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Yasha Kumo Part Four

Jennifer's mind wondered all day as she was certain that thing, whatever it was, wasn't her long-time friend Sam.  There was just something about her eyes and the way she acted towards her.  Jennifer shuddered as the end of third period drew to a close.  Tara still was nowhere to be seen and no one in the school had heard a peep from her on their cell phones or text messages.  She began to sweat nervously.  

"Did that thing get her too?" she asked herself as she returned to her locker, hoping her friend was just late and not suffering the same fate as the wiggling sacs she had seen the night before.

Jennifer paused as she looked into the mirror and began to brush her hair.  She knew the next period would be with that disgusting freak Ms. Kumo and her stupid test.  The freighted teen shook and swallowed hard.  She already hated Biology class and knowing a creature would be teaching didn't help matters any further.  The class bell rang as Jennifer made her way to the Biology lab, knowing her partner wouldn't be there to support her.  Ms Kumo took some fallen branches covered in leaves and covered the patrol car.  Tara and the rest of her fellow victims cried through their muffled cocoons as the inside of the car darkened after every branch the sinister creature placed on the vehicle insuring it would be properly camouflaged.

Tara's cheeks continued to flow as she knew no one would be able to see their struggling cocoons.  

"MMMPPPHHH"  "MMMPPPHHH" all the girls continued to struggle and mumble into their sticky, silk gags.

Ms. Kumo took no time at all turning back into her beautiful teacher self again as she placed the final branch on the window of the squad car.  She looked into the tinted windows and waived at her victims on last time before finishing her task.  The struggling girls inside would be properly shielded from the heat of the sun but would be shrouded in darkness with no help coming for them until their hungry captor would return.  The teacher looked around for a moment to insure no one had spotted her or the victims before she went around the police car with her hands expelling sticky silk to bind the branches together to insure the inside contents would be properly protected from the elements and any would-be heroes.
Jennifer reluctantly sat in her desk waiting for class to begin.  She felt sick to her stomach as she watched the clock nervously.  Jennifer had more to worry about then just passing some stupid biology exam when there was a chance none of her friends would ever make it to graduation any way.  The class bell rang and there was no sign of the sexy teacher.  Jennifer looked to her side and there was no sign of Tara or her smile that would always calm her.  

Misty, the class clown, stood up and laughed as she watched the clock.  She had long red hair that went down to her shoulders; her tan complexion was always maintained as she visited the tanning beds almost every day. Her well figured body was the envy of any red-blooded boy in the school and she loved to show off not only her large breasts and figure but her charming personality.  The clown walked in front of the chalk board and started to write.  

"Spiders are God's gift to the world and I would love to be wrapped up in my work" she spelled out imitating the instructor.  

"Now class today we are going to discuss how an archnidous erectus squirts a white liquid on to its prey so that the sticky substance will keep it from squirming" she joked around trying to do her best Ms Kumo impersonation.  

The class clown drew a picture of what appeared to be large breasts with the white liquid flowing over them in an obvious attempt to mock the wrapping of a spider's prey.  The class room was all a roar with laughter, while Jennifer sat their quiet still nervous and worried about what had happened to her friends.  As the clown was about to finish her act the door suddenly opened and in walked Ms. Kumo with her hair up and panting a bit.  

"Sorry I'm a little late my st…" she said as she looked up at the chalk board.  

She placed her hand on her chin as she looked over the student's art.  Misty placed her hands behind her back and hid the chalk.

"W why m Ms. Kumo" she shuddered as she nervously held the evidence behind her.

The sly teacher smiled as she reviewed her student's work.  Ms. Kumo noticed the term the student had come up and gave a little snicker.

"So, it appears we have an artist amongst us" She began.

Misty slowly began to return to her seat.  The grinning teacher opened her palm and waited for the student to place the chalk in her hand.  The reluctant student blushed as she handed the evidence to the instructor.  Misty was always getting in trouble and even had a few run-ins with Sam a few times.  Ms. Kumo began to task of erasing her student's master piece and wrote on the chalk board, "Parent Teacher Conference"

The words on the board confused the students; they had not had a real parent teacher conference in years so why start now?    Ms. Kumo looked around the room and smiled, her gaze caught the attention of all the men in the room.  Jennifer noticed a strange feeling.  The air was thick with a sort of strange humidity as the men seamed in a trance.  The girls in the room were busy text messaging, taking out their note books or talking to their lab partners.  The teacher announced that tomorrow night there would be a parent teacher conference with the fathers of the students.  Jennifer shuddered as her father was already acting strange before the conference.  

"Misty, my sweet girl" Kumo began to speak.

Misty put away her cell phone and listened for a moment.  

"hmmm?" she asked the teacher.

