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Yasha Kumo Part Two

Jennifer's heart felt like it was going to pop out of her chest as she pulled into the drive way of her home.  She still couldn't believe what she saw.  Her teacher was able to produce that sticky film from out of nowhere?  It felt like a nightmare but she wasn't entirely sure what was real any more.  Jennifer placed her head on the steering wheel and covered her face with her shaking hands.   A warm glow came from her home.  

"Thank God, Daddy must be home" She said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Jennifer locked her car and fumbled with her key trying to find the house key.  She was still so very excited over the whole ordeal.  She slipped the key into the keyhole and slowing opened the door.  The frightened girl peaked her head in the door way.  She was happy to see her parents but at the same time was not sure about telling them why she was out of the house past curfew.  Her parents were quietly sitting in the living room watching tv.  They held each other closely as the credits started to roll from their favorite late night talk show.  
"Jennifer, where were you?"  Her father asked without turning his head.

Jennifer thought for a moment and was hesitant in responding.  She still was still panting and sweating nervously.  Her father turned about and saw his daughter.  

"Princess, what is wrong?"  He asked as he quickly jumped out of his seat and approached his daughter.  

Jennifer's clothing was soaked to the bone and her shoe was still missing.  

"Oh, hi Daddy" She said with slight hesitation.
"I was... Um at the school" She began to explain.

Her father grabbed her shoulder and gave her a questionable look.   He knew his daughter was busy with school but never this late or coming home in such sorry shape.  

"Jennifer, what happened?"  He asked again in a concerned voice.

Jennifer looked around the room; her mother turned her head and waited for an answer.   She started to explain that she was in the school's cellar and got stuck to some weird substances.  Her father nodded his head and listened.   Jennifer continued to go in to detail about looking through a key whole and seeing the horrific sight of a woman shaped sack squirming and being devoured as the sack stopped squirming.  
"Josephine was so new, I can't believe she met her fate like that" She said as she finally broke into tears and hugged her father's neck.  

She was overwhelmed with emotion as she felt safe in her father's arms.  The tears continued to fall to the ground streaming from her face.  Her father embraced her and began to comfort her best he could.

"Sweet heart, why didn't you just explain you went to the movie with Tom" he began.

Jennifer looked up at her father's face and frowned.  

"But, Daddy it wasn't a movie it was real' She yelled.

Her father pulled her away and started to lecture her.  

"Honey, how are you so sure of what you seen?" He began.

Jennifer's father continued with his lecture.  He explained that she probably watched a scary movie and that it wasn't real.  Her father knew she hated scary movies and always took them as they were almost reality.  Jennifer's father reinsured her that it wasn't real and she should go get some sleep.  Her father was acting very strange; she was expecting him to yell at her for being out so late.

"Daddy, I know what I saw!" Jennifer exclaimed as she stomped her foot.

"Ok honey, against my better judgment I will call Sam and get her to the school in the morning" Her father said while sending her off to bed.

Jennifer walked up to her room and slammed the door.  Exhausted she collapsed on her bed and curled up into a fetal position as she slowly drifted off to sleep.  The following mourning Sam arrived at the police station.  It was a small office that was quiet lonely as she was the only woman policing the small town.  Sam was about 27 with long brown hair that feel just to her shoulder.  She had a golden tan with throughout the year, a near perfect figure and was in to modeling for a short period of time before her finally graduated the state police academy.  Her eyes were sky blue and she never had to wear makeup as her body was naturally attractive.  Sam was lucky to be placed in the town she grew up in.  Her relationships to the students were almost sister-like to them.  

She threw the paper on to her desk and took a seat.  Sam crossed her legs and promptly opened the paper to the sports section.   The young lady took a sip of her coffee and heard the phone ring.  She answered it with a yawn.  

"This is Sam" She answered.

Jennifer's father began to explain the horror story that he was given late last night.

"Jim, did you let your daughter watch that scary movie again?" She said with a chuckle.

"Ok Jim, I will head over to the school if that will make Jennifer calm down" She said as she hung up the phone.  

The town was so small and had little crime that Sam would do these little tasks just to get out of the office ever once in a while.  She loved cop tv shows and hoped on day something would come in to her life to rock her world.  Sam neatly folded the newspaper and placed it on her desk. She sighed and grabbed the squad car keys as she headed out the door.
Sam began her drive to the school; her police uniform was blue and carried a 9mm.  As she was the only sheriff the school entrusted her with the gate keys.  School was going to start in a few hours and she had plenty of time to investigate this supposed abduction.  

