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Sam and the prey all weakly looked at one another.  They wondered who would be next to feed the evil creature.  Sam’s head was limp with all hope lost as she remained webbed to the wall with the few remaining prey left.  She knew in her heart that she was the oldest one to be captured and she wanted the nightmare to end.  Yasha Kumo returned from her conference with two fresh prey all wrapped up and ready for dinner.  Tiny bite marks at their collar bone was all that was needed to administer the venom needed to bring their resistance to a halt.  The evil spider demon drooled with anticipation at the thought of her newest gifts to the larder.  

Kumo had fully returned to her sexy teacher form complete with glasses and two legs.  She swaggered as she walked, dragging behind the last of her catch.  

“MMMMPH!” Heather cried out as she hung suspended from the new larder while still struggling as hard as she could.

“mmmm, still have some fight in you do you?” Kumo asked as she dropped off the last two cocoons and sprayed a quick thread of silk over their limp, unconscious cocoons.

Heather’s eyes showed a look of determination and defiance.  She looked at Kumo and growled angrily through her gag as she rocked her body from side to side.  Kumo reached under herself and pulled out a sticky ribbon of silk and grinned.  With a smooth motion her spider leg rubbed Heather’s feet as she swayed too and froe in struggle.  She moaned and cooed as the sticky glue of the thread stuck to her cooling cocoon and pulled tight, forcing Heather’s cocoon to stretch and for her expression to change from defiance to a wince of pain.  Kumo looked up at Heather as she pulled the silk tightly and combed another sticky strand of silk from her spinnerets and added them to her anchor.  
“MMMMM MMPH!” Heather cried out as she felt her body stretch and forced her to stand straight up and down with the sticky silk anchoring her shoulders to the ceiling and now her feet to the ground.  

“British women always fascinated me.  They can be so defiant and yet you apply just a little pressure” Kumo said as she pulled on the silk forcing the cocoon to pull even tighter.  
“And they quickly realize they are not the masters any longer” she said with her fangs protruding from her mouth and dripping with venom.
“MMMMMPH!!!!” Heather replied in pain and fear as Kumo grabbed her side and pulled, bringing her mouth close to Heather’s abdomen.

Kumo licked her lips and slowly inserted her fangs into the side of Heather.  Her prey wriggled and squirmed at the sudden increase of pressure as she cried out for help.  Kumo giggled a bit as her prey struggled to get free of her grasp, knowing it was futile.  
“MMMMMPH…” Heather whelped in pain as the venom of the spider entered her blood stream and she felt her stomach growing warmer as though she had just had a cup of hot cocoa.  
Kumo’s fangs retracted and bit again, injecting more venom into the cocoon.  She moaned with delight as the cocooned girl continued her struggles only to finally go limp.  Heather’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she let out one last whimper. Kumo’s paralyzing venom was potent.  The once feisty young woman now slumped over as the silk held her cocoon in position.  Kumo grinned as she slowly closed her mouth.

“mmmm, such a delicate taste.  This almost was as good as when I devoured that knight’s daughter and tricked him to bring me his wife Elizabeth” she said with a look of satisfaction and combing another sticky ribbon of silk from under her ad flicking it onto Heather’s side before turning her slowly.  

Kumo’s abdomen moved from side to side as she slowly turned the black-haired beauty with her sticky silk overlapping on top of her old cocoon, thus reinforcing.  The threads weaved together and pulled tighter and tighter with each rotation with the girl’s hair slowly flowing by the sudden turns.  Heather’s tan skin slowly was replaced with shimmering white as the cocoon reinforced along her figure up to her chin with more silk wrapping tightly around her face, pinning her hair under the silk with a few spare strands escaping.  Slowly the mouth was wrapped tighter as another pass covered her eyes and forehead.  

Kumo finished turning her prey and swaggered up to her with her spider legs retracting back under her dress.  

“Since you wanted to get loose so bad I think I will have you for dinner this evening” she said while leaning in and licking the sticky strands of silk on Heather’s cheek.

“It will be like that glorious day so many centuries ago.  I always loved English food” she said with a grin as Tara looked up at the bundle of silk and cried out.

Kumo grinned as she slowly turned around to the beautiful blonde.  Licking her lips and rubbing her sides, her eyes met Tara’s and she smiled.  

