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July 12, 2011
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"Hello, and welcome to another great year here at Lincoln High!"  Super Intendant Smith proclaimed to the students over the loud speaker.   

All throughout the hallways, the students were busy organizing their lockers and preparing for another fine year at their prestigious school in the middle of nowhere.  The town's population was quite small with only about one thousand people or so.  Jennifer finished giving her long blond hair a quick brushing.

"Another year of this and we can all finally graduate."  She said as she placed the hair brush back in to the locker.  Jennifer was 17 and was the student body president for her junior class.  She stood about 5 foot 6 inches tall, had bright green eyes and her figure was generously curved.  Her outfit consisted of a white tank top that exposed her belly button.  Over that was a light blue jacket that was tied around her waist and a pair of long blue jeans with holes around her knee caps.  "Like, I know Jennifer I totally can't wait to get out of here!"  Tara responded.  Tara was also 17 and the same height as her best friend Jennifer.  Her hair fell to her shoulders and was a dirty blond in color.  Tara always had a pony tail that drove the boys wild as she walked down the hall way.  Her outfit varied from day to day but today she had a blue jeans mini skirt and short sleeved black tee shirt with a Hello Kitty on the front.  The have been friends since Kindergarten she was bit of a valley girl but that only added to her popularity in school.

"Hey, here he comes!"  Tara said while placing a sucker into her mouth and laughing as she walked away with her books placed against her chests.  

Tom leaned over and rested his hand next to Jennifer's locker.  Using his hand, he brushed his hair back slightly and gave her a smile.

"Hey"   He said in a cool low tone.  

Tom was the typical school jock.  He always wore his varsity football jacket over a tee shirt and blue jeans.  Every town has a guy like this.  Tom knew that any girl in all of Lincoln high would do anything to have a quiet evening with this guy.   He stood about six foot tall, had perfect teeth and under his jacket was ripped muscle and a six pack of abs.  
Jennifer shut her locker and turned to her side facing him.  She gave him a stern look and turned around as her long blond hair brushed his face.

"Is this about last night?"  He asked as Jennifer was walking away.

Jennifer continued walking as Tom pursed.

"Hey, Jennifer I am sorry I didn't think you would mind seeing that movie"   He tried to calm her.
"You know I hate those stupid horror movies Tom."  She responded by turning around.
"But Jennifer, you are still coming to my game tonight right?"  He asked in a sincere tone.
"I will have to think about it" Jennifer responded as she slowly walked away leaving Tom alone in the hall way as the class bell rang.
Jennifer put down her book bag next to her desk and watched the morning announcements.  

"Good morning students, and welcome to another great year here in Lincoln High."  The Principle began.

Jennifer became a little confused and disturbed by the man on TV.  She had seen this speech every year for the last 3 years but he seemed different today.  He was abnormally chipper and seemed to be in a trance.  Jennifer continued to witness his strange behavior as he concluded with a surprise assembly in the school gym.  All of the students rose from their desks and proceeded to gym.  Jennifer sat next to Tara and waited for the ceremony to begin.   She looked over and spoke with her.

"Hey Tara didn't Principle Sheppard seem strange to you?"  She asked in a concern manner.

"Like, I don't know he seemed ok to me"   Tara responded not sure what Jennifer was talking about.

"He didn't seem, happier than normal?"   Jennifer continued.
Tara went to respond but the ceremony had already begun.  The principle stood up and walked to the podium.  

"Students, I have called you all in here today to announce we have a new Biology teacher."   He said in delight.  

"Her name is Ms. Yasha Kumo; she came all the way from the Far East and has done remarkable work in field of entomology.

Ms. Kumo was a striking young lady she appeared to be in her mid 20's.  She stood just below six feet tall and had long black hair that feel below her shoulder blades and bangs that swept to both sides of her face.  She had a pair of thin glasses over her bright blue eyes and had lush red lipstick.  Her dress was black and dropped down to her knees.  If there was ever a teacher that would warm a man's heart it was her.  Tara giggled a little bit and looked over to Jennifer who shared the same expression on her face.

"No wonder our principle is so like happy, do you see the new teacher?"  Tara whispered into Jennifer's ear.

Jennifer still had a slight suspicion that there was more to Ms. Kumo what she was letting on.  Ms. Kumo walked up to podium and introduced herself.

"Hello my sweet children, I am absolutely delighted to have the pleasure of being chosen to lead you all in a journey of a web of discovery. "  She began.

"That is an old entomology joke, I hope you all can forgive me and not let that stick in your minds."  She continued.  

