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December 12, 2011
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Yasha Kumo part six

Chelsea struggled in her webbed prison, her cheek heeled from the cut but her heart was heavy.  The silk was thick and more she tried to move the more the sticky white held her in place.  Tears flowed from her cheek as she took in her new home.  She had wanted to try out for the drill team ever since she moved to the small town with her friend Nadia, who had only been in the town for a little over a week.  Chelsea whimpered into her gag at the thought of Kumo using her form and all of her warmness to lure more prey to dine on for later, as evidence of the masticated remains of her fallen class mates.  She closed her eyes hard and shifted her head from side to side trying to pry the sticky silk from her mouth but it was of no use.  

"MMMMPPHH" she cried out in her gag as her heart raced and chest rose and fell rapidly.  

Chelsea slowly opened her eyes as the sweat from her struggle dripped down from her brow to be absorbed again in her gag with her tears.  Sam looked at the poor girl's struggles, she felt completely helpless to do anything but hang there and prey some one would notice a popular girl like Chelsea missing.  Tara slowly opened her eyes as she felt her feet off the ground kicking.  Her friends cocooned to her back constantly squirmed and cried out.  She whimpered weakly watching only the shadows of the strange green orbs as they pulsated.  Chelsea continued to look around at the hanging webbed sack of girls, just feet away from her as they bucked and struggled.  

Misty felt sick to her stomach.  She never cared for much of the people in the school let alone Chelsea.  Her struggles continued, wanting to get away from Little Miss Perfect.  She sighed and almost longed for the time their captor would come and turn her into nutrition.  Misty tried so hard to fit in and be popular; her rage built just seeing her rival so close to her.  Memories of all of her friends leaving her and moving on to the new girl etched in her mind.  With a sigh she tried to look at the green orbs and prayed one of them would put her out of her misery soon.  

The disguised Chelsea smiled.  She looked down at her sexy drill team uniform and began to plot.  Sensually she mimicked the dance steps that she had only acquired from her prey less then a half hour ago.  With the music of nothing but the girls' muffled cries for help within her larder, she was flawless in the seductive dance.  Yasha Kumo continued up the stairs as she heard the banter from the all ways.

"Like, oh my God" one teen began.

"Like, I can't wait to try out my new skirt" she continued with a girlish giggle.

  Kumo grinned at the sound of what could only be fresh prey preparing for the school drill team tryouts. All of Chelsea's hard work would be perfect for her next task.  Kumo didn't want to be made a liar and really wanted to help Chelsea get into the drill team.  All the away games and ability to seduce the male bus driver would work into her plan almost perfectly.  She approached the top of the stair well and looked around at all the girls who would try to take her spot on the team.  A girl with hair dyed dark pink that went down to her shoulders shyly leaned against her locker.  With her hand quickly running through her hair she sighed. Kumo smiled looking at her slim figure accented by a short sleeved pink blouse.  Her short black mini shirt hugged her hips tightly falling several inches above her knee.  The girl's completion made it appear as if she grew up at the beach but to her benefit her Hispanic mother blessed her with a tan complexion and eyes like sapphire as they shimmered capturing the light of the room.  

She sweetly looked around and felt nervous looking for her newest friend Chelsea.  Kumo grinned trying not to drool as she witnessed the young woman's large tracks of land, knowing that she would make a welcomed and spicy change to the menu.  Kumo looked around at more of the girls while still staying in her shadowy stairwell.  Her fangs wanted to come out and taste soft insides of the next girl next to the Hispanic delicacy.  

"Hey Nadia, how are you today?" the girl asked sweetly.

"Muy Bien Gracias, Heather" the Hispanic girl said with a chuckle.  

"I swear, all these galls trying out for this stupid contest" The girl responded with a British accent.

Nadia gently smiled.  "And how are you today Heather?" she asked the British girl.

Heather sighed and closed her hazel eyes gently.  She reached in the back of her long, silky black hair with a scrounge placed in her mouth.  With swiftness she took the band from her mouth and shook her head to realign her hair.  She looped the scrounge through her hair and quickly tied it to a knot, letting her long hair flow to her back forming a pony tail.  Her skin was a slight tan but not as tan as Nadia's or any other girl for that matter on the tryouts.  She too wore a blue short sleeved blouse with black miniskirt that hugged her slim figure.  Kumo grinned at the thought of having such foreign cuisine.  