“Don’t worry my sweet prey.  Your friend, Jennifer will no doubt be here soon to join us all for a lovely feast” she said with a bit of drool hanging from her mouth and wiping it away with her hand.

Tara shook her head from side to side as the spider demon reached for her struggling cocoon.  Tears flowed from her cheeks freely as she could barely struggle and could only hope that her fate would not be the same as the discarded remains of prey that littered the larder from the speed trap she was in.  

“Ok, let me get this straight.  Yasha Kumo is actually a spider demon and she has been taking over this town” Clara asked as Jennifer cut the last of the tap from her.

Jennifer sighed and nodded.  The muffled cries of her father and the strange quiet from outside really set in the atmosphere for her and her mother.  Clara and her were spared of a horrible fate for now but their fear had reached a staggering amount.  Jennifer slowly stood up and walked to the window, slowly pulling back the curtain.  She gasped and placed her soft hand to her mouth as she bared witness to the terrible chaos that had befallen her once, quiet home town.  

Across the street Mr. Lee had a squirming bag over his shoulder.  His eyes were cold, still in a business suit and tie as he walked out of his front door.  Jennifer looked closer as Mr. Lee turned around to see a woman’s figure struggling and pushing against the sides of the red bad as though he was Santa and she the toy.

“My God, Mom this is worse than I imagined” she said in disbelief as across her front lawn was one of the giant spiders dragging bundles of cocooned girls, still in their pajamas and wriggling to free themselves with all their might.

Clara slowly stood up and peaked through the window to join her daughter.  The scene was that of a bad B movie.  Dozens of spiders’ shinny exoskeletons shimmered by the passing street lights, each of them dragging unwilling prey.  
“MMMMPH MMMPH!!” muffled cries for help rang through the night with several door slammed open.

Husbands cradled their wives in their arms and made their way for the trunk of their cars.  One woman was still bucking and squirming hard as she begged her husband to let her go.

“John!  John…  Let me go!  Let me mmmph” she screamed as her husband leaned over and shoved a sock into her mouth and wrapped it tight with his belt, causing his pants to fall down as she leaned over to carry his bride like he did on the day of his wedding.

“This can’t be happening.  We have to do something!” Jennifer said as she shut the blinds of her window only to have a giant spider run across it, spreading sticky silk across the glass as though to mark the house as vacant of prey.  

The brood of Kumo continued to their rampage.  With each house empty another spiderling would wrap the windows and open doors with sticky silk.  The lights in the houses stayed lit as the prey willingly left their dwellings to enjoy an audience with Kumo.  Clara placed her hands on her face and cried.  

“I wish my husband was here, he… he would know what to do” she said as the muffled cries of her husband in the hall.

Jennifer grit her teeth and clenched her fist.  

“I am so close to finding her weakness” she said to herself in frustration, knowing that she might be too late.

Clara stopped crying for a moment and looked at her daughter.  Jennifer’s fist clenched so tight that it was turning red under the pressure.  Her heart broke for Jennifer and she felt terrible that she hadn’t listened to her before.

“Why now.  Why didn’t that freak catch all the people at the conference while they were still there” she asked herself before slowly releasing her grip.

Clara stood up with her mouth wide open and eyes wide as she had an epiphany.  

“Jennifer, what do you know about spider demons?” she asked while trying to not notice her husband’s struggles in the hallway.
“Lets see, I know that they can shape shift.  And according to the stories they usually prey on men who cheat on their husbands” Jennifer replied.

“No, that was just the Jorogumo” she said to herself and bit the tip of her thumb as she thought.
She sighed in frustration as the scuttling of the spiders outside continued.  Jennifer looked at her mother and joined in her sudden realization.

“Mom, didn’t you say there was no testosterone in the class room?” she asked while a look of eureka went across her face.  

Clara smiled warmly and nodded her head.  She had been wondering why it was removed but the thought slowly dawned on her.

“That’s her weakness” they both said in unison.

Jennifer ran to her mother and hugged her tightly as she could and smiled with excitement.  She had finally had the final clue that was needed to end this nightmare once and for all.  Jennifer slowly let go of her mother only for Clara to pull Jennifer tighter to herself.

“Jennifer, my office just got a truck of chemicals and hormones today.   You have done enough, let me take care of this.“ she began as she held her close.

Jennifer pushed back from her mother and shook her head.  

“Kumo wants me.  She told me I taste better when I am afraid” she said as she stood up from her mother.

