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Kumo gagged as she continued to smell the remaining male stench as she reached her lair.  The spider woman looked back at the door and shuddered at the thought of him infecting the larder she had worked so hard to prepare.  Even the very silk that laced the door seemed to retain the hormone.  "Filthy man, even now I can't stand the…" she began as she tried to change back into her human form finding only one spider leg able to fold together and resemble a deformed human hand.  She looked at her body and hissed.  

"I can't go out like this" she hissed as she tried again to change back to her sexy teacher form before realizing she was only able to retain her full true form.  A large bulbous abdomen, connected to a thorax with 6 spindly legs protruding from her side, pulsated and sprayed silk around the room as though almost controlled by itself as she felt the sticky silk spraying at her feet, nearly trapping herself.
"Damn, that ape" she said bitterly as she struggled and grunted at the feeling of her own sticky silk used against her.
She knew that the male hormone was dangerous but she never had encountered this sickness for long periods of time.  Kumo hissed as she grabbed a ribbon of silk and swung to the door where the source of the infection was.  She moved her spinnerets with massaging motion, coating the cracks and hinges with layers upon layers of silk.  Sweat poured down her face with her red eyes being stung by the salt.  The door frame was layered and laced with her stickiest and thickest silk she could produce before she felt her human arms starting to reform while she placed her hands on her thorax rubbing.

Once again her long, raven hair and warm eyes returned with the abdomen shrinking to a more manageable size under her skirt.  She panted and moaned as she looked back to see her work.  The door was encased in shimmering white silk and covered every crack and hinge to prevent any further leaks.  She turned around and started to walk back to the larder only to trip on her feet, like some clumsy fool.  

"How could this happen?" she hissed as she looked down to see the tightly, woven silk bindings that encased her own human ankles and knees.  

Her eyes went bright red in anger as she reached with her human hands and tore the silk into pieces, freeing herself of her own sticky prison.  Kumo slowly stood up and took a deep breath before looking ahead at the larder.  She felt her stomach turning at the thought of her prey being susceptible to that horrible infection.  Wiping the sweat from her brow she slowly turned the door to her larder to the wonderful muffled cries of fear of her captives.  

Chelsea closed her eyes as she tried to adjust to the sudden blinding light as the sexy teacher swaggered in.  She took a deep breath and suddenly started to gag and cough.  Her eyes went red and she felt her spider legs returning to her thorax with her abdomen growing larger and larger.  Heather moved her head away from the site of the beast as she screamed into her gag at the terror of the sight of Yasha Kumo and her true monstrous form.  

"MMMMPHHP!!" Piper cried out as she looked at Kumo standing alone and without Chris.  They could only ponder what fate had in store for them as this creature hissed and sprayed the larder with more silk as though she had lost complete control.
Kumo hissed and quickly grabbed Piper and her attached friend wrapping another layer of silk around their squirming cocoon.  The girl's long hair flapped in the breeze as the creature of their nightmares wrapped more and more silk around their figure with the silk rising to their nose and eyes.  A single tear feel from Piper's eye as she knew that her time had come and soon she would be nothing more than the masticated remains of the cocoons that littered the larder.  

With another rotation the creature started to slow down and Piper could feel her hair started to become wet as the drool of the creature flowed over their cocoon.

"MMMPH…." She cried out with the only thoughts of her parents never knowing what became of their daughter and the warm and bright future with her boyfriend would never happen.  

"Itssss nottt ttime" Kumo hissed before suddenly dropping the cocoon to the shock of the prey that bounced gently onto the ground below with the silk reflecting off the fire's furnace.  

"mmmph?" Tara said to herself as she opened on eye to see the half spider half teacher standing over them and slowly changing back to the human form that had taught them the beauty of spiders and insects for the semester.  

Kumo panted and dropped to her knees before reaching under self and pulling a thick ribbon of silk from her spinnerets and moved it to her own mouth and nose.  She took a deep breath and wrapped it tightly over her mouth and nose like a western bandit.   Sam and Chelsea both looked at each other in surprise at the sight of their captor gagging herself.  Kumo sighed in relief as she looked down at the bundle of silk that was at her feet and giggled.  

"It's time to do a little house cleaning" she said to herself as she picked up the bundle of Tara and Piper and drug them out of the storage room and into the large hall that connected the stair well and her old larder.  

