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November 20, 2011
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Yasha Kumo Part 5

Sam couldn't bear to look any longer.  She cried in her sticky gag at the shear terror of this creature.  The only thing she could do was turn her head and close her eyes as the tear welled up in her eyes, gently falling and being absorbed into her silk prison.  Kumo caressed her last meal as she smiled.  

"mmm, such a sweet girl" she whispered as if trying to speak with the masticated husk.

Misty's struggles began a new as she screamed as loud as she could only to be muffled by the silk inserted into her mouth and gag.

"MMMPPHHH mmmpphhhM MMPPHHH" she cried out while shaking her head form side to side in an effort to dislodge any silk she could from her mouth.  

She looked down at her cocoon.  Misty struggled and squired like a worm at the end of a fish hook as she bucked.  Kumo smiled at her futile attempt to break free of her sticky bindings.  Sam hung her head in shame unable to save Josephine or anyone else for that matter.  Her friends were nothing more then food to this creature.  Kumo stood up with her eight spindly legs as she held the remains of her prey tightly in her arms.  Misty's body shivered as she watched the creature venture closer.  The creature gently leaned down and placed the discarded husk next to the husk of her original victim.  

Kumo looked over to Misty with a grin.  She placed her human finger to her lips and gently sucked on it while scurrying over to the frightened teen.   Wonder filled her mind as she watched the struggling girl, knowing full well she couldn't escape but yet not resigned to her fate.  She leaned in close and took in her scent.  Misty whimpered and shut her eyes in fear, praying this was just a bad dream and she would wake up in her own drool at her desk like any other school day.  

"This is just a dream, wake up Misty!" she cried to coach herself as she felt the hot breath of Kumo looming over her taking in her scent.  

"Ah, you will make a fine meal but for now I must prepare" she said whispering into Misty's exposed ear.

Misty opened one eye as Kumo's cold eyes stared her down like a slab of beef.  She grinned and placed her finger away from her mouth and gently caressed her latest catch.  Kumo's spindly legs moved back to remove one last long, sticky ribbon if liquid silk and gently rubbed Misty's feet further cementing her cocoon to the wall of the larder.  The class clown was no longer looking for the attention that she so desired.  All she could do so sit as still as her body would allow her and pray that the creature's last meal would last her for a while.

Kumo let out an evil giggle as she finished Misty's final bindings and scurried over to the pulsating green orbs still soaked in the green ooze needed to produce her offspring.  Like a proud mother she placed her hands over the newest orb and rubbed her hands along its side.  She gently closed her eyes and embraced the orb as it responded with a few pulsations.  Misty's body shook, knowing she would be food for this creature or her offspring.  She began to weigh her options but didn't like the outcome on either fate that she would be assigned.  

Kumo's bliss was short lived as she looked up at the clock and sighed.  She remembered the prey still sitting in her patrol car.  With a sigh, Kumo scurried over the Sam who had given up almost all hope of escape.  

"Hmmmm, I am far too full to eat you but your form is so useful" Kumo said as she lifted Sam's chin with her hand.

Sam closed her eyes and waited for the bite.  She whimpered and breathed fast as her chest rose and fell quickly as the fear built up inside her.  Kumo leaned in and extended her fangs.  

"MMMPPHHH" Misty cried out in her gag as she could do nothing more then whimper as the sight of Kumo's large fangs dripping with venom.  

Kumo stopped for a moment with mouth wide open.  Sam whimpered and looked away trying to prepare for her fate the best she could.  

"No, you are far too useful to be wasted like that" Kumo hissed as she looked over to Misty.

With a quick stroke Misty screamed in her gag as the blood dripped from her cheek splashing Kumo's finger.  Sam's feelings were that of sadness and relief as she knew her time had not yet come.  Kumo lifted her finger into the air and caught the dripping blood with her tongue.  The blood slowly dropped as Kumo ingested the girl's unique DNA smiled.  Misty's eyes slowly opened to the sight of Kumo's legs shrinking into her side and her fangs retracting into normal human K-9 teeth.  Her bulbous abdomen shriveled and sank under her butt, hiding it from view.  Kumo's hair turned the same red color as Misty's and finished by matching her height and the attire of her prey in the cocoon.