The school bell rang and the disguised Kumo walked into the hall way following the other girls.  Like a wolf in sheep's clothing, she stalked her prey waiting for just the right moment to show off her new abilities.  Heather lagged behind and crossed her arms.  She really didn't want to get on the drill team but knew it was the only way that Tom would ever pay attention to her.   The girls formed a line and walked to the locker room of the school football field of which the tryouts would happen.

Nadia turned around and smiled brightly.

"Chelsea!" she said running up to the imposter and jumping up on her with a hug.

Kumo smiled feeling the warm embrace of her prey.  She wiped the drool off of her lip.  

"Nadia, you look absolutely delicious in that outfit." She said looking at the girl's figure.

Nadia giggled at the strange compliment and continued to smile brightly.  The girls made it to the locker room and waited for their turn.  Kumo smiled warmly at Heather.  Heather had closed her eyes and started to try to remember her dance when Kumo, using Chelsea's voice, asked if she could accompany her to the girl's room.  Heather looked at her and raised an eye brow.  

"I am going to be dancing soon can't this wait?" she asked a bit annoyed.  

Kumo frowned and pouted.  

"I really have to go" she said while looking into deep into her hazel eyes.

Heather sighed and followed Kumo to the bathroom.  She decided to make the best of the situation as she walked in to the handicapped stall next to the stall Kumo entered.  She walked to the mirror and pulled out her makeup kit, applying power and mascara.  Kumo flushed the stall and grinned.

"Oh, Heather I have a new make up that will surly help you get this spot" She sweetly said while in Chelsea's voice.

Heather smiled and replied, "Thank you, I would love to try it on"

Kumo opened the stall and came from behind Heather.  She jumped a bit startled on how fast she came over.

"Um, what is this makeup?" she asked while putting away her own.

"It is my special white lipstick" Kumo replied with a grin while reaching back to her hidden spinnerets to work a sticky ball of silk...

"White lip stick, that doesn't sound to attact mmmppphh" Heather was suddenly cut off as Kumo placed the ball firmly over her mouth and smoothed it over.

"MMMPPHH" Heather mumbled in her gag as she looked down cross-eyed at the large glob of white that prevented her from opening up her mouth.  

Kumo grinned as she watched the surprised girl reach for her sticky wad of silk in an attempt to pull it off.  Heather placed her hands firmly on the sticky mesh and tried to pull but the silk coated her fingers and held her fast like superglue.  With a few gentle moans, Kumo reached for Heather and leaned her back.  She grinned as a large bulbous abdomen expanded from under her miniskirt with 3 addition pairs of spindly legs protruded form her sides with the third set grabbing Heather.

"MMMPPH" Heather screamed as the course hairs of Kumo's legs brushed against her sides holding them down.
Heather squirmed in the grip of Kumo, who still had the upper body of Chelsea from before.  Kumo reached back with to her spinnerets and pulled a ribbon of sticky silk from her finger-like appendages.  She laughed as she applied the sticky liquid onto the shoulder of Heather and gave her a quick spin.  Heather's long pony tail whipped around as the creature coated her upper arms with sticky silk with each spin.  

"mmmpp mmppmmmph" Heather whimpered in Kumo's special make up with her hair whipping her face with each go around.  

Heather shifted her shoulder from side to side in struggle but the silk wound tightly around her arms, overlapping as she was spun.  Kumo looked up and pulled another sticky ribbon of silk from her spinnerets and anchored it to the ceiling.  The young Brit looked up at the white silk tether in horror.  She shut her eyes and shifted her head form side to side in protest as the creature placed the struggling girl on the tether and smoothing over her back with more sticky silk.  Heather's feet dangled and kicked furiously as Kumo stepped back to watch the tall girl struggle in the air inches off the ground.

"Please just hang here for a moment my sweet girl" Kumo said making a terrible joke.

"MMMPPHH" Heather growled for all of she was worth while looking down on Kumo in defiance.  