"Out with the old and in with the new" she said with a grin as she grabbed the cocoon and placed their backs to the wall letting them stick to the silk that her monstrous form had so generously coated it while she was unable to retain her human form.

"MMMMPH" Chelsea cried out into her gag as she moved her head from side to side trying to get any freedom she could in her prison.  Kumo returned to her larder and grinned as she looked at her favorite prey.

"Shh quiet my sweet moth.  I am not going to devour you yet" she said with a giggle as she pulled her down from the wall and cradled her in her arms.  
Kumo continued to clear out her larder of all prey and infected eggs before she stopped and grinned at her new larder.  The prey looked down in defeat as all they could do was waiting for their time to come.  

"Don't worry my sweet tasty girls.  Once the infection has cleared out you will return to where you belong.  On my dinner table" Kumo said with a licking of her lips and an evil grin.
"The nerve of the woman!" Clara said in frustration as she crossed her arms and looked at the passing street lights.

Her husband nodded slowly but maintained his composure.  His eyes were unblinking and seemed distant as though he were just going with the motions.  Clara looked out her car window and sighed.  

"Tim, why didn't you do anything?  That woman just insulted me and you stood by" she said with a tear going down her cheek.

"Yes, dear" was Tim's only response as he smiled warmly and looked ahead.

"Hello… Earth to husband" Clara said while waiving her hand in front of her husband's face.

Tim continued to stare straight ahead and smiled.  Clara shuddered a bit as she looked into her husband' eyes.  They were cold, empty as though he was there but not all the way there.  She bit her lip and tried to lean over to kiss her husband before the car pulled into the drive way.  Screams and cries were heard from Jennifer's room as she rocked back and forth, in a fetal position.   Her phone was still open on the ground with the sound of silence and no more.  Her friend was taken away and she could no longer grasp the thought of this creature actually getting away with her horrible feasting.  

Clara's kiss was stopped as Tim moved out the car and walked towards the house with Clara tipping over on the driver's side of the car and the pulsating green orb in the back seat.  She grit her teeth and reached for the orb picking it up.  Tim looked at his keys and moved to unlock the front door of their happy home.   His calm and collected fingers had no trouble opening the lock with his wife exiting the car, griping the orb in her arms.  

"Tim, darling I think we need to..." she began before she heard the terrified screams of her daughter inside the house.

Like an angry mother bear, she ran to the door and shoved the orb into the hands of her dense husband.  She sprinted up the stairs and shoved open the door of her daughter's room trying to see what has hurt her precious offspring.  

"Jennifer what's wrong?" she asked now seeing her daughter on her bed, rocking back and forth.  
Jennifer didn't utter any words, her pupils were extremely small and she flinched at the feeling of her mother's warm touch on her bar shoulder.

"P Piper... Piper Oh God No!" she shouted as she grabbed her mother and brought her close in a tight hug with her tears streaming down her cheeks and wetting both her mother's and her own breasts.
"ssssh, honey its ok, I am here" her mother tried to reassure her, still unsure of why her usually strong daughter was rendered into a sniveling emotional wreck.  
"It took her.  I I couldn't do anything mom.  Kumo it ate her!" she cried out now even hugging tighter as though trying to alleviate her pain and suffering.

"That is impossible Jennifer, I just got back from speaking with that woman" Her mother replied before her daughter pushed her away and hissed.

"You must be one of them..." she said angrily as she backed herself towards a corner finding her back against the wall.
Clara smiled warmly at her daughter and reached out towards to offer comfort.  "Jennifer" she began before Jennifer covered her head in protection and shied away.

"Tim, get in here now!" She yelled at her husband as she pulled her hand back and sat on the bed.
Tim smiled warmly as he held the orb in his arms and looked at Jennifer in the corner.

"No!!!!!" Jennifer screamed at the top of her lungs at the site of the pulsating orb that her loving father held in his arms.  
He frowned and sighed looking at his wife and frightened daughter.  

"Honey, I think you may need to go away for a while.  In the morning I will call Dr. Shrenich and he will let you stay in the nice padded room for the weekend.  Doesn't that sound wonderful?" he asked to the shock of his wife and the anger of his daughter.