Misty's body shook like a leaf as if she was looking in the mirror as Kumo looked over her new body and smiled.

"Like, I am so sure this is what I need to check up on my prey in the car" she said in Misty's voice mimicking her in every way.

Misty cried and hung her head in defeat, knowing for sure there would be no rescue from her nightmare anytime soon and the creature would take her body out for a test drive.  Kumo embraced the teen's cocoon and smiled.  

"Don't worry honey, I will be bringing more company for you very soon" she said as she flipped her hair and walked away from her prey leaving them to struggle and whimper.

Kumo replaced her seductive swagger with Misty's carefree walk.  She smiled as she walked up the stair well after shutting the door to her hidden lair.  Her preys' muffled whimpers were only able to be heard by the pulsating orbs that lay in the side of the struggling cocoons and of course my Kumo's superior hearing.  She made her way up the stair well with a grin.  

"Time to harvest my latest prey" she said to herself as a school girl giggle was released from her mouth.  

She swaggered closer to the school entrance when a delightful sound filled her ears.  It wasn't the sound of struggling prey that she was use to but the sound of human music.  Her head swayed with the beat and she felt herself walking to the rhythm.  She opened the front door and looked around.  School had already let out and she would be by herself for the next several hours before the conference would take place.  Kumo swaggered still dancing to the beat of the unknown music as she made her way to the school's forest where she had hidden her catch from just hours before while in Sam's form.  

Tara's eyes opened slowly as she weakly struggled in her cocoon.  The muffled cries of her fellow prisoners rang in her ears.  Kumo approached the squad car with caution as she looked around to make sure no one would see what she was about to do.  With a grin she started to remove the branches and the silk wrapping them together.  She thought for a moment and laughed.  

"Hello is someone there?" she asked in Misty's voice loud enough to hear the muffled cries for help of her prey.  

Tara squint her eyes as the blinding light pierced the darkness of the car to reveal Misty's silhouette and a smile.  The girls inside renewed their struggles as for the first time in hours they felt extreme joy and happiness as their hopes were lifted.  Kumo laughed to herself; once again she was in a perfect disguise for her prey to struggle or fight back.  Tara wriggled around on top of the girl below as she desperately wanted Misty to free her from this hell she was placed in.  

Kumo reached in and began to drag their cocooned bodies one by one out of the squad car and on to the soft grass.  The cocoons wriggled and cried waiting to be released as Kumo placed the last cocoon of Tara from the car and looked over her prey.  They all watched with anticipation as Misty giggled and looked around for any would-be heroes.  To her delight no one was around as she grinned at the girls.  The girl's hopes and joy turned in to uncertain fear and sorrow as Kumo's bulbous abdomen began to grow from under Misty's clothes.  They screamed in their gags and wriggled around as Kumo lowered her abdomen and trust a coating of sticky, liquid silk onto the feet of their cocoons one by one.  The silk fused together to form several tethers of silk as the girls leaned up with the feeling of the sticky impact.  

"MMMPPHH hemmppphhh" Tara cried out through her gag as she felt the sticky silk splattering on to her feet.  

Kumo turned around while holding on to the silk tethers and started to scurry back to the school.  The girl's long hair dragged behind them as they were slowly whisked away across the school courtyard.  The girls wriggled around like worms as they felt the friction of the grass on their backs and the plants gently tickling their faces as the spider girl continued to drag them.  Kumo stopped for a moment as the wriggling girls struggled in their silk sacks.  She glanced up to the top floor to see the figure of a girl's shadow swaying to and fro.  

"How could I be so careless?" she hissed to herself as she quickened her swagger and the girls dragging behind her.  