"As of today I have a special assignment for all of you.  I need you all to go home and tell your parents to come to a special parent teacher conference in one week.  Thank you all and I look forward to having you all in my class room"   She concluded her speech.  

As the ceremony concluded, Jennifer still felt uneasy about the whole situation.  She couldn't quite put her finger on it but she had the creeps looking into the eyes of Ms. Kumo.  As the week progressed her fears and paranoia increased.  The new biology teacher was reclusive.  She never ate with the other faculty and she always spent her time in the cellar of the school.  Every time she came back from the cellar she was out of breath and sweating like she just ran a marathon.  A few students were missing but their parents called in with doctors notes or so the faculty claimed.

Jennifer's mind began to wonder.  What could she possibly be doing down there for so long?  Why does she always come back sweating?  She decided to investigate and snuck down into the cellar.  Jennifer snuck out of her room that night and went back to the school.  She had snuck out before to visit Tom but this time she was on a mission to satisfy her curiosity.  Jennifer turned on her flashlight and opened the lock to the school front.  As the student body present she was given the keys to the school so she could help set up for events and ceremonies but she was never informed of Ms. Kumo until the day she introduced herself.  

She entered the school doors and proceeded walk down the stairs into the cellar.  As she traveled down the stair way she shined her flashlight in front of her and noticed a strange substance across the ceiling.  It looked sticky and shimmered as the light reflected off of it.  Jennifer continued down with her hand on the handle when she came to a stop.  Her hand was firmly gripped on the stair handle and she was unable to let up her grip.  She shined her light over to her hand and revealed a white sticky film had encased her knuckles and fingers.  Jennifer pulled away from the railing and tried to free it but this white film was stickier then any type of glue she had ever seen before.  

She placed the flashlight in her mouth and reached into her pocket to pull out a set of car keys.  Jennifer used her keys and scratched way at the white sticky substance.  The film stretched over her car keys and she had to stop to wipe them on her cloths but she was finally free of the sticky glue trap.  

"What in the hell was that junk?"  She asked herself as she placed the flashlight back in her hand and continued down the dark stairwell.  Jennifer knew somehow this had to tie to Ms. Kumo.  No one else could see it but deep down she knew Ms. Kumo was evil.  The cold stare in her eye, while seemly being as sweet as can be to everyone around her, made Jennifer shiver just thinking about it.  Jennifer continued her investigation and finally reached the end of the long stairwell.  As she stepped foot onto the hard concrete floor she looked down and saw the strange white film leading to a door way.  Under the door way shinned a strange white glow.  On the other side of the door way she swore she could hear people talking.  

She was careful not to step on any of the white sticky film as she didn't want to get stuck again.  Jennifer finally made her way to the door where a keyhole was shining with the same strange glow as the door.  She pulled her hair back and placed her eye into hole of the door.  On the other side there was a table with strange bulbous plants.  She saw Ms. Kumo's shadow in the light but it seemed different somehow.  The shadow showed her having several more arms almost like there were multiple light sources shining reflecting on the wall.  Jennifer moved her eye around the key hole and could faintly see a strange white sack hanging from the ceiling.  

Jennifer looked again and noticed the bottom of the sack was moving slightly but she didn't hear any fan or any way of wind to sway the sack.  She pulled her face away from the keyhole and scratched her eyes to get a better view.  She looked down and saw a look of Josephine.  Josephine was one of the new students and was recently one of the few who called in sick.  Josephine was sitting on the ground with her arms behind her back asleep in the corner.  Her head drooped down and motionless.  The shadow of Ms. Kumo came into view as it shadowed over the poor girl.  She raised her head as if she was in a daze at the approaching shadow.  Her eyes started to widen as the shadow became larger.  

"Mmmm Josephine, I bet you are just as sweet as your friend."  A strange voice came from the shadow.

"Huh?"  Josephine said becoming a little more aware of her situation.  

She tried to stand but couldn't as something was holding her in place.  Jennifer's eyes widened as she saw Ms. Kumo's body get much closer to Josephine reveling her multiple arms and something under her dress that was rounded and bulbous.  Josephine struggled and shouted for help but Jennifer could only stare in sheer terror as Ms. Kumo got even closer.  

"Please, I don't want this."  She cried trying to reason with Ms. Kumo.

"Oh, but I do my sweet little girl."  Ms. Kumo responded in a low evil tone.

"No, stay away!"  Josephine screamed as Ms. Kumo reached behind her dress and pulled a long wide sticky ribbon of the same white substance that trapped Jennifer earlier.

"Don't worry my sweet, it won't hurt for long" Ms. Kumo said as she grasped the ribbon with two hands and placed it over the struggling girl's mouth.