Kumo chuckled as she pulled her large abdomen under her and thrust a torrent of liquid silk onto the feet of Heather.  Heather cringed at the sight of her beautiful black shoes covered in Kumo's sticky silk.  Goose bumps began to form on the girl's legs as the warm silk splashed into the crevices of her ankles and gluing her shoes together under the white shroud of silk.  She whimpered as Kumo leaned back and trusted more sticky silk onto her knees and guided the silk's flow with her third set of legs gently spinning the girl.  

Heather whimpered as she silk bath continued.  She bucked and swayed but the sticky tether held her fast to the ceiling and her eyes widened with fear as she looked down to see the silk had risen up to her thigh with some spare strands of silk reaching up to her breasts.  She moved her body from side to side and whimpered in protest of being packaged up by the creature.  

"MMMPPHH" she let out another cry as Kumo looked up at her work and smiled.

Kumo reached back into her spinnerets and pulled out another sticky ribbon of silk and attached it to her feet.  Heather bucked and tried to resist the anchor but Kumo was successful in fusing the cocoon with her tether and anchoring it to the side of the stall.  Heather's heart beat steadily increased as she felt her back arch.  She struggled and shifted her weight from side to side but the creature's silk was far stronger the she had ever experienced before.  Kumo leaned over the mostly cocooned girl and placed a finger on her chest and worked its way down.
"I can't be seen in this form and it will be my turn soon" she hissed while seductively moving her finger up and down her chest while Heather's body shook like a leaf resembling a human hammock.

Kumo reached over the girl with her two human arms and gripped her side spinning her around while another sticky ribbon was applied to her stomach and over lapped.  Heather looked down and witnessed the ribbon fuse to her cocooned legs and then back up to her shoulder and neck.  Kumo opened her mouth to reveal a set of enlarged fangs with clear droplets of venom forming at the tips.  

"MMPPHH" Heather cried out as Kumo reached in and slowly sank her fangs into her shoulder.  

Heather started to feel a tingling sensation as her blood mixed with Kumo's venom and slowly her limbs started to go limp.  A warming sensation filled her chest as the venom spread into her heart.  She felt her eye lids growing heavy, a lethargic feeling began to take hold as Kumo raised her head and met her face to face taking her form.

"I will just have to keep you here until that dreadful contest is over" She said mimicking Heather's voice and form perfectly, had taken a taste of her and ingesting a portion of blood.

Heather's eyes closed gently as she lay back in her cocoon hammock.  Kumo grinned at her latest catch and shut the stall.  She reached back into spinnerets and pulled out more sticky wads of silk, gumming up the handle of the stall and exiting the bath room.  With one last whimper Heather closed her eyes as the venom took full hold over the young woman.  Kumo enjoyed the new form; she smiled and walked out of the bathroom as Nadia waited for her friends to get back.  Heather's imposter spotted the young woman on the bench and grinned.  Nadia smiled and saw Heather leave the bathroom stall but Chelsea was nowhere in sight.  

Nadia stood up and shyly place her hand on her chest.

"What happened to Chelsea?" she asked in concern.

Kumo looked around and grinned.  

"Did I mess my turn?" she asked after looking around the empty locker room.

Nadia shook her head and looked towards the bathroom.  

"Is Chelsea not feeling wall?" she asked in concern.

Kumo gave a smirk.  

"I am afraid Chelsea is a bit indisposed at the moment but why are you still here?" she asked.

Nadia blushed.  "I didn't want to leave you two alone in the bathroom so I waited out here" She responded with a smile.

"All the girls are on the field, I told them I would catch up later" she replied.  

Kumo grabbed Nadia's hand and smiled.  

"Why, aren't you the cutest, sweet girl in the school" she said while grinning.

Nadia felt a sudden chill from Heather's cold grip, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up on end.  She blinked and stared into the eyes gaze of the creature.  Her eyes widened as she knew something was very wrong with her friend and slowly backed away.  

"Um, don't you think we should go check up on Chelsea?" She asked nervously.

Kumo smirked.  

"Why of course my dear, I will make sure Chelsea is ok" she responded returning to the bathroom.