She closed her eyes and dropped the silk lines for a moment as she quickly transformed into the sexy school teacher.  Tara wriggled about now feeling she was no longer being dragged way.  She tried to worm her way across the school yard to be seen by the figure on the top floor window.  Kumo grinned and collected the silk tethers one by one.  Tara whimpered and struggled but soon felt the slack of the tether lesson, being brought closer to the other cocooned girls.  

"I can't have you delicious morsels squirming away" she said with a laugh dragging the girls up the stairs of the school and entering the building.  

Kumo thought for a moment and looked around.  She glanced back at the struggling girls and grinned.  She grabbed the first cocoon and placed a sticky wad of liquid silk in between the crevices of her back.  

"Maybe I can make this easier on myself." She said with a giggle picking up another girl's wriggling cocoon and attached it to the sticky silk on her friend's back.  

With the girl's back to back she reached under her abdomen and pulled out a long sticky ribbon if silk and began to turn the two girls laying their cocoons with several overlapping sticky ribbons.  After the two were wrapped tighter she reached for another cocoon followed lastly by Tara who was placed at the girl's sides so that all the wriggling girls would be back-to-back.  Kumo laughed as she wound the silk tightly around her bundle of girls.  Tara whimpered as she felt the increased pressure around her breasts and arms finding it almost impossible to squirm.  

The crafty spider reached down and grabbed her new bundle of prey and quickly scurried down to lair.  The girl's muffled cries for help would go unheard but to the sound of Kumo's foot steps as she opened the door way to her larder.  Misty's head rose as she heard the slow turning of the door handle.  

She whimpered and cried out "mmmpphhh"
For a moment her heart skipped a beat as she thought she would be rescued from her own personal hell but she quickly realized no such luck as Ms. Kumo's form entered the larder with a wriggling sack of fresh prey like Santa Claus on Christmas.  She again hung her head and cried.  Kumo closed the door behind her and looked at her larder.  On the side there were dozens of pulsating green orbs.  To her right was the wriggling cocooned prey that she would soon enjoy for dinner.  She thought for a moment and looked up at the ceiling.  A grin came across her face as she wrapped the silk tethers together and scurried up the wall.  

Her abdomen pulsated and wiggled.  With a thrust she splattered a stream of liquid silk on to the wriggling sack of girls and hoisted them up to the ceiling.  Their feet were from the floor as they were hung by the spider with care from the ceiling.  Collectively the girls wriggled and squirmed in their sack as Kumo made her way back down to the floor with her latest catch suspended high up.  

"Hmmm, perhaps that will be enough for now" she said to herself looking over her prey and glancing at the clock.  

She grinned as she heard the unmistakable sound of Japanese music.  Ms. Kumo renewed her spider form and scurried over to Misty.  The crafty spider scratched her cheek and renewed her form as the cute trouble maker.  She walked out of the larder leaving the tight sack of girls to hang and exhaust themselves while she would follow her ears to the beat of the music.  Her disguised presence looked up the stair well and began to climb higher and higher until she reached the top floor.  The music changed for a moment to the sound of a popular video game that she remembers her students had played.  With a stride she walked faster, the music getting louder and louder until she glanced into the window of a class room.  

There on the desk was a pair of large speakers and an ipod playing all the music that Kumo was enjoying.  Dancing to the music was an attractive young woman by the name of Chelsea.  Her long, light brown hair fell about shoulder length as it swayed gently in the breeze of her rhythm.  Her bright blue eyes focused on the choreography and the dance steps.  Her orange and blue sports bra firmly held her large breasts in place as her dance continued.  A tight blue mini skirt aggressively hugged her hips that feel just about six inches above her knee.  She moved her arms in tight harmony with the beat, dancing the music.  Kumo grinned from the shadows still in Misty's form and opened the door.

"Nya" Chelsea said with a jump as she watched her friend walk into the room.

She blushed a bit and moved to turn off the ipod.

"Misty, what are you doing here so late after school?" she asked while catching her breath and smiling warmly.

"I heard the music after detention and thought I might catch you in here" she responded with a giggle.

Chelsea nodded.  "Yeah, that Ms. Kumo can be too uptight" she said with a laugh.