"You idiot.  I am not insane.  I know what I saw.  I know what I heard!" Jennifer screamed at her father to only for her mother to rush to her aid and wrap her arms around her in a tight embrace.

"Jennifer! Enough is enough!" she said with eyes full of tears.  
Jennifer slowly placed her hand on cheek and cried.  

"I I am not insane…" she said as her mother looked at her in disbelief.

Tim placed the orb on the computer desk and walked towards his wife.  With another warm smile and almost laugh he placed his hand on her shoulder and rubbed.  "You know love, we should let her relax.  Tomorrow we will worry about her but tonight we have plans" he said with a grin looking down at her and moving his eye brows up and down.
"Not tonight honey, can't you see our daughter..." she began before her husband leaned over and nibbled on her hear and whispered a playful banter, changing her mood from sorrow to excitement

Jennifer tilted her head at the sudden lack of compassion seen by her father.  She knew Kumo could take many forms and wasn't sure what plans he had for her mother.  Clara looked back at her playful husband and frowned.  

"Dear I think maybe we should let Jennifer spend the night with Tara tonight" she said, completely oblivious to the fact that her daughter's friend had not shown up to school for at least a few days.
Jennifer smiled slightly at the thought of spending the night safely in the comfort of friend's place but in her heart knew she would be walking into an empty home.  She finally nodded and walked past her father, feeling a slight uneasiness from his cold attitude about her peril.  
She sniffed and placed her hand to her mouth at the thought of what would become of her mother and him.  Jennifer walked to the closet and started to pack.

"Well, sweetheart.  That means we will be by ourselves for the evening" Tim said with a warm smile as he reached for his wife's hand.
Clara nodded with a cautious smile back and him and allowed her husband to lift her to her feet before pulling tightly on her wrist and leaning down to cradle her in her arms.  Clara blushed deeply at being, literally, swept off her own feet by the man she loved.  She reached over his arms and placed her head on his shoulder allowing Tim to carry her off.

"Jennifer, be packed and ready in 3 hours" He instructed his daughter as he winked at Clara resulting in her giggling like a school girl, almost forgetting the terrible emotion that their daughter just went though.  
The happy couple left the room with Jennifer reaching for her favorite night gown from the closet.  She stopped just shy of placing the gown in her suitcase when she looked to make sure her parents were gone, thinking quickly she ran to the door and locked it.  Jennifer placed her back to the door and slid down to the ground, going back into her state of sorry and fear.  She knew something was wrong with her father but he had been working so hard lately she didn't know it was stress or something else.  

Tim grinned as they reached their bed room and he used his foot to open the door with a kick.  Clara jumped in his arms a bit at the sudden violent action by her husband.  She had never felt such a turn on from him.  Tim was always minor mannered and very rarely shown any sign of aggression to anyone, let alone her.   He was a sweet and gentle soul but he had a secret desire that she found something she wanted to try for herself one day when he spotted Tim's side of the closet with a few rolls of tape and white bandana.
Her eyes gazed into his but his only had a cold, dead look.  She hadn't experienced him acting like this before and was a bit scared and excited to see what plans he had for her.  Jennifer picked up her phone and went through the contacts.  All her friends one by one hadn't answered her calls or text messages for days.  She felt alone and scared only having one last friend to call.  Jennifer picked up the phone to dial Kendra.  They weren't always the best of friends but she didn't know who else to talk to.

She bit her lip and dialed her number waiting for the ringing to start.  The friend's answer tone of Skillet's "It's Not Me It's You" played loudly, reminding her of the fact that she stole her boyfriend from her back in eighth grade.
"Hello, this is Kendra" a young woman with long strawberry blond hair pulled back into a pony tail with two large bangs on the side of her face that went down to her breasts answered the phone.

"Kendra, I it's Jennifer" she began to talk before hearing Kendra growl angrily into her phone.

"I know who it is you hussy, what in the hell do you want?" she said with a hiss to the sudden surprise of her once closest friend calling her.
"Kendra, I know we have had our differences but I noticed you seemed a bit more anxious in class a few days ago" Jennifer began as to break the ice and act generally concerned.
Kenda paused for a moment and sighed.  

"Tara and Misty haven't checked back with me in ages." Kendra said now walking out of her room and into her parent's room.
Jennifer sighed and smiled at the thought of not being fully alone in this situation after all.  Kendra opened the door and gasped suddenly as she felt something stop her movement, her phone still in hand as she struggled a bit.  