Nadia left the locker room and ventured out to the field where the other girls were waiting for their turn to try out for the drill team.  Kumo's senses were on overload as she took in the scents from all the delicious moths that littered the field, dressed in their drill team uniforms and completely unaware that making the team was going to be the least of their worries for the school year.  One by one the girls tried out while Kumo was in the bathroom checking on her prey.  Kumo looked around the room and found several light switches.  She grinned as she started to thrust her abdomen around the room.  With a squirt, her fingers on the spinnerets went to work.  Liquid silk dispensed and anchored themselves to the various corners of the bath room.  Kumo continued to layer the various parts of the restroom with her silk to form a very tight, sticky mesh web that would entangle anyone foolish enough to come in and relieve themselves or Heather for that matter of her silken hammock.  

Meanwhile at the field Nadia did her best to make the cut and to stall for time until her friends would be able to do their dance.  Jennifer sat at the judges table and watched each candidate preform very closely.  She paid close attention to not only the chorography but also the eyes of the girls trying out.  Jennifer was slowly gaining more and more information about Yasha Kumo but still had much to learn before she was ready to do anything or save her friends.  Tom sat on the bleachers and sat next to Chris.  Chris was a senior and had a nasty habit of bringing Japanese comic books to school and to practice.  He pulled out a manga called Inuyasha and began reading.  Chris was decently built, had a six pack of abs and was a strong runner up for quarterback had he learned to put away the books and focus more on the game.  Tom took a shot of Gatorade after a long day's work on the football field.  He glanced over to Chris and sighed.  

"Dude, why do you read that garbage?" he asked his friend.

Chris was barely able to concentrate on his usual comic reading.  He twitched his leg and couldn't keep still.  

"Dude, it is Tara and my 6 month anniversary last night and she didn't show for our usual date". He said while putting the manga with the cover exposed.

Tom knew he was nervous and wanted to reassure his friend that there was no problem but he had no idea how wrong he was about Tara's current peril.  

"I had that dream again; you know the one with Tara and me getting attacked by that monster?" Chris said while pointing to his manga.

"Hey man if you are really that nervous you should ask Chelsea when she gets out here to try out" he suggested as Tara and Chelsea both held a special bond with one another.

Chris agreed and waited patiently for his answer to come by.  He left the comic on the bleachers and followed Tom as they both started to run their drill in preparation for the big game only a few weeks away.

"Nadia, you're up next" Jennifer said ordering her young friend to take the field and show them her moves.

Nadia swallowed hard and began to dance to the beat.  She was flawless in her fluid motion as if she had been practicing all of her life.  Jennifer watched very carefully at her friend for anything that would seem out of the ordinary and tip her off of her true enemy's presence.  The song ended to the thunderous applause of Jennifer and the other girls trying out.  Jennifer walked up to her and gave her the ceremonial hug and congratulated the foreign exchange student on making it into their special team.  Nadia was so happy she rushed back into the girl's locker room and giggled while putting her arms to her chest in glee.

The other girls were happy she had made it but remained focused on their current goal to join her.  Nadia ran to the bath room and knocked on the door.  

"Chelsea, Chelsea I made it!" she shouted while trying to open the door.

She looked down on the ground and was disappointed to not see the light reflecting from the bottom of the door.  Nadia began to worry that Chelsea was in trouble and opened the door to pitch, black darkness.  The room was humid and yet there were no windows open to the dang outside air.  She moved her hand to flip the light switch, but found something wet and strangely sticky like wallpaper glue sticking to her fingers.  Nadia tried to pull away with a slight struggle and finally managed to pull free from the ooze.  

"Ew, what is this?" she asked herself trying to pull the sticky, white substance from the palm of her hand.  

The lights remained off and Nadia knew there was another light switch on the other side of the rest room.  She swung the door wide open to allow some of the locker room light to pierce through the darkness.  The light reflected back on several dozen of little lines laced throughout the bathroom.  Nadia shuddered to think of anything remotely arachnid let alone a room full of them.  She took a deep breath and did her best to avoid the reflective strings strung about the room like trip wire.  The light started to fade slowly the deeper she went in, making it even harder to avoid the sticky lines.  The door to the locker room started to slowly shut.  Nadia quickly turned her head to see the light fading.  She whimpered and turned around, heading into the darkness.  