“Take me to the office.  With my research and your chemicals we can kill that monster!” Jennifer said with excitement as she ran to her room, avoiding the sticky strands of silk and returning with a backpack and her laptop.

“I am all set” she exclaimed with a look of determination on her face.  

Clara stood up from her bed; she looked at her daughter and smiled.  

“Mmmmph” the husband said into his gag as the two entered the hall way where he struggled.

His eyes were still cold and in a daze.   Clara and Jennifer walked slowly past him and towards the stair way.   His struggles slowly rendered him exhausted as Clara passed him.  Her eyes looked up to his and she let a tear stream down her cheek.  He lunged himself towards her but the silk kept him from touching her.  She smiled warmly back and closed her eyes as she slowly leaned forward and kissed his cocooned lips.  She moaned and her leg lifted up as she enjoyed the feeling of the soft silk on her lips and thankful it wasn’t a gag for her.

“Come on Mom, we don’t have time for this!” Jennifer said while she grabbed her shoulder and pulled her away from the captured man.

“I will be back soon darling” she said with a wink as she was led down the stairs by her daughter.  

Jennifer and her mother reached the bottom of the stair way.  Outside they could still hear the muffled cries for help and the sound of the cars’ engines starting, no doubt containing the bound wives and daughters that the spiders had missed.   Clara paused for a moment and looked into the eyes of her determined daughter.  

“When we leave this house there will be no safety.  Those creatures will want to take us as well” she said with a tear rolling down her cheek.

Jennifer looked up at her mother and smiled.  Moving her hand towards her mother’s cheek, she sighed.

“Mom, I know.  What matters now is stopping that freak and nothing else” she said before reaching for the door handle.  

The muffled cries for help and car engines started to die down as Jennifer took a deep breath and turned the door knob.  The air was thick with fear and tension as the hairs on the back of the women’s’ necks stood on end.  She swallowed as the door slowly opened only to be stopped several strands of silk.  Jennifer pushed harder but the door only budged a few inches before retracting.  Outside the air was calm with not a sight of human inhabitance.  The streets were littered with stray dragline silk and various debris of the prey the spiders were carrying.  

Ringing cell phones and a stuffed teddy-bear laced with sticky silk was loosely webbed on the front lawn as the only evidence that the neighborhood was anything more than a ghost town.  Jennifer shut the door, knowing the house was webbed tight to prevent any hope of escape.  She bit her finger and thought for a moment only to notice her mother had gone missing.
“Mother, Mom where are you?” she shouted before Clara grunted and heaved a bowling ball through the window, shattering the glass and the web that covered it.  

Jennifer ran to the sound of the crash and Clara was clearing the glass away with her shirt.  
“Are you coming or not?” she asked her daughter as she slowly placed her foot down on the soft grass and reached her arms out to help Jennifer.

Jennifer dropped to the grass below and looked around.  Streetlights were covered in sticky white and the houses that surrounded them all looked like something out of a haunted house.  Windows were broken, glass scattered along the ground with the sticky webs weaving in and around the houses like one large, intricate web.
The two ladies held onto each other tightly in a warm embrace as the gravity of the new alien world sunk in.  Gone were the noisy parties, the loud music, and the people that they knew and loved.  Their world was that of a sci fy original movie, and to their shock they were the last remaining survivors.  Clara walked slowly to the family sedan only to see the wriggling cocoon of the cherished house pet of the neighbor squirming on a tree branch.

“Mittens…” she said with a tearful cry as she slowly reached out for the struggling black kitten.  
The kitten’s mewing was enough to break anyone’s heart as the sticky strands of silk limited her from escape.   With a warm, tender touch, Clara reached out to the frightened kitten and started to unravel the silk from around her head.

“Sssh, its ok kitty” she cooed warmly as Jennifer heard the scuttling around her.
“Mom… we need to go an now” she said now looking around for the scuttling noise.

Clara’s love of animals prevented her from minding her daughter.  She delicately pulled the silk from around the kitten’s paws as it started to weakly struggle in its bindings.  The mewing of the cat served to mask the scuttling.  Jennifer paused for a moment and tried to walk forward only to feel something wet placed on her leg and stretch as she tried to move.  She swallowed hard and looked down to see a sticky strand of silk was weaved around her calves and pulled with her back to fall on the ground.  Her hands helped cushion her fall but she feel flat on her back only to feel the sticky wet ground that covered the ground.

