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August 27, 2011
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Yasha Kumo Part Three

The now disguised Ms Kumo began her journey through her lair as she stopped for a brief moment to listen.  
"MMMPPPHH" the voices started to come from her larder.
The muffled cries of her victims were music to the evil creature's ears.  Sam continued to squirm and struggle in her silk cocoon.  Her blood slowed to a trickle as her gag soaked up most of the blood.  She moved her head back and forth stretching her neck out the best she could, but the result was always the same.  The cocoon would appear to stretch and pull a bit but would just snap back onto her form and cause her to bounce a bit.  Sam looked over at the cocooned girls.  They hung their heads and let out an occasional whimper but had clearly given up any hope of escape.  Sam's eyes couldn't bear to watch her friends in their sticky situation.  She cried as she looked into the corner.  The hollowed out remains of the creature's victims were still wrapped in a tight cocoon with several puncture marks.  Sam focused her eyes and could barely make out the words on the name tag shrouded by the spider's silk.  Her eyes went wide with fear and she let out a muffled scream as she read "Dr. Veronica Kumo"

The creature left her prey to struggle and squirm as she had many more victims in mind to keep them company.  The crafty creature looked down at her form and took the squad car's keys out from her pocket.  A small devious smile began to form on her face as she twirled the key ring around her finger while whistling.  Jennifer's alarm clock went off way to early then the girl would have wanted.  She didn't get hardly any sleep as horrific visions of the creature continued to play through her mind.  Her feet slid out of her bed as she stretched out.  
"Was it all a dream?" she wondered to herself as she continued to yawn and come around.

Jennifer crawled out of bed and began her usual morning routine.  She walked to her closet and saw a variety of different outfits and on the bottom a row of shoes to fit almost any occasion.  The girl smiled as she pulled out a black blouse with a pair of her designer blue jeans.  The events from the night before seemed more like a terrible dream, then a recent memory.  She placed the clothes on her black office chair at her computer desk.  Just like any other morning she signed on to her Facebook and checked her messages.  Tara left her some information that chilled her to the bone.  The message reminded Jennifer of the biology test that they were going to have in the next few hours.  Life seemed to go back to normal as if all the events from the night before were just a terrible dream until she sighed and looked at her door.  In the side of the door was the single shoe she wore last night, still covered in the white sheen of the creature's sticky film.  

Her heart once again began to race as she realized it was no dream.  That thing was in her school and worse, she would have to interact with it during 4th period.  The fake officer finally reached to the top of the stair well.  She smiled as she heard the sound of the school bell, to her it always sounded like dinner bells as all the students poured into the school building.  
"Good morning, Officer Sam" The students would warmly greet the imposter, completely unaware the real cop was struggling for her life just below their feet.  

The crafty creature smiled and greeted back to her potential prey.  She looked around and tried not to drool as a cute brunette went to her locker and pulled out her text books.  

"Soon, you will all be mine" she thought to herself as she made her way to the school doors.

Jennifer scrambled to her room as she realized the time.  She dreaded the thought of going to school but she had to keep up appearances for her friend's sake.   Jennifer ran down the stairs as her father stopped her briefly.  

"I called Sam and she should have gone to your school honey" He said in a reassuring voice.

Jennifer put on a fake smile as she ran out the door and told her father she loved him. She opened the car door and froze.  Her mind wondered about her friends and the evil creature that would try to prey upon them. She turned the car key and began to make her way to the school.  As she drove down the road she looked around the neighborhood.  She finally made it to the school and parked her car.

"Good morning, Jennifer" a familiar voice said from around the corner of her car

"Good morning, Officer…" she pause as she saw the form of Officer Sam.

She hesitated as she glanced into the beautiful officer's eyes.  They were cold and uncaring, completely different from the bright, cheerful eyes she was used to seeing.    Jennifer did her best not to let on the fact she knew something was fishy.

"Late again I see" The imposter said with a cheerful tone.

Jennifer got out of her car and grabbed her book bag from the back seat.

"Yeah, sorry about that" she said in a sweet voice.
The creature laughed and continued on her way to the waiting squad car.