Steps felt like inches in progression while in the dark and Nadia put her hands out in front of her so she wouldn't bump into anything.

"MMMPPHH" a soft moan came from the darkness and made Nadia jump.

"Who's there?" she asked gently trying to hold back her fear.

The soft moaning continued with the sound of what may have been Velcro ripping.  Nadia took another step and felt something wet and sticky rub against her knee.  She whimpered and tried to press forward, only to feel a sticky wet substance rub against her hand.  Nadia tried to take another step as she felt yet another sticky substance rubbing against her cheek.  She closed on eye and tried to free herself of the sticky tethers but only found more suddenly wrapping around her as she panicked.  She placed her foot in front of her and leaned back trying to gain purchase.  With a grunt and a struggle she pulled back hard and felt the sticky line snap.  The line tightened and wrapped around her arms just above her breasts as she was thrust backwards.  

She felt something catch her fall as she kicked her feet to try to reach the ground only to come up empty.  Nadia thrashed and struggled as more lines snapped and served to entangle her further in the sticky mesh.  

"Doesn't anyone clean these rooms?" she asked herself in a struggle while shifting her body weight to and fro.  

A pair of glowing red eyes opened and pierced the darkness.  

"MMMM, What have we here?" Heather's voice asked in the darkness.

"Help, Heather I am stuck in some sticky gunk and can't move" Nadia responded to the voice.  

The voice laughed as Nadia felt her body rolling slightly.  More lines snapped and wrapped around her chest and arms like a mermaid caught in a fisherman's net.  Nadia struggled and shifted her weight only to feel more and more sticky lines entangle her feet and bind her arms.  She tried to move her arms apart only to have the sticky substance pull her arms back in tight to her side.  

"Let me get that light for you" Heather's voice said with a chuckle as the light flooded the room.

Nadia shut her eyes hard to avoid the sudden burst of light.  She slowly opened them to reveal the entire room was laced with sticky, white tethers of various widths and lengths.  Nadia blinked again and looked down to see her arms were tightly wrapped in the sticky white lines and several more lines held onto her back to keep her from dropping to the ground.  She struggled and looked down to see several lines had managed to wrap themselves around her ankles and lock her knees together.  Kumo smiled while in the top part of Heather's body looking down at the young Hispanic girl.  

"Oh, thank God" Nadia said to the upper half of Heather not paying attention to the large abdomen or spindly legs that were supporting the upper half.  

Kumo smiled and scuttled over to Nadia who had somewhat stopped her struggling in hopes Heather would set her free.  The cleaver creature leaned over to the frightened girl and rubbed her hair.  

"My, my you make my job so easy" she said while leaning back to her pulsating and abdomen to pull out a sticky wad of silk.  

"If you are supposed to clean this place up you did a horrible job" she responded with a nervous laugh.

Kumo placed her hand over the girl's chest and smiled.  Nadia looked down and saw the large, pulsating abdomen and spindly legs as Kumo stretched out.

"Heeel MMMPPHHH" Nadia cried out as Kumo shoved the wad of silk into her mouth and pulled more ribbons of sticky silk from her spinnerets.  

Nadia shifted her shoulders and moved her head from side to side in protest as Kumo took several ribbons and wrapped them around her mouth, holding the sticky wad of web in place.  Kumo grinned hungrily at the newest dish to add to the menu.  The creature hold onto the girl with her third set of spindly legs and rolled her in the sticky mesh of silk that surrounded the girl's body.

"MMMPPHH MMMPPHH" Nadia screamed in her gag as more of the small lines of silk wrapped tightly around her body.

Kumo reached back and pulled a wide long ribbon form her spinnerets and lapped it around Nadia's feet.  Nadia continued to squirm and struggle but felt the lines held her tight in Kumo's clever trap. Kumo grinned as she started to spin the girl around like a chicken on a rotisserie, overlapping and layering her sticky ribbon over the girl's hour glass form.  Nadia bucked and squirmed but the silk soon wrapped tightly around her ankles and calves.   She looked down and moved her shoulders up and down while trying to bounce as Kumo continued to wrap her new burrito for dinner.  Nadia cried and squirmed as the sticky silk rose and met with the sticky mesh of web that surrounded her chest and arms.  Kumo continued to spin the girl as her long pink hair flapped in the breeze created by her spinning.  