Jennifer tried to pull herself up but sticky treads that helped cushion her fall also held her down like a fly caught in a spider’s web.

“Mom!” she cried out as a spider ling crawled from under the car and towards Clara.

Clara held the free kitten in her arms and looked back at her struggling daughter.  Her eyes widened as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the set of car keys.  
“Jennifer take….” She began to say before a pinch was felt at her ankle with a spider ling’s fangs embedded deep into her tissue.

“J ennifer…” she whimpered before she feel backwards towards the sticky web that held the kitten’s cocoon and Mittens jumped from her loving grip.

Jennifer moved her shoulders from side to side, her struggles only served for the sticky strands to stretch and pull her back down to the awaiting sticky glue that was held together like Kevlar.  She whimpered and struggled only enough to raise her head and see her mother leaning back in the web with the strong treads holding her in place with an arm weakly dangling to her side and the other tightly entangled in the intricate web.  
“J Jennifer… m my daughter…” she started to whisper as the spider ling released its fangs and climbed onto her leg, and anchoring its spinnerets on her heals and walking around her ankles.

“Mom… “ she said with tears going down her cheeks and still trying to free herself from the sticky trap left behind for the stragglers.

The spider made another pass, flicking sticky cocooning silk onto Clara’s knees and running below her legs and back over the top, pulling a tight, sticky silk ribbon behind it.

“T Take my keys… get the….” She said before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and fell with the venom taking full effect.

The spider ling wasted no time in securing its prey, it scuttled up the web, dragging behind a ribbon of silk that flowed like a dispenser as it reached her breasts and bit down again to inject another douse of its paralyzing venom.  Clara flinched at the pinch but her body betrayed her own commands.  She tried to wiggle her fingers subconsciously but the warm sensation spread quickly as her chest rose and fell rapidly with the creature retracting its fangs and running along her arms with Clara’s hair flapping slightly.  

Jennifer struggled and grunted she watched in terror as her mother’s arms grew tighter to her side with the silk wrapping tightly around her chest and forcing her large breasts to stand out.  She cursed at the spider and pulled as hard as she could but the trap continued to glue her down.  With another pass, Clara’s limp hand was placed on her hip as the spider ling scuttled around another time.  The tight, wet silk coated her chest and overlapped with the spider ling wrapping tighter around her stomach and the ribbons cooling in the night air, constricting and holding fast.

The sticky white wrapped tighter around her hips as she shifted her weight under the instruction of her master’s pulling of the silk.  Clara’s hair dangled in front of her face as the spider ling allowed the web to act as an axis as it turned its prey while allowing the threads to overlap.  The spider ling swayed its abdomen from side to side, each sway tightened the silk before stretching it over the woman’s figure like saran wrap.  With another pass the white sticky mesh of silk was coating her arms and hips.  She moaned in a bit of a whimper as the spider’s course legs rubbed against her bare thighs causing her to flinch a bit before the second coating of silk replaced her goosebumps.  

“Mom…. I I will help..” Jennifer began before she stopped to hear her mother speak in a slow sweet voice.

“The… chem… is..trun..” she began before the spider bit into her leg again forcing her to choke on her words
Jennifer’s eyes streamed with tears as the spider ling scuttled up its prey and towards the web where it started to snip the strands of silk.  Clara moaned in a bit of protest before slowly lowering down to the ground in a graceful motion with the spider ling releasing its silk to help aid her descent.

Jennifer struggled all the harder, kicking and screaming as loud as she could with the web continuing to hold her down.  She reached for her pocket and grit her teeth as she moved her hand from the sticky goo with more sticking to her jeans and pocket.  The spider descended from the web and dangled its legs in front of its helpless victim.  Clara could only look up in terror as she blinked slowly with the spider ling’s fangs dripping venom onto her face.  

Landing on the prey the spider ling kissed Clara’s cheek with its spinnerets and pulled the sticky ribbon across her lips, sealing them with a few layers of its sticky thread.

“mmmmph…” she let out a whimper as the spider ling crawled to her feet and sprayed them with its sticky silk.

“MOM!!!” Jennifer screamed as she watched her mother’s cocoon drag along the ground and past her as she struggled.

“mother…” she whimpered to herself as her fingers finally found what she had desired all this time.