"Jennifer" The officer said.

The young woman froze as her back was turned to the imposter.  Sweat began to pour down her cheeks as she responded.

"I'll catch you later" The creature said while still using Sam's voice and giving a chuckle.

The words of the creature struck fear into the heart of the teen as she was sure that, whatever that thing was it wasn't Sam.  The imposter drove off and Jennifer made her way quickly to the school door.  Jennifer was out of breath when she got to her locker.  She tried to calm herself as she opened the door.  Tears stream down her cheeks as a quivering hand reached inside.  Hanging on a hook was her missing shoe that was caught in the webbing the night before.  She collapsed on to the floor and knew at that very moment her fears were realized.  Not only did the thing exist but it knew who she was.  

The bell rang another time for the classes to begin.  Jennifer tried to pull herself together and headed for the gym.  Her fellow students were dressing out to begin their exercise as she reached the locker room.  She looked into the mirror and splashed her face with water in the sink.
"Morning Jennifer" Rebecca said wearing a white blouse and red skirt.

Jennifer looked over to her friend and tried to remain strong.  She really didn't want her friends to think she was insane or cause a panic.  The frightened teen wiped the tears from her eyes and gently responded back, "Hi Becky, good morning to you"

Rebecca crossed her arms and tilted her head slightly.  She had been friends with Jennifer for only a few years but had a natural ability to tell when something was wrong.  Her eyes gazed into Jennifer's and sighed.

"What is wrong?" she said with a concerned tone.

Jennifer was not about to tell her anything and quietly smiled and began to dress out.  The girls in the locker room heard the teacher's whistle and went to the gym floor.  Jennifer looked around but Tara was nowhere in sight.     She began to worry as usually her friend was the first one out of the locker room.  Roll call began just like any other class but when Tara's name was called there was no response.  Tara opened the hood of her car and cursed.  She forgot to get the car serviced a few months ago and now her engine wouldn't start.  

"Oh, you piece of junk!" she yelled at her non-responding car.  

Tara was a good mechanic but had the memory of a goldfish when it came to normal wear and tear.  She walked to the garage and picked up a few quarts of oil and began to pour it in to the engine.  Tara checked the dip stick and saw that the oil was at the limit.  She sealed the bottle and entered into the driver's seat.  

"Come on work!" she whispered as she closed her eyes and turned the key.  

The car sputtered but finally showed signs of life as she revved the engine.  She smiled and put the car into drive.  Tara had never been late to school before and she hated the thought.  The only thing she could think about was getting to school and fast.  She lived a few miles out of the town's city limits and rarely took the highway but today was an emergency.  She put the medal to the metal and forgot about anything else but to get to school.  As she drove she noticed Christy's car on the side of the road with no signs of anyone in it.  She shrugged as she continued her journey.  In the distance she saw Jerrica's car and then Tiffany's.  Tara started to feel a little uneasy about seeing them and heard a sound that would fill any speeding teen's heart with dread, the sound of a police siren!   She looked into her rear mirror and there were the flashing lights of Sam's squad car and her perfect speed trap.  

Tara sighed and pulled over.  Her heart raced and reached over to her glove compartment to get the registration of her vehicle.  Sam pulled in right behind her.  After a few minutes the young officer stepped out of the vehicle and started to make her way to her victim.  Tara rolled down her window and gazed into the eyes of her captor.  

"Going a little fast were we?" Sam said with a smile.

Tara handed her the car's registration and her licenses as she responded, "Oh, hey Sam I was running a little bit late to school"  

Sam took the materials from the teen and looked them over.  She smiled and with a smirk placed her information into her pocket.

"Step out of the car please" Sam said with while licking her lips a bit.

", Sam, like I am sorry and some junk, it won't happen again" Tara responded with a sigh.

"I don't think you heard me, Step out of the car now!" Sam barked as she reached for her back.

Tara unbuckled her seatbelt and complied.  Her mind began to race faster than she was going doing the highway.  She stepped of the vehicle and shut the door waiting Sam's next instructions.  