"I am afraid I will have to ask you to stay after school today in my lair downstairs" Ms. Kumo said with a sly grin.

Jennifer's heart pounded in her chest.  She wasn't a good friend of Misty but she knew her going down stairs would be a terrible idea.

"No!" Jennifer shouted as she stood up fast.

Misty and Ms. Kumo turned their heads to the protesting teen.  

"Have something to say Jennifer?" Ms. Kumo said with her arms crossed starring at the defiant girl.

Jennifer slowly sat down as she dropped her protest.  Now was not the time to expose this creature.  Ms. Kumo began her lecture on pheromones.  She went on to explain how various insects used pheromones to lure prey into their grasp by appealing to their need to mate and creating a chemical that was found intoxicating by their potential prey.  Ms. Kumo opened her text book and observed the Bolas spider with its ability to change the very pheromone needed to attract its prey into a sticky trap.  Jennifer began to take notes over the lecture for the first time all year.  

The student hung on every word in the text book and looked around the class room.  She observed the men were still in a state of pure joy almost as if they were in a trance as the sensual teacher moved about the front of the class room.  Misty sighed as she simply doodled Ms. Kumo making out with a black widow and snickered.  The lecture ended without the test Jennifer was dreading.  The bell rang as Kumo walked over to Misty and reminded her she expected her company downstairs after school.  

Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief as she quickly packed up her books and left for the day.  Ms. Kumo reminded the students of the conference as the class quickly emptied.  Misty walked up to the teacher and tried to apologize regarding to her earlier behavior.  The teacher smiled and showed her the way to her punishment.  Jennifer walked to her locker and put away her books as she watched from a safe distance the teacher following Misty down to the cellar.  

"I have to do something about this" she said to herself as she knew Misty would most likely be calling in "sick" tomorrow.

Misty looked up at the ceiling and noticed the strange strands of white hanging.  She hated spiders and began to shake at the thought of being down in the cellar alone with Ms. Kumo.  

"Misty I can't help but notice that you didn't really pay a whole lot of attention in my class today" Ms. Kumo said while still behind the student.  

"I hate spiders, they are so icky and disgusting" Misty responded with a shudder.  

The teacher began to walk faster behind the student and instructed her to stay still and wait at the stair well.  The student reluctant student nervously allowed the teacher to walk past her as she stopped to wait for her next instructions.  

"Now you just stay here my sweet moth" Ms. Kumo said while disappearing into the darkness below.

Misty waited for a while; she looked around the stairwell and no longer heard the roar of the students above.  She started to get bored and pulled out her note pad as she started to finish the doodle of the teacher making out with the spider.  Misty was about to finish the last bit of the large lips on the teacher's big head when she detected the aroma of something wonderful.  She slowly closed her eyes and dropped her note pad onto the ground as she started to make her way down the stair well as if following an invisible track as her nose took in the wonderful scent.  
Misty felt light headed as she finally made it to the bottom.  The student's eyes slowly opened as she saw the floor covered in the sticky white material.  She took a step and felt her sloes stretch the gooey substance only a bit as she realized she couldn't move.  From the darkness the teacher watched.

"Hello, Misty it is time for a personal lesson" The voice said in the distance.

Misty tried to move her feet but only felt the resistance of the sticky goo hold her fast.  The student grunted and pulled but quickly felt something hit her like a punching bag.  

"Ouch!" Misty cried out as she was knocked the ground by an unknown object.  

She tried to get up but realized her arms were bound and stuck to the floor.  The student looked down to her chest and saw a mass sticky white coating wrapping around her breasts.  The stands of white extended to the side of her upper arms and then final sticky globule that exploded on impact kept her secured to the floor.  She tried to struggle by moving her somewhat free shoulders back and forth and move her free wrists to scrape off the goo.  Misty grunted and grit her teeth as her head rocked back and forth trying to gain some leverage our of her sticky trap.  The scared girl placed her hand on her chest and tried to lift her hand.  Strands of the white substance stretched and pulled apart like used chewing gum.  The girl gagged at the sight.

"Ew, someone get this crap off of me!" she shouted as loud as she could while grunting with her struggle.

Ms. Kumo laughed in the darkness above her as she descended from a sticky tether down to the trapped girl.  The frightened student watched in terror as the top half of the teacher was smiling while her back half continued to release the same white substance that she was coated with.

"Now is the time for your lesson my dear" Ms Kumo began as Misty's pupils shrunk in shock.  

"What you just experienced was my powerful pheromones, it serves to both lure my prey to me as well as to insure any men would cause me no trouble" she began to explain.

"P Pheromones… so that is why" Misty said as she slowly started putting it all together.  

Ms. Kumo licked her lips and laughed.