"MMMPPHH mmmpph MMPPHH" Nadia continued to whimper and cry out as the cocoon rose to her chest and soon over her shoulders meeting her chin.  

Kumo finished wrapping her new tasty burrito and placed her back to the bathroom stall where Heather lay in her new special silk hammock. Seeing the latest addition to her bondage Heather whimpered with Kumo securing Nadia to the wall.  Kumo leaned in and nipped Nadia's chest to draw blood.  

"MMMPPHH" Nadia cried out in pain as the warming sensation began to take hold and Kumo changed into her form.  

"Two foreign delicacies to add to my expanding pallet" Kumo said in Nadia's voice leaving the two to whimper and struggle.  

Kumo looked at the clock and realized she only had a few hours before the conference.  She left the rest room and ran to her larder where Chelsea was barely putting up a fight.  

"mmm, time for another taste" Kumo said as she reached in and bit Chelsea's shoulder once again taking her form.

Kumo licked her lips as Chelsea went back to sleep from the effects of her venom.  She made her way to the football field where Jennifer was waiting to judge.  Jennifer called Chelsea's name and her eyes went wide.  The same cold eyes she saw on Sam were staring right back at her with a grin.  She tried to maintain her composure and not alert her friends of the possible danger that was executing every dance step with precision.  The girls applauded as the music finally ended and Jennifer took a deep breath.  She took a deep breath and embraced who she knew was her enemy.  

"sssooonn my sweet moth, very very soon" Kumo whispered into her ear.

Jennifer dropped her not pad as Kumo waived to the crowd and proceeded back to the locker room.  Chris followed as he wanted to know if Chelsea really knew the where about of his long lost girlfriend.  He noticed her wander into the girl's locker room.  

"Hey Chelsea wait up" he said in a worried tone.

Kumo stopped and smiled looking at the frightened man's eyes.  

"What's wrong Chris?" Kumo asked while Chris explained his peril.

Kumo smiled and invited him to join her in the locker room.  Chris felt a bit nervous but followed.  He was desperate to find his girl.

"Now you just wait here and I will get Tara for you" Kumo said while entering the bathroom.

Chris waited for a moment and shook violently in nervousness.  Kumo took her time and started to make sure her meals were secure. The muffled cries from Nadia and Heather could be barely being heard under their silk gags. Chris started to hear funny noise, like those from his nightmares. He cautiously peaked inside to investigate.  On the ground was Nadia's cocoon squirming and wriggling trying to break out.  

"MMMP MMMPPHH" she cried out in fear while looking into the eyes of Chris who was in shock

"Nadia!" he shouted as he rushed into the bath room to see if she could be helped.  

Kumo pulled more sticky silk over Heather's chest and stomach when she sensed her silk lines being disturbed.  She looked down at Heather and smiled.  Chis reached out and grabbed for Nadia cradling her in his arms.  He looked down into her terrified eyes and tried to process all that was happening.  

"Naughty boy, barging into the girl's room like that" Kumo said while in Chelsea's voice.  

Chris stood up and put his fists up.

"Listen, I don't know what in the hell you are but this ends now!" he exclaimed as Kumo peaked over the stall to look at Nadia's cocoon.

"Oh, but you don't want to fight your friend my dear" she said seductively as a strange warming feeling came over Chris.

Chris looked into the glowing eyes of Kumo and felt his fists slowly lower.  He blinked and tried to resist.  Chris soon felt his blood warmed and his heart racing at the beauty of the creature.  A small smile came across him as Kumo continued he pheromone spell over the would-be hero.  Nadia looked up and bucked in her cocoon, rubbing against him as Chris stood in awe of Kumo and taken by her spell.

"Nadia... I I" he began to speak while under her power and Kumo walked up to him with her spider legs.

"These girls are just so heavy for me to carry by myself" she said while placing her finger on his chest.