Ms. Kumo was in the class room as she spotted the squad car.  She gently smiled as the creature noticed the young woman hopping out of the vehicle with the perfect figure.  Ms. Kumo snickered as she ran to the entrance to meet the officer.  At the gate the young officer began to turn the school key as Ms. Kumo appeared startling her.

"Hello officer, how can I help you today?" She said in a pleasant tone.

"Oh you scared me" She said she placed her hand to her chest.

"Yes, I am Officer Samantha and I received a complaint about a girl being held in the cellar." She explained while showing Ms. Kumo her badge.

The creature in disguise smiled and laughed.  The officer felt a little uneasy about how the new comer to the town seemed so cold.  The officer snickered a little bit at the thought of anything outside of the excitement of a traffic stop happening in her town.  

"Well officer you are welcome to step into my humble parlor and have a look if you wish" She said with a slight smirk and eyes narrow.  

The officer didn't have a good feeling about this and was beginning to think there may be more to the complaint then she originally thought.  Sam walked through the gate after locking her car and followed the teacher into the courtyard of the school.  The officer suspiciously eyed the woman as they continued their walk to the school doors.      

"I have known people here all my life and I have never seen you before" She began to question the stranger.

"My name is Yasha Kumo, I was hired by your local school to teach about my expertise" Ms. Kumo responded.  

As the two ladies reached the school doors, Sam looked down and noticed some strange substance on the ground.   She knelt down and touched it with her fingers.  It was white and very sticky.  She rubbed her fingers together and found it difficult to spread them apart.  Sam shuddered and quickly stood up.  Sam hated bugs and absolutely couldn't stand spiders.  She wanted to enter the safety of the school to escape whatever had left the sticky substance outside.  The teacher opened the door and invited the officer inside.  
They began to walk down the hall ways.  Sam's excitement build as she recalled all the good times she had in her old school.  She was always popular and great at sports.  They walked by the trophy case and Sam stopped for a moment.  Ms. Kumo looked over Sam's figure and let out a subtle giggle.  Sam looked at the large golden trophy in the center.  It was her state champion volleyball trophy and it had a figure of her on the top.  She sighed as she finished reminiscing and continued to follow the teacher.  They passed the stairway where Jennifer reported running up and getting stuck on the rails.  The officer took out her flashlight and began to question Ms. Kumo.  

"I don't remember this being here before" She said as Sam turned on her flashlight and shined the beam down the dark stairs.  

"That is the new addition to the school officer" Ms. Kumo began to explain.

"Please let me show you around my parlor" She continued while extending her hand out and guiding the officer to the cellar.

Sam placed the beam of light in front of her as it shined on the back of Ms. Kumo's long black dress; its light shimmered off the silky smooth fabric.  She placed her hands on the rails and found the same sticky substance as she felt outside.  Sam looked down and jerked her hand off of the rail after a brief struggle.  
"I don't think I caught your name miss." She began as she looked back at the teacher.  

To her confusion the teacher had vanished into the darkness.  Sam stopped for a moment and waived her flashlight around trying to find the missing women but only found shimmering white substance that coated the ceiling and lined the walls of the cellar.  She shuddered but continued deeper into the cellar.  The hairs on the back of her neck rose as she started to see sheets of the substance hanging from the ceiling above.  Sam had to duck a few times trying to avoid rubbing her face against the unknown white.  Sam continued her journey where she finally reached the bottom of the stair way.  She aimed her flashlight down on the ground and noticed the same sticky, white substance shimmering.  Sam tried to lift her feet but felt resistance.  She looked down and saw her black boots in sheen of white.  Sam pulled and pulled trying to break free as she heard the sound of tearing velcro from below.  The white substance stretched and finally released her.

Sam started to breathe hard as she backed up slowly.  She felt a sticky substance on her hands and butt as she backed into the sticky, white wall.  Her flashlight fell to the ground and stuck to the sticky, white below, its shin covered by the film.  The woman stopped and tried to pull herself free of the wall.  She grunted and squirmed until she finally felt her back and butt free of the sticky trap.