"Put your hands on the hood of the vehicle please" Sam said with a bit of a snicker.

Tara's eyes began to water and she shook like a leaf as she placed her hands on to the hood of the car.  She had seen many episodes of cops but never imagined herself being a suspect or being arrested.  Sam grabbed her arm and brought it behind Tara's back.  Tara closed her eyes and cringed as she awaited the cold metal of the hand cuffs to bind her wrists together.  Sam reached deep under belt and placed the first cuff onto her victim's wrist.  Tara opened her eyes fast as she didn't expect the cuffs to feel wet or for that matter really sticky.  The disguised Kumo pulled from her spinnerets another sticky wad of silk and grabbed Tara's other arm, bringing it behind her and plastering her wrists to her back.  

"Hey, like, what is this?" Tara asked in shock.  

"Ok, Sam like, I get it I was wrong just please give me my freaking ticket and we can both call it a day" Tara responded in a smart tone.

Sam smiled and whispered into her victim's ear in Ms Komo's voice, "Hello Tara, I was hoping to catch you before class."

Tara screamed as the creature turned her around and pulled a sticky glob of silk from her spinnerets and shoved it into Tara's mouth.  She tried to resist but the glob seamed onto her lips and inside her mouth sealing it shut and reducing and screams to a low whimper.  The road was deserted, only thing on the side of the road where the abandoned vehicles that Tara previous saw on her way to school.  The creature, which was still in Sam's form, grabbed the struggling student's feet and wrapped a tight silk cuff over her ankles.  Tara tried to kick and stretch the webbing as she looked down.  She pulled and tugged but the silk was as sticky as super glue and as tight as elastic.  

"lmht mh gmmph" she cried out through her webbed mouth.

The creature laughed a hearty laugh and grabbed her new prey with her human arms and drug her to the side of the car, out of the view of any would be saviors.  Tara moved her shoulders back and forth and squirmed as her feet drug the ground trying to prevent going completely out of view from the outside road.  She continued to cry out and resist as the creature continued her assault.  Tara was placed with her back to the side of the car as the creature looked around to insure the coast was clear.  She made a small scream as a large bulbous abdomen expanded, pulsating as it built up the necessary cocooning silk.  Tara's pupils shrunk in the shock of her friendly neighborhood cop turned into the spider woman.  Kumo's legs split to reveal another set of spindly spider's legs.  She stretched her arms they too forked into 2 sets of spindly legs as her form rose off the ground on all eight legs.  Tara cried and tried to squirm under the car, hiding from the creature.  

The spider creature grabbed for her legs and drug her out as her spinnerets started to weave a long sticky ribbon.  Tara cringed as she witnessed the newly formed spider leg reach for the silk and lift her feet up.  Her butt rose off the ground like a new-born baby getting her diaper changed as the creature suspended her feet into the air with a pair of her front legs.  Tara jerked and squirmed but the creature's grip was far too strong. It stuck the long ribbon to her calf and started to wined it tightly around, overlapping itself to insure the bindings would be tight and hard if not impossible for her prey to escape under her own power.  She tried to reach into her pockets but found her arms wouldn't be able to stretch that far and even if they could reach the mace she wouldn't have the fingers to grip the bottle.  

The creature laughed as the silk tightly continued to raise up the poor girls legs, now up to her knees.  The girl continued to flop and squirm likes a fish out of water.  The creature looked around and noticed a car was coming down the road.  She didn't know who might be in the vehicle and tried to turn back into Sam.  The creature only managed to change her upper body of the officer as her legs and abdomen were still very much visible.  Tara looked up with confusion as the spider turned back from hideous creature to the town's beloved officer.

"MMMPPPHHH" she cried through her gag as the fear built up and she heard the car coming down the road.  

The driver of the vehicle slowed down and acted like they were going to stop.  The young teen squirmed and cried out trying to see if she could stand and get help from the vehicle.  Sam's imposter pulled another ribbon from her spinnerets and wrapped it tight around her prey's mouth adding to her already sticky gag.  Her spindly leg pulled tight as Tara's cries for help were reduced to a low whimper.  The creature continued pulling sticky thread and wrapping it around the struggling girl.  The driver of the vehicle rolled down the window and waived at the attractive officer, completely unaware of the teen's distress.  The imposter smiled and waved as the car continued to drive out of sight.