"If only a big strong man would help me take these two to my larder" she continued while staring deep into his eyes.

Chris felt overwhelmed.  He looked down at the struggling girl and gently lifted her up and cradled the cocoon in his arms.  Nadia closed her eyes and squirmed while in his strong grip.  She squirmed and wriggled bucking trying to break her would-be hero out of whatever spells the creature had over him.  Kumo smiled at his willingness to assist her, to the horror of the prey.  Kumo prepared Heather, who was just coming out of her coma while her new servant waited patiently for his mistress to give the command.  With a few more layers of silk added to Heather's strong cocoon she placed her over the shoulder and left the stall.  

"Let's go Chris, your woman is waiting" Kumo said with a grin.

Chris bowed and followed Kumo.  He was fixated on his new mistress while the cocooned girls pleaded for help under their gags.

"MMMPPH MMMPPH" they both cried out while struggling and wiggling in the duo's group.

As the two made their way to Kumo's larder, Jennifer was taking a break from judgment.  She glanced over at the manga that Chris had left behind.  On the corner was a picture of a giant spider with breasts and legs similar to what she had seen in Kumo's larder. She opened the comic and found the picture of the creature cocooning local villagers screaming "Kumo!"

Jennifer continued to read on while the hero showed up to the village.  

"Yasha Yasha!" they all screamed in the comic running away.

She read on, convinced this would unlock the mystery of her enemy.  With a gasp she dropped the manga and looked blankly in front of her in shock.  The woman in the comic asked why the hero was being called a demon.  All of the clues started to add up.  Yasha Kumo was a Spider Demon and this manga may hold the key to her defeat.  Still not sure if anyone around her was Kumo she hid the comic under her shirt and would study it later.

Nadia and Heather continued to struggle and squirm, fighting to roll out of the grip of the demon and her servant.  Kumo stopped feet away from her larder, welcomed by the muffled cries for help of her prey as she reached for the handle. She thought for a moment and looked back at the spell-bound servant.  

"Chris be a dear, and place Nadia down over there" she said while placing Heather on the sticky ground.  

Chris bowed and placed Nadia on the ground where he was commanded.

"What else can I do my mistress?" he asked with a blank stare on his face.

Kumo smiled as she scuttled up to him.  She kissed his cheek and reached back to her spinnerets and lapped it over his shoulder.

"You can lie down" she said seductively as Chris complied blindly.  

Kumo held onto her subdued servant and started to spin him around while applying thick coats of sticky silk to his arms, binding them behind him.  The tight cocoon started to build and overlap across his chest.  He couldn't resist the warm feeling in his heart as the demon slowly built up the silk down to his stomach.  

"MMMPHH MMMPPH" Nadia and Heather cried out as they watched their one chance to escape disappear under the silken shroud.  

Kumo moved her back legs and combed a sticky ribbon of silk applying it on to his ankles and quickly turned him around coating his legs to meet the sticky silk that build around his stomach.  He started to feel a bit strange as the warming sensation slowly dissipated.  Chris started to squirm and struggle ever so slightly as he felt his tight bindings around him.  

Kumo moved quickly, knowing her spell may wear off at any given moment.  She worked a sticky wad of webbing and applied it to his mouth just as her spell finally wore off.

"MMMPPHH" he looked up at the creature in confusion and fear.

"So good of you to help me bring home the bacon dear" Kumo said seductively as she felt him squirm.

Kumo drug Nadia and Heather's squirming cocoon closer and placed a sticky coating of silk to each of their backs as she stuck them back to back to back. They all squirmed and cried out as Kumo slowly walked around them, trailing a long sticky ribbon of silk from her spinnerets and bound them all together in another web ball.  

"MMMPPHH MMPPH" they all cried out while moving their heads from side to side in protest as their sticky, tight cocoon formed around them.

Kumo drug her new meat sack into her larder and suspended them next to her original sack.  As the sack was anchored to the ceiling Chris looked around in struggle and protest.  The web sack with Tara turned slightly as Chris and Tara's eyes met briefly before Kumo looked at the clock.  

"Oh, my time from the conference" she said while transforming back into the sexy teacher.
The long awaited next chapter of the Kumo Saga.
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