"That's right, that warm feeling you felt and all the stupid men in the class room was my doing" she bragged.
"Stupid humans, I have been under your nose all this time and now it is time for our second lesson" she finished while dropping to the ground with her eight spindly legs.

Misty couldn't believe her eyes or ears.  

"W what would that be?" she asked in shear horror.

"Why, how a spider wraps her prey for dinner my sweet girl" Kumo said as she pulled moved her abdomen under her.

Misty screamed as she saw the long legs of the spider creature reach for her finger-like spinnerets and pull out a wide ribbon of silk.  She shuddered and squirmed as hard as she could.

"The first step is my bolas, I make a long sticky line of silk and attach an extremely sticky ball of glue at the end at which I throw at my prey" Ms. Kumo began her lesson.

Misty looked down at her bindings and tried to stretch them the best she could.  As long as she was lying there the strands of silk were still very wet and sticky.  She stretched her arms but felt the strands of white stretch much like what she experience with her hand a short while ago.  The goo snapped back and continued its hold.  

"Now that you are secure I am now going to begin the first layer of your cocoon" Ms Kumo said as she flicked the wide ribbon of silk over the feet and ankles of the struggling red head.

"P please, I am sorry" Misty began to plead.  "I I will never do that again" she continued as she felt the sticky ribbon attach to her feet and ankles.

"Oh, but I am glad you volunteered for this extra credit" Ms. Kumo said with a snicker as she pulled another ribbon from her spinnerets and attached it to the girls feet wrapping it around her shoes binding her feet together along with her ankles.

Misty looked down and screamed as her proud Nike's were covered in a shroud of white silk and glued together.  She twitched her feet and tried to get them to move, but the sticky tethers only stretched and brought them back into their glued positions.  Misty squirmed and whimpered as Ms. Kumo pulled more silk.

"And now that your are bound in my first layer of silk it is time for your third lesson" Ms. Kumo said as she pulled the silk out into a ball and rolled it around in her hands.

"P please I don't want another mmpphh" Misty tried to speak as Ms. Kumo placed the wad of goo into her mouth.

The sticky gag went to work as it coated Misty's tongue and sealed her mouth shut from the inside.  The crafty spider plucked the girl from the ground and smiled.

"And now for your fourth lesson my sweet girl" Ms Kumo began once again.

"MMMPPPHHH" Misty screamed into her gag as the teacher sprouted her 2 additional pair of legs.  

"How to silence and finish the prey" Ms. Kumo said with an evil snicker as she began to wrap the tight ribbon over and the gooey ball of silk and attach it to the back of her head.  

Misty squirmed and struggled.  She felt the tight embrace of not only her first layer of the bindings but the third set of Ms. Kumo's spindly legs.  Ms. Kumo kissed her spinnerets on the chest of the girl as she started to slowly spin her around using her fourth set of legs to flick the silk on to her prey while using her other second set of legs to turn her.  The wise spider used its back legs to guide her unending supply of silk over the struggling girl.  Misty felt the pressure building around her slowly with each spin.

"MMPPHH" Misty whimpered as she spun around like a merry-go-round from hell.

The silk overlapped and began to bunch up with each turn.  Ms. Kumo smiled as she would see Misty's eyes with each pass as the silk rose up to her knees.  Misty's eyes weld up in tears as they gently fell to the floor below.  Her long red hair brushed Kumo's face with each pass.  Misty felt a little dizzy as the creature stopped for a just long enough to bring her back down to the ground and lift her high into the air just above her spinnerets as Ms. Kumo watched her legs do the work.  Misty flopped around and squirmed like a worm as she began to spin faster and faster.  Her hair flapped around constantly as she would drift in and out of sight of the creature finishing her cocoon.

Misty felt the tight embrace of the sticky silk rising, soon it was up to her generous breasts.  The tight cocoon began to constrict, conforming to her body as it cooled.  With every pass the creature would snicker a bit as she would here her prey whimper.

"MMMPPPHHHH…….MMMMPPPPPHHHHHH…….MMMPPPHHHH" Misty would cry out as her breasts felt compressed and finally joined her already tight cocoon.

Misty's felt a mixture of light headed ness and absolute terror as the creature placed her back on to the ground and loomed over her catch.  

"Thank you Misty for staying with me after school" the creature said licking her lips and beginning to pick her back up.

"MMMPPHH" Misty barely responded.

Jennifer quietly and carefully stopped down the stair well as she could no longer hear the screams of her class mate.  Her eyes met the Misty's just as the creature finished its work and opened the door to her larder.  Misty's eyes were fully of tears as she shut them and turned her head back and forth desperate to escape her next lesson.  Jennifer could do nothing but try to stay out of the way as once again her fears were confirmed.  Misty wouldn't be showing up to class tomorrow.  