"Miss, where are you?" Sam yelled as she picked up her flashlight and saw the film tear away from the floor like gum.  

She shined it at the door where Jennifer had witness the crime.  Sam looked over and saw a single white shoe caked in the white sheets of the floor.  The officer reached for her gun and pulled it out of the holster.  She placed her wrists together as she gripped her gun above her flashlight with the red dot sight in the center of the circle of light.  She slowly approached the door making sure not to get caught on the sticky film that layered the floor.  

"Miss, open this door!" She yelled nervously.  

The door opened and Sam stepped inside with her gun and flashlight shining ahead of her.   The room was not dark but had a strange glow to it.  She looked around and noticed the walls where lined with the same substance as what was in the hall of the stairs but it seemed different.  The walls had a much thicker coat of the film that shined with millions of tiny threads.  Sam gasped a few times as she saw a few white sacs on the wall.  "MMMPPHHH" They cried and squirmed as the alien light shinned on them.  Each sack has the outline of a young woman.

"Oh, my God" Sam gasped as she witness the sacks react.  

Sam approached the sack and put away her gun.

"Don't worry sweet heart I am going to get you out of here" She said as she gentle tore away at the area she hoped the face would be.

Sam tore away at the sack and revealed a young student with a large amount of webbing around her mouth and nose that muffled her cries for help.  

"Josephine, who did this to you" Sam asked as she tried to tear away at the cocoon.  

The area around the face and neck were easy but the rest of the sack was very secure.  She grunted and pulled desperately trying to free the young woman from her cocoon.  Sam dropped the gun and placed both hands on the center of the cocoon and pulled the apart as hard as she could.  

"MMMPPPHHH" The imprisoned girl screamed as she looked behind Sam.

"Hello, officer" The teacher said in a low sinister tone.  

Sam quickly turned around with her flashlight below her gun as the red dot pointed at the head of the woman.  

"Miss, w what in the hell is going on here?" She shuddered as she was no longer certain who or what this creature was before her.

"My name is Kumo, Yasha Kumo" She said.

"Well Ms. Kumo, I am afraid you are under arrest" She said while reaching for her hand cuffs.

Ms. Kumo let out a deep throated laugh and reached out her hands.  An evil smile was subtle but present as she witnessed the inexperienced officer shaking with fear.  Sam fumbled with her hand cuffs and final unlatched them as she started to walk towards the creature.  

"Y You have t the right to r remain s silent" Sam shuddered as she tried to remember to read her future prisoner her rights.

Sam placed the hand cuff on the teacher's right wrist and asked her to turn around.  With her head down Ms. Kumo complied with the officer and turned around.  The officer attached the other cuff to her other wrist and locked both the cuffs together.   Sam holstered her gun and clipped the button of her holster.  In a way she was excited that after all this time some action finally reached her home town.  A kidnapping ring busted as Sam investigated the area with her eyes.  There were about 5 more sacks some of them had puncture marks around the chest and were not moving.  

Sam quit paying attention to Ms. Kumo as her body started to go through a change.  From below her skirt came a rounded bulbous object with finger-like objects that pulled and pushed.  With a thrust, the object sprayed a sticky glob of goo at the officer's feet that spread on impact.  Sam tried to move but found her feet were coated with the thick white glue.  She raised her head form looking and saw Ms. Kumo grow another pair of legs.  These legs were different however; they were long and spindly as they began to raise the hand-cuffed woman higher into the air supporting her weight.  Another pair of legs sprouted as the terrified officer continued to struggle to free her of the sticky film.  Two more pairs of legs came forth bringing the total to eight legs and two human arms still hand cuffed.  

Sam gulped as Ms. Kumo laughed at the frightened woman stuck to the floor.  The cocooned sacks cried out and Josephine cried as she witnessed the same horrible scene before.   The creature's bulbous abdomen raise as it aimed at the officer's chest.  The creature laughed as she thrust her abdomen at the woman and projected a stream of liquid silk that coated the coated the officer's chest upon impact and spread around her shoulders pinning her top arms together.