Tara cried and mumbled in her gag as the creature turned her attention back to her grim task at hand.  Tara squirmed and struggled as she looked down to see her legs from her ankles to her torso had disappeared under the wet tight cocoon. The imposter looked down and smiled.

"Now, where were we my prey?" she said in Kumo's voice.

The creature quickly transformed back into her true form.  Tara tried to shy away as the imposter grabbed her shoulders and raised her high with her cocooned feet dangling on the ground below.  Tara wiggled her feet as the creature leaned back and spat a wad of webbing over her chest.  The thick, sticky glob of silk oozed down her chest coating her breasts as the creature started to mold the wad of silk around her victim's upper arms like a potter spinning her wheel.  Tara felt the course hairs of the creature brush against her bare arms as the silk wrapped tightly around pinning her arms to her side and adding to her already tight and sticky straight jacket.  

"MMMPPHHH" she cried out as the spider turned her around and continued to mold the silk around her and plastering the ends to her back.

Kumo licked her lips and gripped the struggling girl, cradling Tara under her knees and upper shoulders.  She brought the struggling girl down to her spinnerets and placed a wide sticky ribbon of silk onto her stomach.  Tara squirmed and whimpered as the teen started to spin.  Kumo took great care to insure her victim's cocoon would conform to her form perfectly.  Tara's vision came in out and out view as the dizzying spin whipped her hair around and bound her further into the cocoon.  The creature moved her abdomen up and down around the girl coating her with sticky silk like piece of meat wrapped by saran wrap.  

Tara's struggles became less and less as the layers upon layers of silk added to her already tight cocoon.  The creature looked around to see if any other cars where coming as she placed her struggling silk sack onto the ground out of sight from anyone.  Tara could only wiggle and squirm like a silk worm as her body had been bound from ankle to mouth in a sticky, tight formfitting cocoon.  

"Just wait here my dear, I will be back for you" The creature transformed back into Ms. Kumo her teacher as she went back to the squad car and drove off.  

Tara struggled and squirmed.  Her arms flexed and she grunted as she attempted to get free of her silken prison.  Tara banged her head against the car door and cried as she found the more she stretched out the more exhausted she would become.  Minutes seemed like hours as the struggling teen continued her struggle until the squad car was coming down the highway.  

"MMPPHHH" she cried out as she knew her captor would soon be back.  

The squad car pulled up behind her as the imposter got out.  Ms. Kumo walked to her struggling form and gently picked her up.  The girl squirmed and cried as she felt herself being carried back to the squad car.  The imposter opened the back of the door while gripping the cocoon in her side arm.  Tara's head rose as she heard the whimpering of more girls.  
"MMMPPHH MMPPHH MMMPPHHH" the cocoons inside cried out as one was on the floor boards another laying on the seat and another webbed to the ceiling of the car.

Ms. Kumo smiled as she laid her latest victim on the seat on top of the other struggling girl and proceeded to add secure her catch with a few sticky tethers that would act like seat belts.  

"I wouldn't want my meat to get hurt if we crash, safety first you know" Ms. Kumo said with a chuckle as she shut the back door.  

Ms Kumo got into the Tara's car and drive off into the nearby woods where she stashed the other cars she had pulled over.  With the cars out of site and her food securely in the back of her squad car Ms Kumo entered the driver's side of the car and drive off.  She looked over to the car's dash and smiled.

"Well girls, it looks like it's time to punch out for the day" she said to her prey as she drove to the road behind the school to stash the car.

The creature would return after school was out to add her fresh prey to the larder.  It was almost time for 4th period and the creature had a class to give their test to.
This is the exciting third part to my Yasha Kumo Series. Now that the creature has the form of the town's only police officer how will she use that responsibility? :plotting:

As always enjoy and feel free to comment.
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