The door shut behind the cocooned girl as Jennifer watched in horror her friend's long red hair was the last thing drug into the awaiting room.  Ms. Kumo laughed as she looked at her other prey.  Sam's head was down with a look of hopelessness in her eyes.  Josephine hung in her cocoon and looked up briefly.  

"I have a feeling you already know my prey" she said with a low sinister tone as she slowly began the process of webbing her next to Sam.  

Ms. Kumo took her time and placed her abdomen on the side of the girl, using her finger like spinnerets to secure her prey to the larder wall.  The fingers began to almost massage the wall as the cocoon was cemented and reinforced.  The crafty spider then moved her abdomen from side to side to create an x over the struggling girl's stomach insuring she would not be able to escape.  

Ms. Kumo loomed over Misty as her prey shut her eyes hard and turned her head.  The creature licked the cocooned girl's cheek and smiled.  

"And now it is time for the next lesson" Ms. Kumo said as her abdomen began to pulsate and she began to sweat.

Grunting and breathing heard she placed her abdomen to the ground as an opening opened up under her and started to secrete slimy green ooze to the ground.  Ms. Kumo's breaths became labored as a green bulbous like object slowly inched its way out of the creature's hole in the abdomen.  Misty and the cocooned girls squirmed and cried at the sight of the green orb.  Ms. Kumo smiled at her new creation and placed it next to the large collection of green orbs.

"How a spider reproduces" she said while panting and a smirk.

"MMPPHHP" Misty cried out in reaction.

Ms. Kumo scurried over to Josephine and ran her finger up and down her figure.  She let out an evil smile as she pulled her cocooned body from the wall.  She brought the struggling girl horizontal and started to spin another layer of silk over her prey.  Ms. Kumo was careful not to allow her cocoon to go incomplete and started with her feet and worked up to her chin.

"And now for you final lesson my sweet" Ms. Kumo said as she looked up while spinning another layer over her prey.

"How a spider, feasts" She said locking eyes to her newest catch.

"MMMPPHHMM" Sam and Misty both cried out as they watched in terror.  

Josephine's eyes looked back at her friends as the final layers of silk slowly wrapped around blindfolding her and rising as just a few stray stands of her original long blonde hair poked through the cocoon.  Ms. Kumo leaned in slowly with her jaws wide open, venom beading from the tips of them.  Drops of venom dropped onto the cocoon as Josephine squirmed and mumbled in her cocoon.  

"MMMMPPHHH" Josephine let out a final cry as she felt the creatures razor sharp incisors pierce deeply into her struggling chest.  

She squirmed and struggled as she felt the warming sensation over come her.  She found it difficult to keep her eyes open as her body went numb.  Starting from the tips of her toes and fingers the feeling spread as she felt it harder to breath.  The creature continued to pump its digestive juices deep into the insides of the girl.  Josephine felt her lungs and other internal organs turning into a liquid.  Her breathing became labored and soon she didn't even want to as with every breath she felt like her lungs were on fire as her air sacs liquefied one by one.  

"Mmmpphh" she let out one last cry as she drifted into darkness and Kumo began to enjoy her meal.

Misty's eyes widened while her pupils shrunk in horror.  With each sucking motion from Kumo the cocoon with twitch slightly as it slow shrank down to nothing leaving behind nothing but a hollowed out masticated husk of a girl.

Ms. Kumo licked her lips as the last bit of her meal entered into her body as she had many more orbs to create before tomorrow night.
My next installment in the Yasha Kumo Saga. Jennifer is still worried about her friend. Ms. Kumo prepares to return to class.
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Great job again. The class clown was sure surprised.
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Steffel Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
And just as I was beginning to wonder why we don't hear from the male students you give us a fascinating explanation. Well done.
I also really liked how you described Misty being webbed (although there was a sentence I couldn't quite make sense of) and the ending with Kumo feasting was very intense.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
^^ glad you are enjoying it. Kumo is meant to be a very evil beast yet a subtle evil. This was one of my most descriptive vore sequences I have ever done and I am pretty happy the way it turned out.
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She's a great villain. And that scene gave me the shivers. Good shivers. :D
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I can't wait to see what you think of the next chapters
AcromantulaWitch Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
Spiders are God's gift to the world and I would love to be wrapped up in my work lol I love that part XD
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hehehe you´re welcome snake-san
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I think I´m starts liking the vore too.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
mmmm and Kumo loves tasty girls too... I mean she is happy you enjoyed her meal.. :plotting:
thean2 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011
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I´m happy she enjoy her meals hehehe x3
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such sweet girls ^^
thean2 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011
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Lordoffantasy Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011
let us hope those eggs are killed.
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saving the surviving damsels mostly. you killed off quite a few, but the majority msut survive!
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all i got to say is "winning". What read can't wait to see what happens next and will jennifer get caught or not kuku.
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