth before her cries were brought to a low whimper followed by silence as she felt her long, red hair flapping in the breeze slowly being rotated around like a meat rotisserie.

Kumo moved her spinnerets and gripped her prey below her, letting out the occasional moan of delight as Piper spun around with the silk tightly overlapping around her arms and hips.  She looked down at her helpless prey as Piper cried out with her body struggling, bucking trying to get any purchase from the creature she could.  Jennifer's parents could be heard yelling at each other from downstairs but the frightened teen couldn't get her attention off Piper's situation no matter what she tried.  A mixture of muffled cries for help and the demonic laughter sent shivers down her spine.

Piper continued to spin around with the silk tightly overlapping around her thighs and knees with more silk coming at an almost endless supply.  She could barely feel herself struggling at the tight feeling of Kumo's sticky silk encasing her from shoes to chin with more layers overlapping with each rotation.  The spider demon grinned as she leaned in and quickly bit Piper's chest releasing a payload of paralyzing venoms.

"MMMMPH!!!" Piper screamed out in pain before she felt the warming sensation slowly take hold.

Kumo drooled over her fresh catch as she placed Piper's cocoon down on the ground.  Her prey's bucking started to slow down to the occasional wriggle with her shoulders moving from side to side with the tingling growing more and more.  The spider creature licked her lips and grew long, red hair with her green eyes slowly taking over Piper's form before picking up the phone.

"Jennifer, Jennifer are you still there?" Kumo asked while using her recent prey's voice.

Jennifer's eyes went wide and she cried in joy.

"Piper, oh Piper thank God you are ok!" she said as though not remembering the terror-filled moments just recent in memory.

With Jennifer smiling turning to a slow frown she heard the muffled cries of her friend behind her.

"You all taste so much better when you are afraid" Kumo said with a giggle while still imitating Piper's voice and hanging up the phone leaving Jennifer in a perminate state of shock and Kumo scooping up her latest addition to her growing larder.

Jennifer dropped her phone as the sound of dead air filled her heart with dread.  Kumo returned to the larder and slowly turned the door handle to the sound of the muffled cries for help that always made her happy.  She walked into the larder and smiled.

"Ah yes, I think you will be perfect here" she said while picking up Tara's cocoon and placed her back to back wrapping a few sticky ribbons of silk around them to further secure them together.

"MMMMPH!" Tara cried out in fear as Piper as added to her cocoon and suspended in the air as Kumo suddenly stopped.

"W what happened!" she said in a sudden change of mood from elation to shear despair at the sight of her spiderling lying with its legs curled.

She cried out and placed her hands over her eyes before she felt sick to her stomach.  
"By Loth, what is that wretched smell!" she said while trying not to gag.  

Chris looked at her with terror as he tried to squirm and struggle.  Kumo looked up at him and gave a disgusted look on her face.  
"You sick ape!" she said angrily as she grabbed his cocoon and tossed him to the ground in anger.  

"mmmph!?" Chris looked up at her in confusion at the sight of Kumo changing from a human form and her woman curves changing into a large thorax with two large fangs the size of his head came forth and her spider legs growing even larger than before.

"You and your sick male hormones!  It killed my baby!" She hissed as she grabbed him and pulled him out of the larder and into the open cellar.  

Chris tried to squirm the best he could but soon felt a tight ribbon of silk wrapping around his eyes and more around his nose and mouth.

"MMMPH!" he cried out as Kumo's anger reached a climax and she started to rigorously spin him faster and harder.

She spun him lacing more and more thick silk around his form with his body feeling tighter and tighter with his breathing increasing in speed with his chest rising and falling quickly.  Kumo's spider form continued to wrap him in layer after layer of more silk.  He couldn't even move a muscle with more silk adding to his weight as Chris felt more of his body compressing with the sound of his joints creaking and the thoughts of fear going through his mind.  With another tight ribbon wrapping around his face he felt his breathing starting to become labored with all his airways closed off with layers upon layers of sticky thick silk blocking.  His lungs had trouble expanding with the added weight of the silk and a few air sacks rupturing under the pressure as though being constricted.

All he could think about is how much he longed for the venom to take his pain away but he only received another layer of silk before his mind started to race to a recent news article about a new species of spider called the Ulobrorid.  It was a fascinating article about how a spider would wrap its prey in over one hundred and forty meters of silk before the prey would be crushed under the weight of its only silk.  His lungs failed to expand any further and he gasped for air as Kumo finally stopped spinning with her victim firmly encased in several layers of suffocating silk.  He gasped and longed for air as he finally started to get light headed and slowly faded into the darkness.  
Kumo sighed as she slowly formed back into her former self with Chris encased in an air-tight container.  She hissed with a final moment of sorrow as she held onto his cocoon and tossed him into a room with several skeletons.  

"So long sick ape, don't worry about Tara I will take good care of them all" Kumo said with a laugh, shutting the door behind her and waiting for the biggest mistake she made to slowly fade from her memory and this earth.
After nearly a year and the constant encouragement from a close, and dear friend :iconlady-of-mud: Kumo 7 is here! Please enjoy
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Oh, almost forgot: I smiled about Kumo calling out to Loth. I've just recently dug out the dark elf trilogy again and that name brings so many memories...
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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well, there is more to the story but that will be all explained later ;)
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I just loved this chapter Snake!! Such a clever plan Miss Kumo has for all the female students. X3

I'd say more about what I enjoyed but then this comment would be full of spoilers ^^;

Wonderful work! X3
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