Sam grunted and squirmed as the liquid silk cooled and stretched slightly as the woman tried to raise her arms. Ms. Kumo turned around and showed Sam her bound arms.  The creature effortlessly pulled her arms apart and instantly broke the cuffs.  Sam screamed as she realized the creature had led her right into a trap.  The creature jumped on the officer, its abdomen pressed firmly against her breasts as she knocked the officer to the ground.  Ms. Kumo ran her spider legs over the woman and brought her abdomen below her.  
"MMPPHHH" The cocoons continued to cry out as they heard their only chance of salvation about to join them.  

The creature's abdomen vibrated and its spinnerets reared back and trusted again.  With the trust a large amount of liquid silk poured on to the struggling officer as she screamed.  The sticky silk cooled as the impact coated her legs sticking them together.  Sam had barely enough time to yell when the creature thrusted again bring forth another torrent of silk that coated her belly.

"No, get this crap off of me!" She yelled as she felt her body twitch as yet another spray of silk came forth followed by yet another thrust of the abdomen.

Ms. Kumo looked down and the squirming mass of silk as the officer squirmed and cried.  Sam tried to move her shoulders and raise her body off the ground but to her terror she felt the silk not budge an inch as she tried to resist joining the other girls.  The creature wasn't done with her catch yet.   She reached down and stroked her human hand across the cheek of the officer.  Sam cried and squirmed as the touch felt cold and clammy.  

"I'm all yours officer" Ms. Kumo laughed as she once again reached her wrists out to the officer encased her sticky silk.

The creature lifted her off the ground.  Sam twitched and struggled trying to get any part of her body free to use her weapon.  She growled and frowned as the creature lay on her back with her abdomen flat on the floor.  Ms. Kumo raised the officer above her and kissed her spinnerets to the officer's calf. The creature pulled her away bringing forth a wide, sticky ribbon of transparent liquid silk that cooled on contact.  The officer squirmed and pulled but as she did she felt the embrace of the creatures third set of short spider legs grip her with the other pairs of legs getting ready to spin her.  The creature placed her human hands under her head supporting it like a pillow as her spider legs did their work and spun the officer.  With each spin the ribbon of silk would wrap tightly around her like cooking wrap.

Sam began to get dizzy as the silk started at her feet and slowly rose with each spin as it over lapped each layer.  She continued to jerk her head and squirm as the silk rose to her knees and beyond.  She cried and yelled for help as the layers of silk conformed to her body and rose up to her large breasts.  The creature repeated the process as she layered yet another coat of sticky silk from her neck to her toes.  The cocoon constricted slightly as it cooled and conformed to her skin.  The creature sure of her work was complete began to stand up and carry the struggling officer to the wall.  The creature stuck her to the wall next to Josephine and secured her with more liquid silk.  The other cocoons squirmed and cried as the creature laughed.  The officer was exhausted from her struggling as the creature looked over its work.  She was barely able to lift her head as the creature brought forth another sticky ribbon of silk from its spinnerets and wrapped it Sam's mouth several times before sticking it to her face forming a gag.  

"mmmppphhh" Sam quickly whimpered as the creature drew close.

Ms. Kumo's human finger nail grew as she scraped it along the silken cheek of the officer, breaking the skin and staining the white, silk gag with her blood.  The creature pulled back her finger slowly and placed the officer's blood into her mouth.  As she did her body started to change once again.

"mmmmmm, so delicious" The creature said in the officer's voice as Sam's head rose slowly.

"MMMMPPPHHHHH!!!!" Sam screamed into her gag as she looked at the transformed creature.

It was like looking into a mirror as Ms. Kumo took on Sam's likeness down to her perfect figure and police outfit.  The creature stroked Sam's chin as she turned around and walked away.

"MMMM, a new body, I can have some fun with this" The creature said as Sam cried and squirmed next to the very girls she was going to save.  

The creature seductively walked away and gently shut the door behind her.  Yet another tasty treat has been secure and with her new body, surely her larder will be fully stocked before she had to make her journey back home.
Part two of my Yasha Kumo Saga. Will Jennifer's friends and family believe her or will she suffer the same fate as her friends? Legs find out.
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^^ ah the key to any fun peril story is a devious villain. Thanks for the positive review and I can't wait to see what you think of the story's conclusion.
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Yes, the villain is at least as important as the protagonist.
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thean2 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011
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enjoying very much the story *¬*
solidzesnake Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the kind words, I love that you are enjoying my humble story ^^. Blood is only a small factor in her transformation but that will be explained a bit later.
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