With a flick of a button the switch blade in her pocket tore through her jean pocket and sliced the web below her as she felt her body depress into the ground slightly.  She growled and cursed as her mother slowly drug away behind the spider ling.  Her muffled cries of love for her daughter and husband disappeared into the darkness as she went to join the other helpless victims of Kumo.

Jennifer’s eyes burned with her tears.  She cursed the name of Kumo and all her children.  Sawing through the silk she tugged and pulled until the sticky strands finally snapped and she felt herself rise off the sticky net.

“Mother!!!!” she screamed and fell to the ground in a pool of tears as she could only pray that wouldn’t be the last time she would see her.

Jennifer looked down on the ground and saw a sticky set of keys that her mother had.  She gripped the keys and looked to the car.  Standing up slowly she walked to the trunk and found box full of various chemicals and hormones.  With sniffled cries she looked through the boxes and found a case full of Testosterone sprays and gels.  
“MMm MMMPH!!!” the cries of the cocooned girls rung like dinner bells to Kumo as she watched her children return with their prizes.  

Struggling cocooned women of all shapes and sizes cried out for help and mercy only for the spider lings to drag them closer to the cellar of the school where their mother was waiting patiently.  Kumo drooled as she could smell the scent of the frightened women fill her air.  Her larder was nearly full with the spider lings depositing their presents one by one and then going back to the wall where they started to wrap sticky strands of silk around themselves to form a sticky green cocoon.   Kumo grinned at all the passing white, each one wrapped up to your mouths and layered in layer after layer of the cooling silk.  A young girl’s head bumped up and down as she struggled and bucked for all her might.  Her strawberry blond hair was pulled free of her pony tail and swayed from side to side as she struggled in protest.  

Kumo hissed bitterly at her child that was trying to pull its cargo behind it.
“You go join your sisters!” she commanded as the spider ling anchored the sticky rope of silk from its spinnerets to the ground and scuttled to join the other green orbs with the awaiting servants of the spider demon.

Jennifer took the cans and read the labels.  She knew the material was potent and she pondered for a moment of how she could use it as a weapon.  The thought came across her mind that she could just use it like a can of raid but then she looked at the dash of the car.  Her father’s lighter stuck out like a sore thumb.  She grinned as she hopped into the car and started to make her way to follow the drag line of silk that littered her neighborhood.

“mmm, my my you are a feisty one aren’t you?” Kumo hissed with the struggling girl growling in response to cooing.
The young woman bucked and kicked only for the sticky prison that surrounded her to hold her fast.  Kumo grinned as she reached below and picked up the struggling woman, cradling her in her arms.  
“MMMMMPH!!” she growled angrily as Kumo removed her glasses slowly and her spider legs rubbed the side of her cocoon.

“Well my sweet moth, have something to say to me do you?” she asked with a grin as she slowly moved her finger nail to the girl’s gag and pulled it down over her chin.
The young women grit her teeth and reached her head back to move away from the evil demon.  She gathered a wad of saliva in her mouth and spat it on her captor’s face and grinned.

“You overgrown bug!  Let me go now!” she hissed as Kumo’s head leaned back to take the impact as she hissed in anger before changing her anger to a grin and licked the sliding saliva from her cheek.

“Thank you for the sample” she said with a grin as her face changed to Kendra’s and her voice matched the tone.

“W what armmmph!” Kendra cried out in terror as though she was looking at a mirror of herself and Kumo wrapping a ribbon of silk across her mouth to silence her prey.

“I loved the appetizer but I think I prefer the main course” she said with a grin as Kendra was laid down on her spider legs and brought under Kumo who pulled a ribbon of silk from under herself and wrapped it tightly across the woman’s chest and chin, overlapping and pulling tight.  

“mm mmmmph!!” Kendra whimpered in protest as her hair flapped and rubbed against her face with each passing rotation, the silk tighter and tighter around herself with the silk wrapping around her eyes and feeling the silk pull against her scalp to tightly cocoon her head.

Kumo licked her lips and brought the squirming prey up to her mouth and used her spider legs to poke and prod the helpless cocoon to stimulate and test her silk.

“MMMMPH!!” Kendra growled in protest as she felt the spider legs kneed her like a piece of meat as Kumo waited for the right moment.