Misty smiled and reached for her ipod.  

"Persona Three huh?" she asked going through the check list.

Chelsea blushed and grabbed for the ipod away from her friend.

"Well, I am trying out for the drill team in about two hours so I wanted to get some practice in" she responded.

Kumo grinned as she looked over Chelsea's hour glass form.  Under her disguise her smaller abdomen pulsated with excitement.  She laughed under her breath evilly as she approached the young woman.  

"Say, how about we do a dance together?" Kumo asked while in Misty's form.

Chelsea smiled and selected form her ipod list.  The song of Sakura's Kiss played loudly as the two young women began to dance.  Chelsea began her dance while Kumo followed and started to plot.  Her arms flailed wildly as to follow Chelsea's every movement.  As the song played Kumo began to squirt liquid silk on to the floor while Chelsea was lost in the music.  With each turn Kumo would spray more silk form her spinnerets and create a mesh of sticky threads all around her and her dance partner.  

Chelsea closed her eyes and focused on the music and her dance while Kumo moved closer and closer to her spraying the area with silk.  With more music going Kumo watched with anticipation as her partner twirled her way into her sticky webbing.  Chelsea opened her eyes for a moment and felt her calf touching something sticky and wet.

"Ew, I thought the janitor already cleaned this room" she said while cutting her dance short.

Kumo grinned as Chelsea struggled in her sticky threads.  She continued to dance herself in tune with the music.  Her partner pulled and pulled at the sticky mesh of silk but only entangled her calves further in the sticky silk.  Kumo reached over to Chelsea and smiled.  

"Here let me help you" she said while playfully spinning Chelsea around with more sticky threads wrapping around her ankles entangling them.

"Hey, get this crud off of my Misty!" Chelsea squeaked as she fell to the ground.

Ms. Kumo cracked an evil grin and from her sides slowly grew the first set of her long spindly legs.  Chelsea grunted and squirmed trying to pull the sticky threads from her ankles only to brush against more of Kumo's carefully lain silk with her arms.  She whimpered a bit as she looked up and noticed the large pulsating abdomen of a spider pulsating and growing.  

"Help!" Chelsea screamed as loud as she could before Ms. Kumo loomed over her.

Chelsea tried to stand but she felt the strong resistance of the sticky strands of silk holding her down.  Kumo reached back with her long spindly legs and pulled out a wide strand of liquid silk from her spinnerets.

"Oh, God no, please l let me go!" Chelsea cried out seeing Kumo's spider form looming over her pulling out the long strand of silk.

Kumo grinned and reached for the whimpering girl's arms as she brought them in front of her chest, crossing her wrists on her chest.  Chelsea squirmed and wiggled but soon felt the sticky silk fusing to her right arm by a hairy, spindly leg.  Ms. Kumo laughed as the song list continued on to the next song, When Your Evil.  

"Mmm, how fitting" she said with a laugh spinning Chelsea around wrapping the silk tightly around her arms and pinning her hands to her breasts.  

Chelsea blushed a bit under the tight silk restraints as she was forced to grip her own chest with a struggle.  The song played on, Kumo pulled another sticky ribbon from her spinnerets and attached the sticky strand to Chelsea's knees quickly binding them together.  

"This isn't funny you  ... you…" Chelsea began as tears started to stream tears at the chorus of the song.

"Well, your tears are the only payment I shall ever need" Kumo said with a laugh and a thrust of her abdomen to spray Chelsea's shoes with a torrent of liquid silk.  

Chelsea wiggled her shoulders under the pressure of the tight constricting silk around her arms.  Wiggling her body she looked down to the horror of her legs coated with Kumo's sticky strands of liquid silk.  Kumo reached over and picked up the struggling girl.  Chelsea quivered in fear as she continued to wriggle around in her partial cocoon.  Kumo placed her hand on to her prey's cheek and rubbed gently.  Chelsea shook and closed her eyes shaking like a leaf.  The spider woman kissed her forehead and brought rose her high in the air as Kumo laid on her back with Chelsea struggling and squirming above being gripped by the long, spindly spider legs.  