"Hey, what is this..." she whimpered as she moved her hands only to feel a sticky substance ooze and pull with her struggles resulting in the phone dropping and hovering a foot from the ground.  
"Kendra, Kendra what's wrong?" Jennifer asked now looking away from the computer desk and sitting on the bed.  
"I I don't know there is this sticky film that has my…" she began to speak before she screamed at the site of two wriggling cocoons on the bed with a creature hissing just above them.  

The two cocoons where different in size, one was about the same height as her and her twin sister Laura and the other was just a bit shorter resembling the figure of her mother.

"MMMMMPH MMMPH!" they both cried out as the creature ran around them, coating them with a thick layer of silk and reducing their struggles more and more.

"W what is that? It looks…" Kendra said in shock as she grunted and tried to reach for the light switch to get a bitter view of what was happening.  

Jennifer's eyes went wide at what she heard.  
Tim placed Clara on the bed gently and allowed her to lie down.  He grinned a bit as he moved to the door and locked it behind him looking at his wife with anticipation.  Clara blushed scarlet as she watched her husband walk to the closet where she had seen his tools of fun.  

"Love um, how about our safety word is Bingo?" Clara said with a giggle knowing what her husband had planned for her.

Tim didn't respond and instead of a warm smile his face was emotionless and cold.  He seemed to be a different person then Clara knew and loved.  She felt a little uneasy but at the same time curious of what he had planned for her.
He only nodded as he pulled out the first roll of tape and pulled it apart with his hands to start it.  Clara leaned up and giggled with a blush at the sight of the black tape in her husband's hand.  

"Kendra, Kendra is you there?" Jennifer asked still scared for what she heard as the phone only let out the occasional muffled cries of help from the other cocoon.

"G Get away from you stops MMMPH!!" Kendra cried out before she felt something sticky and wet wrapping tightly around her mouth and felt her arm pinned to her side with the creature's leg hitting the power button of the phone an resulting in Jennifer's conversation with her former best friend cut short.
Jennifer dropped her phone on the ground and looked around.  Her eyes went wide as she noticed the pulsating orb on her computer desk had disappeared.  She quickly jumped off the bed and let out a shocked gasp as she raced for the door only to see the nook laced with sticky webbing.

"Kumo… you coward!" she hissed angrily as knew at last what those orbs.
They were the offspring of her nemesis and she had to get out of the room and house as fast as she could.  The creature looked down while in the shadows at the bright, heat source and drooled a bit through its hollow fangs.  It descended from the corner and landed on Jennifer's back quickly sinking its fangs into the girl's back.
"Ah!" she screamed as she felt the bite of the creature at the back of her neck and she dropped to the ground.

Clara jumped at the sound of her daughter scream only to be grabbed by her husband and the first strip of tape wrapped tightly around her shoulder and around her arms.  She blushed at the feeling but her fear of her daughter started to slowly take over.

"Tim, Tim let me go!" she demanded as the felt her husband pulling the tape tighter and wrapping around her arms pinning her elbows to her side.

Tim's eyes were cold and glazed over, as though in a trance he moved the tape again tightly around Clara's hips and then overlapping around her arms more and more as she started to struggle against the bindings.

"Bingo! Bingo!" she shouted loudly now looking at her husband with a large amount of concern with her arms quickly being rendered useless by the overlapping tight tape.  

Jennifer's eyes fluttered a  bit as the creature reached under itself  and pulled out a thick ribbon of silk and wrapped it tightly around her ankles, pulling and overlapping the silk making sure her kicking feet would remained secure before reaching for another ribbon and wrapping it around her knees and back to her calves.  She moaned a bit as the complex cocktail of venom circulated in her system rendering her movements minimal at best.  She blinked again as she felt herself turned over and the creature on her chest wrapping tightly around her arms, pinning them to her side.

"MMMPH?" she moaned as she tried to open her mouth only to taste the sticky silk pressing her lips firmly together with the spider creature wrapping more and more around her arms.
Clara bucked and struggled under the tightening tape around her arms and hips before her husband leaned down and grabbed her leg.  She grunted and moved her shoulders from side to side before leaving her let back and striking her husband's side as hard as she could with a kick.  Tim flinched slightly but placed his arms around her kicking legs and started another role of tape, this time guerilla tape applied.