She leaned over and inserted her fangs into Kendra’ chest causing Kendra to convulse in the sudden pain of the bite.  Kendra whimpered in pain as she felt her chest growing warmer and warmer and the tips of her fingers and toes tingle as the paralyzing venom spread through her stimulated blood stream, slowly shutting down her nerves as she tried to twitch only for her body to disobey its master.  Kumo’s fangs retracted and reinserted itself into her soft flesh as the prey’s breathing started to become labored with the paralyzing effects starting to take hold with her eyes rolling into the back of her head and body limp.

Kumo drooled over the helpless prey and inserted her fangs again, pumping her powerful digestive enzymes into the pin holes of her fangs and with each mastication Kendra twitched.   Her chest rose and fell faster and faster before finally stopping to rise and sunk as the enzymes converted her organs in to mesh of soup with the cocooned prey looking on in terror.  By this time they have seen Kumo feeding over and over again but the site and sound of the whimpering prey and the slurping noise of the spider demon always filled their hearts with dread.

“m mmm…” Kendra made one last whimper before Kumo started to ingest her protein shake and fill her stomach with the contents of the feisty meal.

Nadia slowly rise her head, had finally woken up from her venom induced comma only to be woken up to the sight of  her class mates around her and Kendra’s shrinking cocoon.

“MMMMP MMMPH!!” she cried out and wriggled around as hard as she could as the Tara and the others only closed their eyes and said a small prayer for the unfortunate prey.  
Kumo moaned in delight as she removed Kendra’s cocoon away from her and secured the left overs to the ground with the last of her children dragging behind her Clara who was still out cold by the venom.

“I seem to be missing a crouton for my salad” she hissed angrily as she took stock of her prey as inventory.

“Jennifer”  she hissed again in Kendra’s voice before looking up at Tara’s sorrow-filled eyes.

“MMMPH!!!” Tara cried out in sudden shock and horror as her former classmate was reaching back to her while still masticated on the ground, laced with silk.

Jennifer pulled into the parking lot of the school where the drag line silk lead her to.  She took a deep breath and sighed for a moment as she reached to her passenger side seat and pulled out her backpack and placed her coat over herself and zipped up to her chin stepping out of the car and shivering in the crisp night air.

She looked around but found no signs of the spider lings, only the drag line silk that was left behind.  Jennifer carefully made her way to the school to find a site that shocked her.  With a gasp she dropped her backpack and sprinted to what looked like a wriggling, human-sized cocoon with dirty blond hair and whimpering as she swayed from side to side, suspended by a giant web with a long silk line leading to the school.

Jennifer reached for her pocket and pulled out a knife, making her way slowly towards her only for the cocooned woman to shake her head rapidly from side to side in protest as she cried out in her gag.

“MMMMPH!!!” she screamed as Jennifer looked again around but found no spiders.  

Carefully she leaned up and sawed away at the silk as the cocoon slowly lowered to the ground and her long hair draped onto her face.  

“Tara, thank God you are ok” she said with a tear in her eye as she leaned over and hugged the sticky cocoon only for the cocoon to wriggle and struggle in response.

Jennifer slowly backed away as the sticky strands of silk oozed from the cocoon to her chest.  She growled in frustration and sawed away at the strands that oozed from the cocoon to herself.  Leaning down she tugged at the tight, silk gag as the muffled cries of her friend started to become more coherent

“MMM MMMPH MMMennifer.   I It was terrible.  T This creature came out of nowhere and wrapped me in this sticky crud” she said in a whine as Jennifer moved the knife slowly down her friend’s side.

“Don’t worry, I am here and I think I know just how to kill that freak” she said while still trying to saw away and pull at the silk without getting herself caught in the residue.

Tara nodded and her struggles stopped in a bit of shock.  

“B but you don’t know a thing about Kumo.  While in her larder she told me everything and mocked every time she was about to feed on our succulent bodies” she protested again as Jennifer stopped her sawing and listened.

“Look, Kumo has been around since the dawn of man.  She is a class S demon straight from the depths of the third circle of hell itself!  She was banished to the dust of the earth where she found a young tapestry weaver who was unskilled and could barely make a bed sheet, let alone an amazing piece of art. She told us how she ticked her prey and wrapped her in her own silk taking her identity and spreading rumors that she had been cursed by the gods.” Tara said looking up trying to remember the story.