Kumo snickered as she hummed the song to her prey while starting to turn her in the air.  Chelsea's long, brown hair started to flap to the rhythm of not the music but the wrapping silk around her with each spin layering and over lapping more sticky silk over her form.  She whimpered with each turn, the spider legs turning her against her will as she struggled and shifted her body from side to side.  The silk rose past her stomach and wrapped around her chest as she was layered from the tips of her toes to her chest in sticky, form fitting silk.  

"Please stop" Chelsea begged to no avail as the silk rose past her shoulders adding more pressure to her already tight cocoon.

As the song was wrapping up the last bit of silk from Chelsea's cocoon rose to her chin.  A dizzy sensation took her over finally with her spinning finally coming to a halt.  Kumo stood up and laid Chelsea on the floor of the class room, looming over her.  She moved her human hands close to her spinnerets and squirts a large amount of sticky, thick silk in her hands.  Kumo grinned and started to roll the silk around like a snow ball after Christmas mourning.  After the ball was formed she moved the ball of silk close to Chelsea.  

Chelsea looked at the three silk balls still dizzy from her spinning around and moved her head to its side and closed her mouth tightly with a whimper.  Kumo hissed as she plunged the sticky ball into the young girl's mouth forcing her to bite down on the wad.  The sticky strands coated her tongue and prevented her from opening her mouth.  

"MMMPPHHH" Chelsea cried out as she felt the sticky ribbon of silk smoothing over her mouth and across the back of her neck with a few passes.

Kumo lifted the weakened girl over her shoulder and scurried out of the door and made her way to the larder.  The door opened once again as the bundle of girls form the ceiling let out muffled cries for help in the hopes it was not Kumo but their hero at long last.  Once again to the disappointment of the larder Kumo scurried in with her latest addition.  Chelsea squirmed and wriggled, clenching her eyes shut tightly in effort of struggle.  Kumo held her up by the shoulders and placed her next to Misty who had finally exhausted herself not to struggle and could only let out the occasional whimper.  Chelsea squirmed as Ms. Kumo let out a mighty thrust of her abdomen plastering the wall with sticky silk and cementing her cocoon to the sticky wall of the larder.  

"MMPPHHH" she cried out in her silken gag as she watched the spray of liquid silk rising higher and higher until the strands of sticky silk rose to her chest.

She looked down to see her cocoon suspended a foot off the ground as the residual silk fell back to the ground adding to the larder floor.  Chelsea struggled and squirmed as Kumo leaned in closer to her and grinned.  Misty and Sam couldn't watch as Kumo slit Chelsea's cheek and took her form just like the others.

"Don't worry honey, I will make sure you make the drill team this year" Kumo said in Chelsea's voice with a final evil laugh.
With a fully feed Yasha Kumo, and more victims to catch, she decides to have a little fun ;)

I know it has been a long time but Kumo is back by popular demand!

:iconlady-of-mud: has been doing such a wonderful job with Yasha Kumo's art that she has taken notice.....

As always please enjoy *bows*
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Iaze Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student Writer
""Hello is someone there?" she asked in Misty's voice loud enough to hear the muffled cries for help of her prey.  "

That's just mean, ;D
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL that is the idea.  You will find out more about Kumo in the coming chapters.
Iaze Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student Writer
Oh good. I'll keep on reading. 
Steffel Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
To say that Kumo has a very mean streak is probably the understatement of the year. I mean, eating people is one thing (especially if that's just your nature) but the way she toys with her prey is really rather sadistic without ever being all that violent. I love it. Although I also really hope she'll get her come uppance in the end.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am glad you are still enjoying her intricate web of evil, rest assured you haven't seen anything yet.
Steffel Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course I do. Now I want to see how it ends, so I'll stick with it. :)
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome, can't wait to see what you think
mrsouleater13 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012
i would love to see the art work for this.
mrsouleater13 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012
wen will part six come out?
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Part six is already out
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