The teacher wrapped the film several times over the student's mouth layering one on top of another forming a white shimmering gag.  

"MMMPPHHH" Josephine screamed as she was lifted up from the ground and placed into the arms of the creature.  

Ms. Kumo pulled another film from under her and placed it on the student's feet wrapping her ankles together several times.  She then proceeded to cover her toes in the same sticky film, squishing in between her toes.  The process was slow and Jennifer could tell Ms. Kumo was enjoying every second of it.  She would laugh and drool as the poor defenseless student was slowly cocooned.  Jennifer placed her hand over her mouth in terror.   She couldn't believe how right she was about her new evil teacher.   Tears welded up in Josephine's eyes as they soaked her silken gag.  The creature then continued her work by layering another sticky film around her lower legs and worked her way up layering her prey with more sticky white silk that was slowly turning white as it dried and conformed to her body.  

"I can't wait to taste you my sweet; I never had a red head before."  The creature said as she placed a sticky ribbon to Josephine's torso.  

Ms. Kumo began to spin her prey around continuing to layer her in the sticky silk until she reached the girls breasts.  She then turned the prey up and down to form a kind of silken bra that would support Josephine's large breasts.  With a few more spins the cocoon was complete and Josephine's struggles could begin.  The creature placed her in the center of the large white web in the middle of the room and sat back and watched as her prey wiggled back and forth testing her bonds trying to escape.  Ms. Kumo laughed as she pulled the white sack from the ceiling and drooled.  The sack came into view as a shape of a woman that barely could squirm.  

"Dinner and a show, I knew I picked the right group of girls."  The creature laughed as she slowly sank her fangs into the squirming mass of silk.  

"MMMMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHHHhhhh" The wiggling sack cried out as Ms. Kumos digestive juices turned her insides to soup.  Jennifer's eyes began to tear up, she wanted to blink and look away but she couldn't as she was petrified at what was happening in front of her.  

The wiggling mass's muffled cries slowly began to fade as the creature enjoyed its first meal in a long time.  Josephine continued to bounce back and forth struggling desperately to escape her fate but the silk bindings were far too strong and only served to delight her capture in her struggles as she fed.

Jennifer had seen enough and slowly backed away from the door.  As she did her flashlight dropped to the ground making a crashing noise.  Immediately the creature heard the sound and stopped feeding.  She threw the cocoon onto the ground and slowly came towards the door.  Jennifer panicked.  She picked up her flash light and ran as fast as she could to the stair way.  She continued to run until she came to a sudden stop.  She looked down and noticed her feet were stuck on the white sticky film she was so careful to avoid earlier.  Jennifer struggled to break free but the sticky film held her shoes in place.  Thinking quickly she removed her shoes and jumped free of the sticky film.

Jennifer ran as fast as she could up the stair way, as she knew the creature would be in pursuit.  She finally reached the school doors and pulled out her keys to lock the door behind her.  The creature slammed into the door just as Jennifer turned the key.  She slowly backed away, her heart beating out of her chest and turned the key to her car.  

She would return home with the ghastly tale but the question remains will anyone believe her?
Jennifer is your normal average student body president. She enjoys trips to the mall and making out with her boyfriend. Her world is turned upside down in her Junior year. Who is this Ms. Kumo and what is she here?

Please comment below and enjoy.
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Iaze Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student Writer
Reminds me of a Dr. Who episode where the aliens take over the high school, and make the kids into calculators at their computers to help with an invasion or something.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it gets better ;)
Iaze Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student Writer
Cool. It shall be what I read here the next several days.
Kimeria87 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Student General Artist
Wow this part is so amazing!:iconwowplz: its a fantastic introduction! I really love how you manage to capture mystery and suspense! I really love Yasha Kumo and Jennifer! Poor Josephine!! And the middle to ending was very terrifying and had a great mood! Fantastic job here! I'll certainly be checking out more of this! :iconlove:
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am really happy you gave it a shot.  Yasha Kumo was going to be an OC before all the drama hit and my Dridra was created
Kimeria87 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm glad you're glad! :giggle: :iconyayzplz:

Oh I see~ :hug:
Steffel Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I didn't get around to start reading earlier.
Anyway, I liked this a lot. I have to admit that after reading Yasha Kumo 0 I wasn't sure if I was going to like Jennifer but by the end of this chapter I was already rooting for her. You did a great job building tension, especially with the creepy athmosphere in the celllar and when Jennifer witnesses Kumo cocooning that other girl. I hope it won't take me as long until I can read the next chapter.
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I look forward to your review. I am glad you enjoyed my story so far
CellThirteen Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Professional Writer
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