“She then went to Egypt, tricking and trapping the Queen of the Nile.  Each law that was passed led her closer to her ultimate goal.  She longs to feed on the strong females of our world and take their form so that she can pass on her race and slowly make this planet her own private web way from the condemned souls of the underworld” Tara continued as Jennifer’s resolve started to dim as she trembled in fear of what she was hearing.

“Her travels led her to England where she subdued and devoured a woman named Elizabeth so that she could spread her brood across all of Europe and onto the East.  Trips led her to Africa where even today the tales of the spider goddess are told as bed time stories.  After devouring village after village she chartered a ship to Japan where she met young geisha women who were well known to sleep with cheating husbands.  Taking their form she would seduce woman and spray their husbands with pheromones to help spread the rumors of the spider woman that would capture and eat the men” Tara continued while she shifted her weight slightly and rolled.

From around the school the scuttling noises came back as Jennifer turned to investigate.  Tara grinned at the sighted and shred her cocoon in two as she lunged for Jennifer and sunk her fangs into her shoulder.

“Ahh..T Tara…” she whimpered weakly as she feel backwards with foam coming from her mouth as though strung.

“And that leavesss usss to today” Kumo said in Tara’s voice with her fangs dripping with venom.
“K Kumo…” Jennifer said weakly as she felt the sticky wet thread soak through her coat and around her arms.
“I have no weaknessss.  I am eternal my sweet prey” Kumo said with a grin as her eyes met Jennifer’s at long last.
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Steffel Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa, it's not looking good for that town. I liked how you described the aftermath of the spiderlings collecting their prey. The webbed up teddy bear made me wonder though what happened to the children? Did they take them, too?
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, all the females in the city have been harvested as part of the master plan of the spider demon.
Steffel Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh, that's nasty. I hope Jennifer finds a way to save everyone even though things are looking so grim.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well that is all in the finale ;) Also if you didn't see Kumo is using the men in the city to capture their own wifes, daughters, ect as well.
Steffel Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, don't tell me, I'll find out on my own. :)
And yeah, I got that about the men being pheromone brainwashed and essentially working for Kumo. Oh, that brings me to another stupid question: What about the little boys? Brainwashed too?
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes, every male is at the bidding of her evil pheromones.
Steffel Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That thought makes it all even creepier. Kumo really must be stopped!
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well you will find out soon won't you? ;)
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already eagerly awaiting part 10, can't wait!
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks but I am not sure when that will come out
mrsouleater13 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
love this story! :) two questons.
1) is Tara dead?
2) is there going to be a part 10?
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that remains to be seen
mrsouleater13 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
i dislike answers like that but fair enough
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Very nice sensei ^^ I can't wait for part 10
drake95313 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Student Artist
So she has no weakness.
None whatsoever...
Not even a sword through the chest or a bullet to the head?

...I call hax...
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww, you missed a very VERY important plot point... if you read a few chapters back and then to today I think you will see ;)
johner2 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
Loved how Kumo used her friend to lure her in to false sense of security well done as an antagonist. Plus the heroine getting another DiD is a plus :D.
CallovesSailorVenus0 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing job felt like i was actually there with your characters nice job.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks, that is always my goal
everettyoung Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
I hope that this story is not going to simple end: "Kumo killed them all" I hope that Jennifer is going to win at the end.
fugimoto Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013
ditto! ;)
everettyoung Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013
Im sorry but what does "ditto" mean?
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that is my choice to make as an author, I just hope you enjoyed the chapter
fugimoto Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013
i respect that and it's been a blast reading ch1-9 so far im just wondering if this is the end? i hope not, also i admitedly am a sucker for survivers so i hope the live! (=7 but again i respect that your the writer and it's your choice ether or! =)
everettyoung Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
Of course I did. Now the story is goigng to great finish.
everettyoung Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
for the guy whos coments were hiden: I still belive that its not going to end like that. That end, would be meaningless. Jennifer would be nothing than another victim. So, if it would all continue, there was no erason to chose her. She must be important some way. Not just another victim. She lost her father. She lost her mother. She lost everyone who she had ever took care about. I guess that Jennifer and Kumo are going to die both. Or Jennifer survives. Maybe something like: Well, and now I drank all of your blood Jennifer!" "Yes, but it was poisoned. Now, I take you with me to your grave." You know, something must change at the end or the whole story is meaningless.
kempman17 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa! Really tense now. And for some reason, I can't help but play over the theme to 28 Days Later in my head.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
honestly, that was my goal. I wanted to get across the chaos and the loneliness
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