"Bingo Damn it!" she cursed at her husband who quickly wound the tape tightly around her ankles and calves, rendering her resistance useless.  
She bucked and struggled, moving her body from side to side as the sticky tape overlapped around her legs tighter and tighter.

"Tim, Tim wakes up… Please let me go!" she pleaded as her husband used the last of the strong guerilla tape around her legs and up to her hips.
Tim heard the last of the tape leave the role and he smoothed it over the overlapped strips to insure a hold.

"Mm mph?" Jennifer looked down to see her legs were coated in sticky white with even more being wrapped tightly around her arms and her long hair flapping in the breeze as the creature slowly rotated her around and around, adding to the already several layers of silk.  

She struggled and shifted from side to side with each rotation but felt the strong silk conform to her figure more and more.  Jennifer saw her phone going in and out of view as the small creature laced more ribbons of silk around her hips and arms.  She twitched her fingers and tried to buck but found herself suspended and helpless at the mercy of the spawn of Kumo.

"T Tim… Please, its me Clara.." Clara cried out to her husband as Tim sat on the bed next to her holding the white cloth and rubbed Clara's hair.
Tear weld in her eyes as Tim moved the cloth closer to her mouth.  She tried to turn her head but felt the silky undergarment inserted into her mouth with another strip of tape placed over it to seal her gag.

"MMMMPH MMMPH!" she cried out into her gag as Tim stood up and looked down at his helpless captive.

"Mistress Kumo, demands a gift" he whispered only for Clara to hear and for her to increase her struggles.

"MMMMPH!!" Jennifer screamed as she finally stopped spinning around the axis that suspended her by silk tether from one side of the room to another.  
The creature scuttled towards the window and with its long, spindly legs managed to pry open the window.  Jennifer growled as she bucked her body up and down trying to get some of the silk to break off of her and some success.  A few strands snapped but she could still see out the window.  Her eyes widened in absolute terror as she saw dozens of cocoons being drug out of their homes and the streetlights shining off the wriggling cocooned prey with the same creatures.

"MMMPH! MMMPH!!!!" she cried out loudly as the creature sprayed silk at the side of the windows to keep it up and went back for her.
Jennifer's head shook from side to side as she saw what fate had in store for her.  She was to join the other cocoons and right into the fangs of her evil teacher.  Her struggles continued more and more before the spider creature reached her and attached a web line to her back.  Jennifer swung in her cocoon as hard as she could, finally the last web lines broke and she crashed to the ground hard and to the splattering of green guts of the spider creature that had captured her.

"mmph?" she whimpered as the spindly legs of the creature twitched only slightly as she moved her body up and down one last time to firmly crush the creature under her own wait.

"MMMMPH MMMPH!" Clara continued to struggle and squirm as she felt her husband slide his arms under her and gently lift her off the bed and towards the closet.  
She looked at him still pleading for her life as he opened the closet and placed her inside followed by shutting the door.  Clara whimpered into her gag as she struggled in her bindings with the light fading slowly around her.
Jennifer looked around the room for anything she could use to free herself of the cocoon.  She panted heavily, trying to catch her breath.  Her large chest raised and lowered with her heart rate.  Thinking on her feet she rolled to the side of her pc desk and moved her body back and forth on the hard, wood edge.  She moved her arms up and down sawing away and feeling the strands of silk slowly breaking with each sawing motion and friction.

"MMMMPH!!" she growled at her bindings and worked faster and faster.  
At long last and struggles she felt the silk break from her arms and she could move her hands out of the tight bands of silk.  She clawed away at the cocoon, slowly cutting herself loose and finally kicking the remaining cocoon away from herself.
She stood up and grabbed the phone, dialing Kendra again.  The phone rang and rang but only Kendra's answering machine picked up, the disappointment of Jennifer.   She took a deep breath and hung up the phone.  

"Mom, Dad!" she yelled as she moved through her room, trying to avoid the sticky mesh of silk that was left behind by her former captor.
She moved her hand to the lock and pulled.  The door opened and she looked down the hall.  Her hallway was littered in sticky webs, laced with sticky glue and strong as Kevlar.  Jennifer placed her hand on her mouth and then grit her teeth forming a fist with her hand.

"Kumo… you must be stopped" she said to herself.

Jennifer moved carefully through the hallway, avoiding all the sticky traps left behind before finally reaching her parent's bed room at the end of the hallway.

"Mom… Dad?" she asked with her slowly opening the door.

"Mom… Dammmmph?" she squeaked as she felt her mouth covered by her father's hand and him laughing.

"Two gifts for my mistress.  I will be well rewarded!" he said while trying to get a better grip on his daughter.

"MMMPH!" Jennifer growled before slamming her elbow into the grown of her, once loving, father.

Tim quickly released his grip on her and felt himself falling to the ground in a cry of pain.  

"Father, where is Mom?" Jennifer screamed before Tim quickly rose to his feet and growled like a wild beast before quickly running at his beloved daughter.

"Damn.. Not you too!" Jennifer shouted in terror as she sprinted back to the hallway with her father in hot pursuit.  
She dove under the webs and looked back to see her father struggling and brought to a halt by the invisible lines of silk.  He waived his arms wildly towards her, trying to reach out and pull her to him.  The more he struggled and squirmed the more the silk lines entangled him further.

"Father… please don't make me do this" Jennifer said sweetly to herself still very conflicted at the thought of her family turning against her.
"Mistress Kumo demands prey!" The father responded with his mouth drooling uncontrollably  still struggling and reaching for his prize.
Jennifer crawled on her hands and knees past her father's grasp.  

"Daddy…" she said with a tear going down her cheek as she reached her arms around his chest and hugged him tightly.  "I'm sorry" she finished before turning him and letting the web do the work.  The silk wrapped tightly around his arms, pinning one of them to his side and his kicking feet.  The more she turned him the more the silk broke off and added to his own binding.

"Jennifer… my daughter please… Mistress Kumo demands prey" he said sweetly, changing his tone from rage to that of depression.
Jennifer backed up and reached his bed room, quickly slamming the door behind her and panting heavily.

"mmmph…" cries where heard in the closet.

Jennifer placed her hand to her chest; her body was still a bit sticky from her cocoon but not enough to impede her movements.

"M Mom?" she asked cautiously with a flick of the light switch.

"MMMMPH!" another cry was heard from the closet.
Jennifer rushed to the closet and opened it.  She looked down and gasped at the sight of a tight, black cocoon.  

"Mom!" she shouted as she leaned down and pulled the tape off her mother's mouth and reached in to remove the panty gag.
Clara coughed and whimpered in her bindings before taking a deep breath.

"Tim... Your father isn't…" she began before Jennifer got up and quickly ran for the night stand to grab a pair of scissors.

"Your father went crazy; he said something about prey for a mistress..."  The panicked mother cried while still struggling.
"Mother I know I had to take care of him" Jennifer said while she started to cut the layers of tape away from her mother.

"Mom, tell me everything that happened at the conference" Jennifer said with a frown and grit teeth as she worked away at her mother's cocoon.

"Your teacher acted weird and for some reason the testosterone hormone wasn't in her chemistry set" her mother explained while her daughter continued to cut away at the sticky tape, finally freeing her arms.

Clara reached up to her daughter and quickly grabbed her, bringing her into a tight hug.

"Honey, I am so sorry I didn't listen.  Please tell me everything" she said softly.
Kumo's evil plan had finally come in this exciting chapter of my new chapter of Yasha Kumo! Please enjoy and I feel I should warn you. There is a little language in the story line but I felt it was necessary in order to support the story.
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Thank you, that was actually my goal. Amongst all the chaos and hell surrounding her I wanted to instill a feeling of horror and dread as well as the shock of even the ones you love are turning against you. I am glad you enjoyed that chapter and you are reaching closer to the end of the story^^
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Very nice. I can't wait to see what happens next. Excellent work Sensei ^^
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aww, thank you^^ glad you enjoyed the climax of the story
johner2 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Loved it :P. Nice escape by the heroine of the story and freedom from the silken cocoon. Also i loved the mother being taped mummified :D :P.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL, thanks. I had a feeling people might like that added in but that was my plan to start with :P
kempman17 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So now the spiders attack the town with the aid of the male population. I have to admit, that is pretty creative. Congrats.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I was sort of dropping hints through out the story line that this would happen^^ Glad you enjoyed it.
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